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4.1.07 - Middle East Peace

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Joined: 25 Feb 2006
Posts: 29

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 6:47 am    Post subject: 4.1.07 - Middle East Peace Reply with quote

We had an excellent turnout tonight. Alicia, Cristina, Donna, Lilly, Constantin and myself were all present and ready to get to work, along with many of you. When we tuned in, the energy was unbelievably powerful. We can’t express enough how important it is that you all are crucial to our collective success. We all need to do this work together en
masse. If you practice, you will feel your energy sensitivity become more acute, and you will learn to follow and trust your intuition.

We were very excited to get to work tonight. We could feel positive energy pulsing through us, and started straight away to direct it toward the Middle East. All of us would really like to see peace there. Humans don’t want war, but every century seems to get bloodier and bloodier. This is one of the many ways that the hidden hand betrays it’s presence. Our behavior is being closely guided, and it shows in peoples’ belief that war is an inescapable part of life, even if no human anywhere really wants it. Well, we’re finally breaking free of that dangerous dogma, and
realizing, that we simply need to visualize peace, and we will see it in 3d. The momentum of peace is gaining, and the power of the hidden hand is waning, so please join us in visualizing a world of abundance, peace, personal fulfillment and love.

We didn’t do much “talking” in this session. We did some long boosts, and we were almost overwhelmed by the amount of energy that was passing through us. Lilly and Alicia used one of their preferred techniques, the Christ Invocation. This idea came to Lilly once while boosting. She had an out of body experience (OBE) and was shown this method in a vision. We have all tuned into this Christ energy, and have found it to be very pure and powerful.

Here at tWW, we like to be creative, and experiment with different methods of sending loving energy. We believe that intent reigns supreme over method in this work. If you focus on a bad situation with loving intent, and you can see the situation get better, then it will get better. If you feel more comfortable doing it while standing on your head and reciting excerpts from Finnegans Wake backwards while rolling your eyes back up in your head and blinking, then do it.

Positive (loving) intent, focus and visualization are paramount.

While we were boosting the Middle East for Peace, Lilly mentioned that she saw a huge purple mushroom rising up and expanding out over the whole region. We all felt an immense energy release at this time. We pushed forward to keep our momentum going. We did our best to boost while visualizing people holding hands, laughing, dancing, as if they just heard that peace was declared. We see this imagery come up quite often, and we believe we’re seeing the future, in which people live their lives as they wish, in harmony with nature and with eachother. They reform their broken bonds of family and friendship, build their own homes, grow their own food, detoxify their bodies and live long, healthy happy lives in what seems to be a paradise, but is most definitely still our Earth. We keep these images in our minds, because this is what we all want to see.

We talked a little bit about sacred areas of the world, but we most of us just kept continually boosting. Lilly and Constantin still feel that the Kahunas of Hawaii play a very important role in our awakening, somehow, but the big picture is still a bit hazy. I think we have more to learn about that, and we will certainly post about it as time goes on. In keeping with “big picture” theme, we did some boosting for abundance. We consider this to be very important since one of the core efforts of the Illuminati has been to keep people from experiencing abundance.

When you begin learning about how they control us through debt and cash, you first think “wow, these guys are really greedy”. Upon further examination it seems that they amass these huge fortunes only to prevent the masses from earning and retaining wealth. One person can’t spend a trillion dollars, but if that person can keep a trillion dollars
from a billion people, then he has total control over those people. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are wresting control from the scaly mitts of our handlers and we can steer ourselves back onto our original course. The fun part is discovering exactly what our original course is. As Morpheus said in The Matrix "The answers are coming."
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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Location: God's land

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Since we came from our amazing perfect gifting vacation in Hawaii where we swam with the dolphins and dove with manta rays, I am visited every night in my dreams by whales, dolphins, turtles and I get lots of messages from Hawaiian Kahunas. Thanks to Alicia I learned more about Kahunas.

One night my energy was so high that I couldn’t sleep. Kahunas were “messaging” me: “You need to boost and get people together in unity to boost/bless/pray/meditate for PEACE”!!! The message was so strong that I woke up and started to write the invitation to boost for peace. My energy was set on high voltage, my whole body vibrating, I knew I had to get this message out FAST!
I wondered: “Why so suddenly? Why Peace? Why now?” So I checked the news (I don’t usually do that but this time it felt crucial). In the news, Iranian coast guards seized 15 Britons in the northern Persian Gulf, saying they had trespassed on Iranian territorial waters.
I immediately thought: ohh… someone wants another "Pearl Harbor" looking for excuses to invade Iran.
However I kept my mouth shut about these negative news, transmuting them into peace thoughts. That’s the way to do it!

We never want to focus on things we don‘t want, right? So we chose to boost for “PEACE”. And as our wishes are the Universe’s command, I was happy to hear today that the Iranian president announced the surprise release of 15 captive British sailors and then gleefully accepted the crew's thanks and handshakes in an Easter gift. The breakthrough caught the British government by surprise.
Read more here:

As Mike mentioned, during the boosting session the energy was really strong, on high voltage. It was very fluid and amazingly focused. It felt like everyone knew what he/she was doing. I felt Unity and a deep understanding. I felt Love and compassion.

One more thing I need to add here: when you boost or pray for the benefit of others, you are going to receive more good into your life- tenfold - and a wonderful example of this is our friend Cristina.

She was in a bad car accident and lost all her psychic abilities and strenght. She couldn’t even boost or pray with us anymore.
After she showed up in the chat Thursday for the first Peace boosting session, her powers returned. Isn’t amazing? I think it is.

Thanks everyone who participated in the boosting session. We manifested what we wanted. I am really grateful we made good things happen. Please, please keep boosting, praying, blessing, meditating for peace, abundance, nature and good in our lives.
Thank you, thank you thank you.

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 02 Feb 2006
Posts: 19
Location: San Diego, California

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 1:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The energy was very intensely awesome and we were very focused on what we wanted and sometimes I felt intense heat in my forehead and it felt very good. I felt a lot of energy in our session.... I felt there were many people participating in this effort. Our vibratory level was incredible high and we were feeling wonderful….safe and secure on all levels.

It gave a small glimpse of how many are already or starting to teleport, become invisible, manifestating instantaneously...all the wonders the Siddhas demonstrated to the author Baird T. Spalding and his crew that took place in 1894 in the Himalayas. Mr. Spalding wrote the first volume of 6 volumes set in 1924 “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East”. Some of the Siddhas living around five hundred years or more and appeared to be around forty; manifesting money in their hand to pay for their dinner; walking on water; walk through fire; manifesting bread... these were indeed Masters of the human race…in yet, they were humble and told Mr Spalding and his crew that they were no different from them and stated that all of us without exception can perform these wonders that they perform.

Also, interestingly, Mr Spalding mentions “the Hawaiians possess a great natural insight into things and they prophesy and prognositate. There is a certain group of Hawaiians who will get together and tune in impending influences. If they perceive an influence that is not of benefit, they turn it over to another group who work against it, and it never manifests……. In our experience with the Hawaiians we never found an instance where they failed to stop a negative event that had been prophesied….”.

I came across Rhonda Byrnes (executive producer) commentary accidentally after watching the movie “the Secret”. She was being interviewed on phone and as I listened I notice how very genuine…so sincere she was during her commentary about the movie. In the middle of the commentary I had to step out; however, when I came back it was over and I had a hard time finding it and it took me several minuets until I found it. This is the order to get to her commentary which is the length of the movie "the Secret":
Special Chapters

Rhonda mentions two books “the Emerald Tablets” which is one of the oldest recordings and “the Science of getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles written in 1910. In the book “the Science of getting Rich”, he explains “for countless ages kings and lords have drenched the earth with blood in their battles to extend their dominions; this not to seek more life for all, but to get more power for themselves. Today, the main motive in the business and industrial world is the same; men Marshal their armies of dollars, and lay waste the lives and hearts of millions in the same mad scramble for power over others. Commercial kings, like political kings, are inspired by the lust for power”. He says if the masses begin to move forward as he suggested in his book….the government and industrial systems can not stop the masses…all the systems must be modified to accommodate the forward movement. He also has a chapter on gratitude and I believe Rhonda mentioned this in the movie.

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.
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