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Healing through the three selves

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2007 5:35 am    Post subject: Healing through the three selves Reply with quote

Healing through the three selves

After telepathic messages from hunas’ spirits I started to study more about their techniques and was pleasantly surprised to find quite a lot of similarities between my healing methods and hunas methods. My healing methods came naturally in form of dream state, in meditations and/or instant knowing. That makes me think that I might have been a kahuna in a previous life, in fact in a meditation, after asking my higher self I got this message: “Alicia, Mike and yourself (me) were hunas in previous lives”.

The genuine hunas were very simple and free of dogmatic believes.

All of complexes, fixations, programming, thought forms, guilt complex are hidden in the subconscious mind or low self - in hunas terminology.
Fixations or programming are created by our own thoughts or others thoughts. On a few occasions fixations can be transferred from our ancestors or even thru DNA. However is the subconscious mind which harbors these thoughts.

The subconscious mind is like a little naughty kid who doesn’t want to cooperate with the conscious mind, which is our day by day belief system. When there is no cooperation, no shaking hands between those selves then troubles, illnesses, emotional problems, etc. occur.

Middle self wants the change so bad but the low self opposes.
In this case suggestion comes in handy in order to impress the subconscious mind. That little naughty kid needs to be bribed with a lollipop in order to behave. In other words we need to impress the subconscious mind with a physical stimulus (the lollipop) a material thingy.

If one believes that a little rock will protect him/her, then better carry that rock with him/her everywhere. That rock acts as a physical stimulus to impress the subconscious. Now the subconscious send messages to the conscious mind saying: hey this rock protects me. I am happy! It works!!!
Good! I say.

However sometimes you’ll notice that little rock will not protect you anymore. Why?
Because the subconscious (the little naughty kid) finished his lollipop pop and wants something else and/or you did something that you altered the “lollipop thinking“. You can continue on giving more lollipop to the little mischievous kid or learn how to connect and work with your Higher Self or do both: lollipop and higher self. Fun huh?

Hunas word for higher self is “Aumakua” or “older, entirely trustworthy parental self”.
Higher self is like a parent or guardian angel for us. It listens to our prayers only if we ask. Asking the higher self is like opening a door. It will not interfere with our lives unless we ask specifically, except in few situations when we are in danger.

One really truly wants to get better in order to get rid of their complexes, fixations, otherwise he must BOW to them. If one has deep belief about certain sins, than better bow to those dogmas unless he is ready to get rid of these deep rooted fixations.

People’s Higher selves are connected together somehow: some sort of “Unity in Separation” .

When I work on removing fixations from someone I reach to my higher self and transmit the vital force to his/her higher self adding necessary affirmations in order to cancel the fixations. Sometimes the higher self connection cannot be made and I ask the one who receives healing to let me communicate to his/her higher self. Most of the time connection is done, but if sometimes it is not possible then I quit. Some people are not ready to get healed. I only met a few who were not ready.
I cannot force my free will on their higher self, they need to go thru their own life experiences. I can only offer my assistance and insight but it’s up to their abilities to receive the advice and healing energy.

Breathing is an important factor in the healing process. Many people don’t know how to breath, quite many even forget to breath!!! Breathing helps in raising one’s vibration/vital force. I always encourage people to breath deeply and smoothly during the healing session: breathing relaxes the subconscious (the stubborn kid). I prefer the “inhale thru the nose, exhale thru the nose for 5 times deeply and smoothly” breathing method without hyperventilating.

If the subconscious is relaxed, the communication between the three: subconscious, conscious, higher self is easily achieved. Healing the body, the pocket, emotional healing and so on, take place when selves are aligned and communicate in harmony with each other, like friends do.

Animals and children heal at a faster rate if not instantaneously while most of adults heal slower then the above, it all depends on the programming/fixation level and doubt one has.
Adults have fixations hidden deep in their subconscious which are not aware of. Chakra balancing and working on emotional level help in getting rid of those fixations.

Animals and children have less or non-existent programming. A dog I worked on who had seizures quite often got healed instantaneously after 20 min of work. The owner of the dog reported no seizures since then, it’s been more then two years. A little boy who’s nose was running continuously having difficulties breathing could breath normally and his nose stopped running after few minutes of work.
Animals and children don’t have fixations, doubts or suffer from faulty programming.

While in a boosting session receiving message from hunas I got this message from them: “Rule number one: DO NOT KILL”. Later I found out that hunas believed in no SIN but the sin of hurting others. “No hurt, No sin”.

Affirmations are great tools to impress the subconscious.

I am healthy. My body is healthy. Healing is fast. (for illness)
I am loved. I can receive love easily. (for feeling alone)
I have joy. I have passion. I am happy. ( for depression)
I am surrounded by people who love me (for being alone)
I am a power in my own life. I am strong. I am free. I am a power over my own thoughts. (for being a victim those are good affirmations for victims of mind control as well)
Money is money, I am successful, I have more then enough money. Wealth is pouring into my life. (for lack of money)
Affirmations need to be repeated on a daily basis.

The most important thing in the healing process is the positive attitude, you need to feel good about life, Life is a great adventure!!!

Blessings and health,
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2007 4:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The subconscious (low self) mind must believe and KNOW that you CAN! The doubts in the subconscious mind have to be removed in order to be successful in every aspect of life, including healing yourself.
The subconscious is the source of power! If we manage to impress the naughty kid, we are in business.
Using physical stimulae and affirmations will impress the subconscious mind.
Many healing techniques including Theta techniques help to impress subconscious and remove doubts or faulty programming.

Constantin and I have few unique orgone pendants. If I do psychic work I wear the psychic pendant, if I need protection I wear my protective pendant if I work on abundance and prosperity I wear my abundant pendant and so on. The pendants remind me to keep staying focused on what I want. They impress the subconscious mind, getting rid of doubts. Each pendant have certain type of stones, herbs/essential oils and different frequencies which resonate with me and my purpose. They act as physical stimulae. Every time I see or touch the pendant, it puts me back into vibration of receiving what I want.

Find what physical stimulae resonates with you and use daily affirmations repeatedly specially before going to bed and first thing in the morning when your mind is more receptive to suggestions. Repeat them over and over until your mind gets saturated and your subconscious will give up and accept the KNOWLEDGE that you can do what you ( conscious mind) want to do. Use the power of 68 seconds to affirm what you want to do or become.
REMEMBER: the most important thing to do in order to succeed is to impress the subconscious mind.

Good luck!! Wink
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