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Dolphin healing meditation

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 6:03 am    Post subject: Dolphin healing meditation Reply with quote

Dolphin healing meditation

The day after Constantin and I came from San Clemente Island, California diving-gifting trip, while I was meditating in the bath tube I invited dolphins into my meditation as I wasn’t feeling very well.

First I invoked the light of Christ within and surrounded my aura with this light. Soon after, the dolphins started to surround me one after another. First one touched my forehead with his nose (rostrum), the second put his nose between my shoulder blades (back of heart chakra ) , two parked their noses on my clavicle bones, one under my tail bone, one above my crown, two on my lower and middle back.

I could feel the energy moving in my body smooth and gentle. My head started to rotate slightly towards left.
I saw the dolphins leaving and wondered if they finished their job with me. They came back with a net made out of algae surrounding me with it. Soon after, they took me to some sort of a blue vibrant portal. Most of the time I see that blue vivid color when I meditate or in a trance state. Then my head started to move by itself with dolphin’s assistance.
My neck moved to the left and then slowly to the right but there was a blockage. The neck moved slowly to the left and then again to the right with the movement increasing. The blockage was slowly getting released.

Suddenly I saw myself back in time when I was 5 years old when at the time I heard of a child’s death which affected me emotionally. The blockage in my neck released slowly while I was releasing the fear of death which was rooted in my childhood.
The whole time I could and could not feel my neck sort of sensation, cannot really describe it in words, it seemed like I was not moving my neck but could feel the movement which was really lite.
After I thanked and gave them gratitude, the dolphins left.
In our diving-gifting trip to San Clemente I was a little upset because I saw dolphins only for a few minutes although we gifted the ocean.
After I finished my meditation with them I realized that time and space doesn’t mater, as the dolphins are always with me if my intent is clear.

Peace and blessings,
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