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Romania gifting adventures

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Woman Warrior

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 8:01 am    Post subject: Romania gifting adventures Reply with quote

Romania gifting adventures - Part 1

The time to do some gifting in Romania finally arrived, so Constantin and I boosted that our trip be safe and pleasant.
I did few meditations before going to Romania and asked my inner guidance which places should we visit and gift. In one of my meditations I experienced in detail my entire birth process which was not so pleasant. The hospital room was very cold, the nurses annoying, bugging me and most of all, I wasn’t ready to get out into the world. I was born one month prematurely and that’s probably the reason I wasn’t ready. After I finished my meditation I cried for almost two hours and knew that I had to visit and gift the place I was born in order to get over my not so pleasant birth experience. Interesting enough, Constantin’s relatives live in the city I was born. The visit there, turned out really well, having lots of fun.
Speaking about “birth preview“, one of my cousins saw his entire birth before even happening. He is very gifted but unfortunately he is diagnosed with a mental illness. Psychics are labeled mentally ill which is such a shame. Romanian children with psychic abilities were used by Ceausescu’s regime to “look into the future“, to find hidden treasures, immortality secrets, strong energy centers in Romania etc.

In another meditation I got that going to Romania, will facilitate energetic blockages releases, getting myself more grounded. It turned out to be true.

In another meditations I had a very strong visual of a hermit (solitary man) praying in a cave in Romania. It was Daniil Sihastru’s (Hermit) spirit asking for orgone, so I immediately got that we had to gift and visit Romanian monasteries in Bucovina. Sihastrie (hermit’s life) means Stillness in Greek, a term associated with monks which sought nature’s stillness.

I consulted my friend Cristina, my higher self and did more research on the internet and found the places which needed gifted.

When we arrived at the airport in Bucharest’s, one of our bags was missing. It was Constantin’s luggage where we had most of our orgone generators gifts. We recovered his luggage after three days!!! And of course our gifts (dolphin balls, TB’s, healing companions) were chipped, checked inside out. The bags where we kept the orgone gifts were torn and a note from TSA was placed inside the luggage letting us know that the luggage was checked.
After recovering the gifts I checked their strength and frequency. Nothing was changed, the vibration was intact. My intent is very strong when I make them and the zam zam charged water I add to those gifts has the ability to hold the high vibration of the life force.

The city is "challenging" for the lack of a better term, hectic, we didn’t like it a bit. There are way to many cars and not enough roads, people are stressed beyond limits, huge cell phone towers are mounted on top of buildings including apartments, the energy feels heavy, stale, stagnant. Cristina and my mother gifted the city few years back. We gifted the city on this trip as well. I am sure that made a difference, however heavy gifting is still needed in Bucharest.

We stayed with our relatives in Snagov, 40 km north of Bucharest. Energy in Snagov feels very good, we woke up every morning refreshed and properly rested.

Snagov Monastery
The Monastery is situated on an isolated island in the middle of Snagov lake and it’s the supposed burial place of Dracula - Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Ţepeş) and it is accessible by boat only. The Snagov monastery is said to be the place where they sent the headless corpse of Vlad Tepes (Dracula) after he was assassinated. Snagov was also the place where Ceausescu and other high functionaries had their week-end villas. Apparently Ceausescu recharged his batteries at Snagov as the air quality and energy are good.

“In the English-speaking world, Vlad is best known for the legends of the exceedingly cruel punishments he imposed during his reign and for supposedly serving as the primary inspiration for the vampire main character in Bram Stoker's popular Dracula novel.
As king, he maintained an independent policy in relation to the Ottoman Empire, and in Romania he is viewed by many as a prince with a deep sense of justice[1] and a defender of Wallachia against Ottoman expansionism.”
“Tales of vampires are still widespread in Eastern Europe. Similarly, the name of Dracula is still remembered in the Romanian oral tradition but that is the end of any connection between Dracula and the folkloric vampire. Outside of Stoker's novel the name of Dracula was never linked with the vampires encountered in the folklore. Despite his inhuman cruelty, in Romania Dracula is remembered as a national hero who resisted the Turkish conquerors and asserted Romanian national sovereignty against the powerful Hungarian kingdom. He is also remembered in a similar manner in other Balkan countries, as he fought against the Turks.“

Bran Castle
And because there is no such thing as a coincidence, the famous Bran Castle commonly known as "Dracula's Castle" was on our gifting list.

Bran Castle (photo by Constantin)

The castle and Vlad Tepes legend are exploited as tourist attractions.
Stoker placed Count Dracula's castle in his book. Dracula’s Castle known as Bran Castle is situated in Transilvania. However Vlad Tepes was actually from Wallachia, the region to the south, but Transilvania sounded good and gothic for Stoker’s novel.
There have always been vampire-like creatures in various stories from across the world, but vampire tales are virtually absent in Romanian culture.

There are all sort of souvenirs which are supposed to be scary, fake fangs, T-shirts, witch dolls and Bran Castle jigsaws outside the castle, but inside there is nothing scary. It is nothing wrong with the energy there. Although to me looks boring, Bran Castle, is remarkable in its own way. It's a very well preserved medieval structure.
Many tourists expect Transilvania to be one big vampire theme park - Dracula-land, not quiet so.

View from Bran castle (photo by Constantin)

However the views across the mountains - Carpathian mountains make the trip worthwhile. We spent three days in the area and the next place we visited and gifted was Sinca Veche, a cave Monastery, called Mystical Temple of the Fates.
To be continued…

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 2:51 am    Post subject: Sinca Veche the Temple of fates monastery Reply with quote

Sinca Veche the Temple of fates monastery Part 2

Sinca Veche (Old Sinca) known as the Temple of fate is a grotto hidden in the middle of an abundant vegetation forest.

The cave monastery is known for its miraculous healing powers with people coming here every year to get healed and have their good wishes fulfilled.

The origins of this temple is not exactly known, however some people say that it has Dacian origins, other say that it is of Christian origin because it has an eccentric altar and no proof that there was a cross, but the generally accepted version is that the monastery was set-up around 1742, when orthodox churches were destroyed by the Austro-Hungarians, bringing instead the Romano-Catholic Church.
The Temple is said to attract energy into an underground tunnel connecting the temple with the fortress of Râşnov.
The temple is known for various strange phenomena which attracted the attention of speleologists, archaeologists, historians as well as of many other curious people.

On our way to Sinca Veche cave monastery we stopped for a bathroom break. Out in the wilderness I could smell very intensely myrrh, frankincense and candles burning. I was tuning into the monastery’s energy and its surroundings. Searching for the cave monastery we found a pretty new monk monastery which is within 5 minutes walking distance from the cave monastery we were looking for.
This new monastery is very simple and clean, and the smell I picked up earlier in the wilderness was coming from both the new monastery and the cave monastery. A woman who was in charge with the new monastery’s duties, directed us towards the temple of fate, the cave monastery.

The abundant vegetation on the way to the temple is absolutely beautiful. The intense smell of myrrh, frankincense and burning candles came to my awareness again.
There is a total calmness and stillness in the forest where the cave is located. The energy is divine.

Once we arrived at the temple/cave I had a sharp pain in my head. I got “sadness and invasion“. The cave was covered with a huge tarp, and inside there were scaffolding invading the purity of the monastery. My first impression when entering the temple was upset spirits. The energy was not bad but someone wanted to let me know that the cave’s spirits were suffering due to the negligence of some people who visit the temple and the refurbishing. The essence of this place should be kept untouched, scaffolding not being the best option for refurbishing the cave.

Inside the temple I could see violet (spiritual -crown chakra) light coming from the spiral shaped tower which allows the sunlight to enter the temple.

Sinca Veche cave monastery

Violet light close up

If you look closely you can see the violet light in the picture I took, however, I found pictures on the internet where you can see the violet light more clear.

The same light I noticed coming from above through the monastery’s towres while visiting other Romanian monasteries. The violet light shows in the video shots we took.

The altar of the monastery is carved in rock and there are two interpenetrated triangles which form the David’s Star scratched on the rock walls. Inside the triangle there is an Yin and Yang sign, which has nothing to do with Christianity.

While doing a short meditation and prayer I was getting “healings, many miraculous healings taking place in this divine place. I did a global peace boosting inside the temple while my mom and I were lighting some candles . We ended the visit by gifting the temple with a very special orgone cone made particularly for this temple. As I was picking up the sadness mood of the cave spirits, I felt a huge relief after the cone found its home. I then realized that the temple needed that unique orgone gift to regain its healing powers.

This is what the cave looked like before refurbishment: by Ioana Avadani

And this is during refurbishment.

Inside Sinca Veche cave

Sinca Veche tower

Sinca Veche temple is definitely an important center of energy, a vortex of powerful healing energy.

While taking a look at the cave back in time, I had a short visual of a barefoot holy man walking inside the cave. His energy felt like Christ’s energy.

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Location: God's land

PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 11:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sinca Veche has a special warmth to it. Lilly, her mom and I gifted the place. It gave me a tranquil feeling, a quiet feeling.

Before we got there we stopped at this little monastery, on the hilltop. From my understanding a doctor paid for this little monk monastery to be build. It has been completed in 2006 and it also has a little cozy church. It felt so good, that I wanted to stay longer and take more pictures, but time was an issue (at least in our minds), so we had to hike to Sinca Veche.

I’ll share couple of pictures with you, hopefully one can get the same nice feeling and enjoyment I got.

On the right is where the monks live, on the left is the little cozy church

The interior of the little cozy church

There is more coming up about our trip to Romania, so stay tuned.

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