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Unplanned Earth/heart pink balloon boosting session

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2007 12:24 pm    Post subject: Unplanned Earth/heart pink balloon boosting session Reply with quote

Unplanned Earth/heart pink balloon boosting session

None of us would believe that we could manage an unplanned boosting session tonight.
It all started with Mike contacting me on the messenger. We were both pleasantly surprised by our similar feelings we exeperince lately. Tonight we were both full of creative energy, really energized, on a high speed gear.
He had two craniosacral therapy sessions and he feels he is making a lot of progress. He confessed he really felt like crap but he was amazed with the gentle touch. He realized one of his problems was not food related but an energy imbalance. In my opinion all “diseases” first start in the subtle bodies due to energy and chakra imbalances and weaknesses. It is amazing how work done on energetic levels fix issues on the physical body.
I took the cranio sacral course last summer and I tell you, it was worth every penny.
It is even more interesting when applied from the distance.
I hope Mike will post his cranio-sacral experience.

So anyway, talking about our creative mood and enthusiasm towards life we decided to get together and do a fast but strong boosting session. In no more then 3 minutes Cristina, Donna, Mike, Constantin and myself all jumped into the chat room.
We started by boosting all the life force on the planet.

I had a visual and shared it with the rest.
I suggested we imagine the whole earth encompassed in a pink balloon which sits inside our hearts and expand that pink balloon with joy, love, happiness.
Well that was an intense feeling, we could actually feel the physical heart vibrating. Then I suggested bringing both hands over the heart and feel the beat and breath of the earth/heart. It was an awesome feeling. It seems like hands are actually an extension of the heart.

Cristina used rose quartz energy in this boosting session, how appropriate for the “pink balloon” boosting. Donna was having fun as usual, letting us know that all she wanted was to purchase “pink balloons”.
This boosting helped us to get centered in the heart and get aligned with earth’s energies, while sending love and compassion to our Earth.

My third eye center was activating and kept pulsating for the entire pink balloons session.

I usually activate my third eye in a mediation with a third eye opener orgone cone I made for myself. It activates my third eye fast and my third eye center spins in different directions. It looks like spirals moving different direction. Some times I can see my pineal gland like a blue indigo sharp dot inside my head and then it expands. The body has a tremendous intelligence and the third eye center knows which direction needs to spin in order to get cleared and balanced.

Mike shared with us his third eye meditation learned from Stewart Swerdlow. It sounds very similar to the meditation I use, I hope he’ll post about his experiences.

What a great night! Applause you guys… you can move FAST! The chat room was filled with your high energy in about 3 minutes. Thank you!

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