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Get into the habit of loving yourself

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2007 9:04 am    Post subject: Get into the habit of loving yourself Reply with quote

“happiness is a process, not a destination. so work like you do not need money. love like you have never been hurt. dance as though no one is watching.”

How many times have you heard that the only way to love others is to love yourself? Loving yourself is the only way to get rid of depression, negativity… By Loving yourself you love the earth and all in it.

Well… this is a really nice heart opener exercise to get into the habit of loving yourself, blessing your cells and blood, making your organs happy.

Try this every morning after you wake up and notice the changes in your body and mind.

Start by rubbing your hands slowly and then let the energy from the universe come into the center of your palms, take few deep and gentle breaths while your palms start charging with energy. You should feel the energy in the palms, if not don’t worry, with practice it will come.

Standing, start by touching your hair and say out loud or in your mind “I love my hair” “I am blessing my hair now” then do the same with your head, brain, forehead, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, jaw, throat, neck, arms, fingers, heart, internal organs , liver, stomach, intestines, etc, legs calves, feet, toes… After you've completed those loving statements (mantras), focus on the body parts where you feel tension or have an injury and repeat three times “I love my (the tensioned or injured body part)”.

Finish with a huge smile hugging yourself saying “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself”. “I am loved, I am loved, I am loved”.

Feel the beautiful flow of energy into your body and heart.
You’ll notice how your frequency is increasing. The beautiful sensation should stay with you throughout the day. Do this exercise as many times as you want. Use your heart when you say those statements, as robotic - mechanical statements will not do it.

Blessings and happiness,
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Lilly, I wish you and all the Woman Warriors a blessed Christmas and New Year!

I was reading your one post from November about Loving Yourself ,and I am going to try those excersizes. God knows I need more love for my nose and butt!

Nevertheless, I subscribe to this Reiki magazine, and early this morning I was reading a similar love meditation excersize to do to help you love yourself more, especially if you were just insulted and your heart was broken by someone.

Here it is from Reiki News magazine in the article, "Healing the Healer":

"Do this meditation for about 15 minutes or for as long as you like. Comibining this meditation with Reiki deepens the healing experience.

Sit in a relaxed position with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths and sigh on each outbreath. Activate Reiki, using any of the symbols you wish. Place your hands on the middle of the chest area (heart chakra) and connect with the heart.

Now bring to mind a current or past situation that has caused or is causing you suffering or pain. Breathe in and welcome the feeling. If tears come, just let them. Accept any emotion that arises and allow yourself to move deeply into the simple energy of the feeling, without any judgement of the mind.

Embrace the feeling and just be with it for a while, acknowledging it.

Now ask the feeling, "What do you need from me right now?" Wait for the answer to come.

After a little while (perhaps 5-10 minutes) as you breathe out, reconnect with a feeling of peace, love or joy, coming from your heart. Allow the out-breath to carry those blessings of peace, love and joy.

Sit with these feelings for as long as you wish and when you are ready, close the meditation with a brief Gassho" (hands together in the praying style)

I tried this, because I am going through some bullying at my job. It works! I felt very loved, like I tapped into the Spirit of God inside of me and felt him hugging me.

I also tried this on my lower chakra , and asked the Spirit what word I needed to learn involving my lower chakra. The word, "commitment" came into my head.

Have a beautiful Christmas Holiday
Lisa Augustine (boldylocks)

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Joined: 25 Apr 2007
Posts: 15
Location: England

PostPosted: Mon Dec 31, 2007 9:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Lilly, and everyone there at WomenWarriors!!
I do hope that everyone has had a blessed Christmas, and will have
a Happy New Year, which, according to my clock, will be soon for you all.

I suppose i am being a bit of a sentimentalist here, but I am writing a what-we-did-this-year letter to you, to say hello, and to keep eveyrone
in touch with things...

My beloved husband has been quite ill for the past seven months with
shoulder/neck pain, and this past week has caught a cold, which makes
for a really cranky spouse! This pain has coloured the entire year so far;
we were summoned back to Florida, in October, to visit my Dad, and to
experience DisneyWorld...the rest of the family thought it was amazing,
I am quite sorry to say I was SO less than impressed!!! They all got(we took my son's girlfriend, as well) lanyards, because this was the Year of
a Million(?) Dreams, on the day I was at home with a sore foot... but our villa, and our time, there, was marred by my Dad's illness, he had been so sick since five years back, that he hadn't been able to do anything; his heart was suffering with cardiomegaly, he had two dislocated joints that the doctors refused to put back into place, because of the aforementioned heart, and things were bad...when I got there, he was suffering masses
of PVC's, 165 per minute, and the monitor was pinging away like anything;
that went on for five days; when I finally was able to come back to see him again(I'm good at multitasking, but this was ridiculous! Shocked ), he was recovering, the innumerable bags of medicine were gone, as was the monitor, and he was starting to get better...

A psychic/Kirlian photography expert, whom I met at a New Age fair, in
May this past year in London, said that when Dad went, he would go quickly, and Dad died, a week after a hip dislocation occurred, preceeded
by a combination heart attack/stroke. He died on 17 November, 2007.
We all miss him... Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

My beloved has an appointment to see a surgeon on the 5th(?) of January,
which means that Ray will have to keep suffering from the neck/shoulder pain he has for another six days, plus... Evil or Very Mad Rolling Eyes

Meanwhile, Kenji, my son, is working hard to put the humiliation, as he puts it, of not getting through his first year in Sixth Form(post graduate
high school, if you can understand the equivalent). His exams are in
January 2008, and I would like to request a prayer, or sixty, for his
success...his dream is to become a pharmacist. Smile

I have been busy going to musical events this year, listening to new music, and musicians, and changing my career path. I am nearing my fifth decade on Mamma Gaia, and this is the first year of a new cycle for me; I have been blessed with new musical instruments this year, as well as a new laptop, although the laptop may be a blessing in disguise, for at the moment, it feels more like a curse!!! Evil or Very Mad

Since my Dad has died, I feel much freer, happier, and have been more
energetic, and more positive in my dealings with the world and my fellow
brothers and sisters...I am also pursuing a study of Buddhism, as I have been reading Natalie Goldberg's books for years, and have discovered, much to my amazement, that when I feel pain, if I whispter to myself,
"there is no pain here," the pain GOES! As well, if I feel fatigued, I whispter, "I have abundant energy", then I have more energy than I dreamed possible... Cool Very Happy

So, that was our 2007 Christmas card; I am sending love, good wishes,
fervent prayers, and lots of whirlygig happiness to everyone who works
in conjunction with this site, or reads this site....God/goddess bless you all, have a lovely New Year, and one day I MIGHT actually be available to
sit and boost!!

Much love, and sorry for not keeping in touch as much as I would like to,

PS Hugs and blessings to everyone; I'd send kisses, but this is the cold season..MO ONE gets kisses from me during that time! Wink
"Life is Eternal, Love is Immortal, and Death is only a horizon"
- Carly Simon, with respect from Rossiter W. Raymond
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