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Coral Castle, Florida intriguing mystery

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PostPosted: Sun May 24, 2009 8:04 am    Post subject: Coral Castle, Florida intriguing mystery Reply with quote

Coral Castle, Florida intriguing mystery
Florida May 2009

Scorpio Full Moon (May 8, 2009) energies were very strong: “all or nothing” type of energies, though weird, very transforming, regenerative, spiritual. Around that Full Moon I have had very weird premonitory visions and dreams. As Constantin and I were going to Florida, we decided to visit the Coral Castle, an astounding monument which is located between Miami and Florida Keys, on this particular Full Moon day. I made a very special orgone “cone of power” for the castle using a powerful ritual to get in touch with the spirit of the man who created this amazing piece of mystery and also decipher the secret code if its for the highest good.
Southern Florida is one of earth’s magnetic gravity anomaly point, and Coral Castle is located in the area that is considered part of Bermuda Triangle.

We heard about Coral Castle from a friend but didn’t want to do a lot of research so I could get my psychic impressions without being influenced by “knowledge” or “science”.

view of the interior of the Coral Castle

A bit about the man who built the castle:
Edward (Ed) Leedskalnin, a 5 ft, 100 pounds man, born in 1887 in Latvia, ended up in Florida, building his castle alone. He had only fourth-grade education and could move blocks of coral weighing over three-thousand pound, using only the most rudimentary tools.
He worked during the night when no one could see him, having a high sense of intuition, knowing when someone was spying on him. Only few teenagers one night saw him working, floating pieces of coral in the air that looked like hydrogen balloons, but no one took the kids seriously. He built the castle because the woman called Agnes he was engaged to, refused to marry him, but that might have been a cleverly disguised cover story for hiding his secrets.
He devoted his entire life to this project. He claimed to have the knowledge of ancient builders such as the Egyptians, and the secrets of the pyramids.

Quoting Ed: "I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids, and have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons."

First when entered the castle, I was attracted by the “tower” which is located at the entrance and looked very mysterious. “The tower” which Ed had his workshop at ground level and living quarters at first level is made of over 200 tons of coral!!! That part fascinated me and intrigued me the most.

the tower

I later found out that Ed didn’t allow anyone to enter the living quarters. As I wanted to go upstairs to the living quarters I stopped on the stairs cause I had a sudden headache, the energy being quite strong for me. I was wondering what I was picking up, so I decided I would come back latter as the energies started to increase and feeling like was going to pass out.

So I went to the lower level of the tower where Ed was keeping his primitive tools and probably planning his mysterious creations. The walls of that place started to move and felt like I was right in between dimensions, a sensation I experimented when we were diving the cenotes (caves) in Mexico. The whole area was sort of moving gently. I couldn’t keep my eyes opened so I got into a trance like state and felt my whole body moving in a sort of infinity pattern. When I opened my eyes my head and body were still moving in the same manner. I asked why am I moving this way? I got : you’ll find out soon.

Going back up to the upper level. The energy was strong and my head kept looping endlessly. When I entered the upstairs room I got spooked!!! Ed was staying right in front of me, staring at me. It was his picture and for a second I was like: Ohh thank God is just a picture” …But it wasn’t just a picture. Ed was present there. The furniture and metal objects started to move gently… walls kept moving… I knew Ed was there, he is still around, I saw his shadow. His energy felt creepy at first, not very pleasant to “talk” to. He seemed irritated by my presence I thought at first, but then I realized he was sort of upset because he had unfinished business in this dimension and his soul has not departed yet.
I told him I have a gift (a power orgone cone) with me which I would like to gift the castle with and that might help him. I got an “yes“, then I asked where to place it, he said that I will know where.
I asked if he can share the secrets of making this castle. He said NO, a very firm NO! “You have to find out for yourself“ … Hmmm.. Not so helpful… He obviously had his reasons. The only thing he mentioned was that he used two laws: the law of **********(wow) and the law of the *********!!! (sorry I had to edit those two laws out as this morning Ed "came to me in the shower" and asked me not to make those laws public yet and when I asked why, he said for Castle’s safety- and people are not quite ready yet, so I am respecting his wishes, but if you want I can tell you in private)

The law of ********* is very closely related to law of the magnetism, and the law of the ********* is related to the law of duality, polarity. At the time I didn’t think too much, my head was still spinning figure 8-infinity… but it kept bothering me afterwards. What did he mean by using those two laws in combination?” Did he use those two laws he was talking about in order to levitate those huge blocks of coral?

Well…. this came to mind: left and right brain.
Left Brain: Logical, Rational, Analytical, Objective
Right Brain: Intuitive, Holistic, Subjective, Looks at wholes

Using these laws together takes me to the concept of a neutral point similar to left/right brain harmony, equilibrium, equanimity. When the mind reaches neutral point miracles happen, in other words we have so much programming into our minds that is almost impossible to achieve enlightenment. When we get rid of those programming we get into the deepest essence of the soul. Ed guided me to find more about diamagnetism.

“Diamagnetism is the property of an object which causes it to create a magnetic field in opposition of an externally applied magnetic field, thus causing a repulsive effect.”
Diamagnets may be levitated in stable equilibrium in a magnetic field, with no power consumption.

There are power points in the Earth, like the intersection of ley lines where vortexes are formed, which are natural diamagnetic forces that are used as a levitator forces, so Ed must have known that: he knew where he could use earth forces and he knew how to use them.

After I thanked Ed for sharing about those two laws, I left the living quarters cause my head was still spinning and didn’t feel so well in between dimensions, I was started to get nauseated.

I believe Ed used the powerful element water to built the castle. The bellow photo looks like a mysterious entrance to another world. Devils Hole, close to Death Valley, a place we gifted in 2006 looks very similar.

Water inside the Coral Castle

Next I found the right place to gift the castle: the powerful orgone cone disappeared immediately, it was sucked into another dimension. Wow!!! The orgone cone of power gift was made with the intention to communicate with other dimensions spirits, acquire ancient knowledge and secrets, find more about the secrets of the castle and tap into the vortexes powers.

I made quite a few powerful orgone cones that really blew me away, not only they are magickal but they are portals to other dimensions and if you align with them they take you to other dimensions. People reported they could get telepathic connections with these powerful orgone creations and felt their powers. I used the same sacred ritual and powerful tools, added a strong combinations of stones and resins, powerful elixirs and herbs to make the cone for the castle.

Immediately after the cone disappeared, I got my EURIKA moment when I saw Ed’s SUN DIAL. WOW!! I told Constantin that what I was experimenting in my head and whole body - was the movement that was designed by Ed as SUN DIAL. The 8-infinity, endless loop was right in front of my eyes, I was like THAT’S IT!!! It is so so interesting: dolphins have a similar energy movement and also kundalini energy when activated feels similar. And Guess what? The spinning had stopped immediately. I knew that was a big part of Ed’s secret.

Sun Dial

The Sundial he created is calibrated for the Winter and Summer Solstice and it’s so accurate that tells time within two minutes. Ed must have been used the sundial to tap into the energy that allowed him to move those blocks of coral. Also the infinity movement described, takes me to free energy concept… endless looping… I believe Ed was working on a free energy device which uses this sort of movement which it seems is never ending, and perhaps a teleportation device as the whole area feels like a portal to another dimension.

One of his creations is the Moon fountain composed of three pieces of coral: first quarter, last quarter and full moon. The full moon weights only 23 tons!!!! Ed also carved planets: Mars (he believed in life on Mars), Saturn with the rings around it, and the moon Crescent.

To my belief the castle is located on a vortex or intersection of ley lines. Ed moved the castle from a previous location in Florida City to Homestead with the only help of a tractor to move the huge blocks of coral. He did the work by himself during the night without any help.

I believe he knew how to make himself and work invisible to others and had an obsession with secrecy. Why would he moved it? There are many power points in the earth and perhaps Ed knew about those. The vortex or powerful point of energy moved itself due to pole shifting or he found later a more powerful spot? When Bermuda triangle is activated it becomes a powerful levitator. Ed did his homework and calculations in order to come up with this brilliant location.

The 9 ton Gate

This man was a genius like Tesla and Wilhelm Reich, they were all Europeans coming to America and all have similar ending lives.

This wise and highly intuitive man understood and was connected to nature where true power lies: the rhythm, the breath of nature, the earth vibrations, the planetary alignment, he used the power of full moon for his work. I believe he uses a combination of things: planetary alignment, power forces of earth, elements, ancient knowledge and psychic powers. I am so fascinated with his work and feel a deep connection to his spirit. Hopefully his secrets will come to the light for the greatest good of all.

Neutralized weight to achieve levitation~~~

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Secrets of Coral Castle on youtube Part 1-11

Investigative journalist Joe Bullard returned to discuss the mysteries surrounding Florida's Coral Castle and its creator Ed Leedskalnin. The Castle and its gardens feature thousands of tons of coral rock that Leedskalnin, a frail man who weighed just 100 pounds, carved into artistic yet functional objects such as tables and chairs, a sundial and a huge perfectly balanced gate. While he made and moved these objects in secret, he claimed he used the same technology that the Egyptians built the pyramids with.

Leedskalnin said he built Coral Castle for his lost love Agnes who jilted him back in Latvia, but Bullard suggested that this tale might have been a cleverly disguised cover story for hiding his secret knowledge and scientific achievements. When Leedskalnin was in a hospital in 1951, shortly before his death, thieves stole some of his tools. Bullard believes this might have been a planned confiscation.

Leedskalnin left a message over his bedroom at the site: THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE IS 7129/6105195. One caller said that was the number from Leedskalnin's federal application for citizenship; another caller related the number to the "golden ratio." Bullard's book Waiting for Agnes, a fictionalized account of the Coral Castle story, incorporates the lore of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle into the plot.

Joe Bullard was born in Florida in 1951. He attended the University of West Florida and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism in 1974. He found out about the Coral Castle on the television series called "In Search Of" in September of 1984. During this time he was working at Lake City Community College as Public Information Director and Professor of a newspaper class. Joe spent 10 years of research at Coral Castle and started writing "Waiting for Agnes" in February of 1995. It took him five years to get the story on paper and almost four years to publish it.
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