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New Member Post Quantum Theory and Healing

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Joined: 04 Jun 2009
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 08, 2009 10:36 pm    Post subject: New Member Post Quantum Theory and Healing Reply with quote

Hi group - I am new here - work with Reiki, Sacred Geomety, Crystals and Quantum energy - didn't know where to put my post, so thought I'd just put a bit about myself to see what connections I can make with others on the forum.

I was doing meditation next to a river this morning and saw a group of schoolsgirls with Javelins in their hands - made the link to put up a post here - Women Warriors.

Sorry if my posting is a bit disjointed - just typing the thoughts as they come.

I work a lot with crystals and have been led particularly to work with High Frequency Ascension Crystals. When I first stumbled across them I noticed how expensive they were - the price tag - so I asked my friends in the Crystal Kingdom to help me find them at an affordable price so that everyone could have one.

I got the crystals cheaply and went on an Ascension Course at Glastonbury UK and when I came back was told in medition how to put the crystals into glass wands with copper and how to use them.

The imagine on my postings is the atomic pattern of a crystal - A Herkimer Diamond to be exact - you can see how similar it is in shape to a Merkabah - which is said to be what our Light Body looks like.

Also I have been working with Orgone and orgone fields for about 10 years. I am a QXCI practitioner and through our healing system we generate orgone fields. QXCI is Lemurian Technology brought into our dimension by a Quantum Physicist called Professor Nelson - channeled to him via Maitreya.

I am part of a group that uses the QXCI to remove resistance to change for people to move into their Higher Purpose (whatever that might be - I don't need to know) but we work with Chakras, Merdians, Past lives and Homeopathic energies via subspace (absent healing).

After working with Orgone metaphysically for some years I actually came across the substance - ie how to make it with crystals etc - so have chunks of this around my house. - Thought it was wonderful on your website that the recipe for making orgone is there.

I've also just received a newsletter from one of my other groups talking about the Quantum Theory and how it works spiritually.

I love the way the Scientific Community is now linking up with the spiritual. What the Bleep etc!!

Been reading up on dimensions lately - people say we are moving into the 5th at the moment but I am pretty sure I live multidimensionally now. I also believe the dimensions relate to the chakra system and I read recently that there are at least 144 dimensions.

This is how all the prayers and positive thoughts out to the universe work - they travel through dimensions (just my opinion anyway)

In the Quantum world, links to and from the dimensions are called subspace - and we can access subspace through Orgone.

Subspace is the space between the atoms and is the fabric of the universe. When Newton wrote his laws of relativity he noticed that energy came from nowhere and dissapeared into nowhere - it could not be explained so he dismissed it as background noise.

Science now believes these tiny particles don't have a physical location in this dimension so must be moving in and out of other dimensions

Wacky stuff isn't it?

I know I live multidimensionally as have proved it time and time again to myself - and I read a post on this website this morning about proving that positive energy sent to certain situations actually changes things in reality.

One way I've been able to proove to myself that I live in different dimensions is by removing old programming from myself from the MATRIX

Before you can remove it though you have to be aware of it.

Read on this forum this morning about TV - I think a lot of our fear based programs are propogated by TV and films - which are after all just trying to keep you in the MATRIX of buying their stuff. Ever found yourself shopping and buying two of things when you only need one?

One good thing I learned from TV recently was the concept of being a BAD ROBOT - a little advert that runs across the TV screen - belongs to the TV company that make LOST.

When we look at our conditioning I find it helpful to recognise that's just what we are -BAD ROBOTS - just like little computers (which is all our verbal mind is) we took on bad programming - not because we were in any way BAD.

In my opinion we are programmed at an early age by HUMAN concepts that we need certain things to be happy.

Approval, Status, Money etc.

We then become addicted to finding or actively seeking other peoples approval etc in order to be happy. When in fact we already have everything we need to be happy right now.

Patanjali who wrote the Yoga Sutras says we are designed this way - when we separate ourselves at birth temporarily from our Higher Selves,
Twin Flames or whatever you like to call it - we are born knowing we want to rejoin with the Universal Spirit. So we seek what we believe we have lost in other people, places and things.

Because of the MATRIX and how it is designed we are led down false paths and develop belief systems that are programmed into us - our conditioning - these are the false ways of how to feel happy about ourselves.

Peoples approval is a good example I think - just try it

Can you remember when someone said you looked really good in something - maybe an item of clothing - it gives you an uplift doesn't it?

Then you try to re-create the same uplift and it doesn't work.

So the temporary feeling of approval from others isn't a lasting thing.

Compare this to the feeling you get when you look at a sunrise or a flower or something naturally created by mother earth. This is your soul
feeling happy. Just in my opinion anyway.

Off for a walk in the trees now - need some soul food

Nice to meet some other Women Warriors of Light
Peace and Light
Please feel free to contact me - so glad there are so many enlightened souls in this group

Peace and Light
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Woman Warrior

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello and Welcome to our forum dear healer AhimsaAnn!!! Laughing “Ahimsa” ~ strong and beautiful word. I love the sound of Sanskrit language - "language brought to formal perfection" which has the power to uplift the heart. Sanskrit is the first language of planet EARTH, the mother language of the world. All the languages (97%) have been directly or indirectly influenced by this language. Glad to have more Sanskrit language lovers here and thank you for mentioning Patanjali.

I totally agree with you, I think many of us live multidimensionality. I just got an email from a young man who is using some of my orgone creations to enhance his psychic skills. He mentioned when he woke up the room shifted for a few seconds, a sensation not many experience in this dimensions. This I consider shifting between dimensions, probably higher than 5th. I believe orgone is a great tool to access and be in the other dimensions, it happens too many times to me to be a coincidence.
Interesting what you had to say about MATRIX “programming”. After I read what you posted I realized I don’t really have that TV childhood programming. Why? I grew up in a communist country. We only had one or two TV channels if I remember correctly and it was only mornings and evenings. No commercials, though a lot of communism propaganda, and everyone was fed up with it, so we never listened to that. Anyway 8 pm I had to go to bed so I was allowed to watch cartoons 10 minutes only… So not too much TV for me… we spent a lot of time out playing with other kids or in the nature.

Then when I moved to the more Westernized world I was shocked to see how much advertising on TV. So I quit watching TV because of that. I rarely watch TV now and when there is advertising I do something, and never ever watch news. Reading a book is better anyway! And because Sanskrit is mentioned here: the word for television, duradarshanam, means "that which provides a 'vision' of what is far away"…

Things are happening FAST, really FAST lately. I think many of us feel the shift. People are either spiraling up or down, no on stays still. Wow we are living in such powerful times.

Looking forward to more interesting posts and perhaps group boosting sessions. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.
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