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7 days of boosting

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 6:50 am    Post subject: 7 days of boosting Reply with quote

(number 7 = spirituality , connection with God)

Alicia, Constantin and I were boosting on the 31st of August for “Katrina” man made disaster, when suddenly I had a clear vision of a dolphin. I thought he was smiling at me but than I saw his desperation and told me “bring others”. Alicia saw the dolphin too, he looked much brighter in energy and stood out.
I have also seen very clear, on the ocean water surface the date of “7 September“. I didn’t get the meaning but got a strong feeling that we needed to do something about it . So I called the girls and we all felt that was really important to work 7 days in a row, starting with September 1st.
Anne, Alicia, Faith, Yasmine, Donna and myself met for 7 days in a row and boosted for mother earth, for “Katrina” and each day we boosted for each chakra of the earth.

September 1st
Worked done for the root chakra of mother earth as well as people’s root chakras.

We boosted the dolphin we saw the previous day (when boosting for Katrina) in order to get some clues and we got a portal there.
Then I got this message “ask Yasmine”, “Yasmine knows”.
Yasmine could smell frankenchise (a resin with spiritual meanings) inside that portal.
Yasmine and Faith communicate with their departed father so those messages could be from their father which I happened to meet in one of my meditations and got few messages from him. I think their father helps us a lot with the work we are doing.

Anne was getting visions of ships going down. Both Anne and Yasmine were getting a hidden island with atlantean/ancient feel.
Then we all got that wonderful vibes from the hidden island. The energy was amazing, our hearts felt like they were gonna burst, we felt peace, happiness, love, some of us were crying. These are the good guys who are helping us. They know our hearts, we could all feel connected to them and feel their protection.

I started to get messages form an old man (very nice vibe from this man): “you can stop corruption in the world”, “connect with others” “fulfill your happiness” “penetrate to the heart of the world” “communicate and have patience”, “don’t fall for poison”.
The messages were about us being vocal while people are ready to hear the truth.
Yasmine was getting few messages too: “extravagance and wealth will not prevail”, “your words will hold truth to others”.
Anne was getting beautiful energy colors from inside the portal and a pure heart energy. She felt no worries and got the words “keep doing what you are doing”.

We all got that we can actually get the truth out, stop the corruption and expose it as well as communicate with other people who have same priorities in saving our planet.
We sent a love boost to all grid lines, with Donna sending Ark and papimi energy throughout. Anne saw many ships leaving the planet. We held hands together and surrounded the planet with loving energy.

Six women warriors working together in harmony for the highest good being helped etherically by the good forces. That was absolutely amazing!! Alicia mentioned that number 6 means service to humanity.
Dolphins and whales joined. God was boosting our efforts. Planet was surrounded by a beautiful green color meaning life. We activated the minerals and crystals to bump up the earth vibes. We activated the whole orgone gifts in the world. We boosted the soil for green and vegetation asking all organic life to connect to each other.

Yasmine got an insight about what I saw about “September 7“: the 1st day of ascension was 1st of Sept, each day the earth will bring focus and deal with issues regarding each chakra, the 7th day will be sept 7th, the day the crown will clear and again will be connected to the creator.

That’s how we discovered that our first day of work was done for the first chakra- the connection with the mother earth. How superb!

September 2nd
Worked done on the sacral chakra for fertility and creativity (mother earth and people) and the New Orleans situation.

We encounter few hackers (dracs energy) problems, we all got booted but we managed to boost the source and got rid of the interference quite quick.
We saw red color, lots of anger, fire, and an underground base under New Orleans. We boosted for the flooding water to be drained.
The energy was very intense, felt our hearts expanding physically, we held hands in the etheric realms and surrounded the whole planet with our loving energy. We used one of the old techniques of boosting - “the CCW and CW technique“. We were also helped by other civilizations (good guys) and could feel their presence.

September 3rd
Worked done on 3rd chakra - solar plexus

Many of us felt fear for a few days and realized that it wasn’t our own fear, it was people’s fear. Our worked was based on cleaning the world’s guts and anger. We were holding hands etherically, boosting the 3rd chakra (the global consciousness) for vitality, strength of will.
I saw people dancing in a CW circle around the world and heard people singing.
It was a song I knew, a choir: “Nabucco chorus of the Hebrew slaves” by Verdi. The song was about the slaves who sang in their beloved homeland and found renewed hope in their eventual liberation. It was a very empowering, it gave me chills and hope listening to it.
We felt that the other civilizations were helping us again. The energy was very intense.

September 4th
Worked done on 4th chakra - heart - balance of mother earth

Yasmine got that Yellowstone has a connection with mother’s earth chakra and the volcano is attached to the earth’s core.
We asked God for help, the dolphins and other civilizations were assisting our work. We planted many etheric orgone gifts in the heart of Yellowstone and around. Yasmine mentioned a major shift will take place getting this chakra into balance.
Anne got a word “Jerico”while boosting for Yellowstone. Donna and Yasmine had some info on Jerico and we found out that apparently Jerico is the oldest town in the world.
We also found a connection between this town and Christ.
Yellowstone felt like a huge portal who needed to be closed. There was a connection between Jerico and Yellowstone and we managed to clean etherically these places.

September 5th
Worked done on 5th chakra throat- the expression center

We had hackers interference problems login in the chat room but that didn’t stop us from our work.
We boosted for the TRUTH to be heard and said and lies be exposed.
We got a connection between 5th chakra work and New Orleans happenings. Yasmine got a block in the throat chakra which is connected with the higher realms. We asked God for help in unblocking the mother earth’s throat chakra letting the energy flowing freely.
We saw a spinning tornado of energy leaving the throat chakra and the energy felt really amazing after that.

We held etheric hands again to unblock all people’s heart chakras. Yasmine mentioned the activation of all minerals around world ( 2/3 of the world is quartz).
We got a few messages while boosting like “follow your path”, “looking towards 3rd eye”, “belong to the earth”, in other words we were strongly encouraged to continue our work for the next days. The evil forces tried so hard to stop us from participating into these chats but we were helped by the other good guys, we could feel that.
I got a strong connection for the future boosting (3rd eye) with the Farsi language and the Quran.

September 6th
Worked done on 6th chakra - third eye

Yasmine did a research on the Quran and she got that Mecca is connected with the 3rd eye. Looking on the map for Mecca I saw “Mt Katrina” in Egypt sort of close to Mecca on the map. How coincidental!!!

Other civilizations help was always noticed during our chat boosts.
Donna used papimi boosting - a very powerful technique”. Anne connected this papimi energy with a mega CB to amplify the energy boost for the 3rd eye.

I noticed that every time I would boost for a chakra I had pain in my heart. The pain subsides when the chakra would clear. Again we asked for helped and the help came our way.

I saw a lady who’s energy was very pure, dressed in purple/violet holding a baby. Yasmine got that there is a connection with Mecca and Jerusalem. She figured out who this lady was. I saw a tree meaning a new life. Yasmine said it felt like a rebirth into another type of existence.

Anne felt that many people’s sinuses are clearing. Sinuses connect with the 3rd eye, if the sinuses are blocked 3rd eye could be blocked.
We were holding etheric hands again and we noticed nasty entities trying to break our circle of purity. However the energy was so strong they could not interfere etherically.
Faith mentioned the “black stone” in Kaaba, where the pilgrims try to touch it.
We gifted that place etherically.
Anne mentioned good news after we blasted for Louisiana, the water there was draining slowly, exactly what we boosted for. She also felt a global awaking.
When we boosted for heart we noticed a huge heart openings in people. Great confirmations!
We boosted for all people who suffered due to this man made hurricane. Yasmine and Faith said that this year is the year of changes when the people decide what they want.
The energy we were experiencing was amazing it was “sincere and heart centered” - Alicia‘s words. She could also feel many people working with us at soul levels although she doesn’t know them personally.
Anne mentioned that there are many people doing that, their techniques being based on INTENT. Yasmine mentioned few words from Quran: “you were souls gathered in armies of souls”.
Faith could feel that her departed father was present, smiling and nodding.

September 7th
Worked done on 7th chakra - crown - the connection with the Creator

Constantin and I went hiking on that specific day on Mt Charleston Peak to gift it and we dedicated our 17 miles hike ( to mother earth and the connection with the Creator.

Yasmine was getting lots seen and unseen going in Jerusalem, seeing crown chakras being open completely.
I saw a lady dressed in purple/violet. We noticed a lot of energy was going out. We saw lots of violet lotus flowers blossoming around the crown chakra, meaning opening the connection with the Source. The energy was amazingly intense. We were holding etheric hands again and we invited all good hearted people into our circle of purity.

The lady dressed in violet handed out a piece of paper and a pen. I saw myself bowing to this lady and questioned myself “why am I doing that”. I only bow when I pray, so I thought this must be something important. Faith said that the power of this lady made me bow. The lady handed a piece of paper and a pen to me.
I have also seen myself writing something very fast but with my left hand. That was weird as I am right handed.

Behind me there was a line of people waiting for this piece of “paper and a pen”. I saw a little black girl writing with her left hand. I saw Faith writing and then so many people writing with their left hands. The lady was giving this “paper and pen” to everyone.

Suddenly I got a message "God contract". So the message here was that we signed evil contracts - man made ones without even realizing and this lady gave us an opportunity to cancel them and replace them with a new one which is with God.

We felt really lucky to experience this and we boosted all people who were receiving this “papers and pens”. I have a strong feeling that canceling these evil contracts, people will get more empowered.
We were boosting to activate all the energy centers in order to get aligned in the harmony with the crown.
Yasmine’s words: “this was well prepared, the universe made it happen, God’s will”.
While we were boosting we had interference, we kept getting booted. Confirmation again, but that didn’t stop us.
Alicia’s words: “what they cannot take away, is our freewill”.

We all felt a major shift took place that week. Amazing energy. Thank you friends, thank you God, thank you all.
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Got this email in my inbox that I find really interesting:
Screaming energy!!! Passion!!! LOVE!! DESIRE!! Very Happy

Hi Lilly

thank you so much for your reply! I also read about the boosting session, wich i found very interesting. Perhaps you found out already, but: in the Bible, the people of Israel conquered Jericho by... screaming!!! They screamed so loud that the City Walls collapsed. Isn't that symbolic? And i found there was something said about you using your voice to reach the world?

And about the link between Jerusalem and Mecca: they are both holy places for Muslims. They believe that later on, ( when their prophet returns, if i'm right), they will not pray towards the east ( Mecca) but towards the direction of Jerusalem. I suppose they are both power spots.

I hope this will help you to "decifer" the information you got during that session.

Kind regards and all the best to you!!!


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