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Joshua Tree New Planet Birthing...

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:58 am    Post subject: Joshua Tree New Planet Birthing... Reply with quote

Ecstatic, splendid, spectacular, crazy beyond words experience, unified consciousness!!!

Bhakti fest near Joshua Tree Park, is a festival where yogis, peace activists, musicians meet to celebrate deep devotion. Few months in advanced I set a very deep intention for peace in the world and dedicated many sessions and rituals towards this event as I knew was going to be BIG and POWERFUL. In one of my meditations I got that I was supposed to visit a vortex in Joshua Tree National Park, gift it with an orgone (Mother) Earth Pipe and get messages.

What is orgone?
Dr. Wilhelm Reich in The Discovery of the Orgone proved the existence of pure life force, which he called orgone energy which is another name for prana, chi. Ki, mana etc…by storing and channeling it to produce dramatic changes. He felt space time travel was possible with the flow of currents of energy, by knowing how to use the ley line system. When a crystal, or an orgone gift is placed in one of Earth’s power spots, they will enhance and activate the energy of that ley line or vortex. This is an ancient “technique” of “giving back” to Mother nature. Many shamans, light workers, regular people use this what I call “gifting Mother Earth” to create a powerful force field that help prepare those places for great events in the future.

Indian Cove _Joshua Tree ~~Vortex~~

One of my inspirational yoga teachers took few of us to Joshua Tree Park (Indian Cove) to celebrate devotion thru chanting and meditation “on the rocks”. She had also mentioned that this place was a big powerful vortex, so I was so happy I was lead to the vortex with not so much effort to look for it. Before I would have to dowse, scry, put quite a bit of effort into finding the right spot. Amazing when the seeds are planted how easily we connect with the outcome lately.

The energy of the vortex was very shaky, up and down movements. A night before, on the 9-9-9, together with my warrior friends, we met and boosted for peace and compassion and all of us could feel the planet’s energy shaky ready to explode so to speak. I knew something very shaky was going to happen and my friend Linda confirmed that later when we met… she had a dream of earthquake energy. The 999 day was the beginning of changing the stagnant energy.

I was supposed to plant two mother earth (orgone) pipes “the seeds of power intention” in two different locations to gather the energy of the vortexes (portal) together. So first time I visited the Indian Cove vortex all I could get was the building up energy so I asked if I should plant a pipe and got: “Not yet” as I was supposed to come back by myself and gift the vortex later. I kept asking myself why Mother Earth feels so shaky. I could only see blue and yellow colors, power of truth colors.

At the Joshua Tree Bhakti festival there was a lot of chanting, music, dancing powerful good vibes. Kathy, a good friend convinced me to go see Linda for a Vedic astrology reading as she felt that the both of us will click. Linda was not only amazingly right on the money but we got so bonded that we couldn’t wait for our experience together.

Saturday (Sept 12, 2009) the “night of POWER”
The energy started to build up amazingly. A shift happened that night, a quantum leap in evolution to another level.
We were united and connected with all that is and many of us got empowered that night. The whole night I could barely keep my eyes open, I was in a non linear time dimension. I could see, feel, sense, and hear everything, so so powerfully. If people were just thinking I could hear their thoughts, the colors of people’s aura were so vivid that my eyes would go nuts, I could see the future a second or two before happening, I could feel absolutely everything, and it was such an overwhelming feeling. My past life skills are awakening for quite some time but tonight I felt like they reached the apex.

I psychically saw the Indian Cove vortex moving to the place where the kirtan (concert) was taking place and became bigger and more powerful. Then I saw from the ground a new planet being birthed.
I met with my psychic sister Linda and we automatically started to do some energy work which I guess none of us were aware of in the physical form. So while working separately but the same time as a group, one after another powerful women kept joining us. I could only hear Linda as I was completely out, taken by the whole experience. Every time a powerful woman would show up, I could smell the earth and then my heart was opening widely towards the sky and more shakti energy was showered to the earth.
Linda kept saying that she couldn’t believe what was happening, as the most powerful women she knew kept coming. I could only see beautiful powerful women forming a circle. All of us agreed that was the feminine energy at work, shakti power: the doors of the heavens were literally opening to us. There were 6 or 7 women gathered already. At some point few raindrops were falling from above, pure auspicious energy.

After this amazing energy work stopped, I felt so exhausted and thirsty. I tried to go back to my tent were I was camping but I kept going in circles and felt the magnetic pull of the vortex BIG TIME moving me in circular patterns!! It took me almost two linear hours to get back to my tent. In my two hours of moving in circles I saw a majestic light above me, not the moon light, but an outwardly light. I couldn’t figure out what that was, but at the same time I could also hear humming and the sound of ocean waves. In fact the waves sound I could hear it for the whole duration of staying.

The next day, I met with Linda, she mentioned that something really crazy happened last night and the other people I talked to, mentioned very similar experiences or feelings, so it wasn’t just me going “insane”. I think deep inside all of us present at the festival knew that something big has happened as a result of our good vibes and thoughts of love and devotion. I talked to my other psychic sister Yasmine who was not present but could feel the opening from Canada and mentioned that was a powerful night for her as well.

In my meditation I got that the circle (12 or 13) that powerful women (psychics) formed was supposed to do work together in few of the most powerful spots on earth. When I think of, I cannot believe it, we didn’t or barely know each other (in this life at least) but we were working perfectly together. Now that I remember, while I was singing and dancing the words “Shakti Sisters” kept coming to me again and again. In the morning first thing when I got up I almost fell down my knees, as the powerful energy moved me so fast in circles.. I was like OHHOOOOHO… easy on me please!!!
Walked the same circles as the night before and could still feel the magnetic pull of the vortex, not so intense as the previous night, but still active.

~~Indian Cove Vortex Gifted~~
The next day I was completely drained and all I wanted to do was to go back home after that Blissful exhaustion. I didn’t leave yet because I had to finish my work at the Indian Cove where I was supposed to plant the second “seed” orgone Mother Earth pipe and get few more messages. Once I got there, I felt humility in front of those big astounding rocks and found myself in the cosmic flow with the big family of rocks. The sound of ocean was amplifying in my years and I heard we should connect with the wisdom keepers of the planet (the whales), in fact another friend Annie mentioned the same thing. before to me.

After I planted the second earth pipe in the ground I immediately got it:
Due to the high energies of Bhakti Fest, the Indian Cove vortex transported itself to the Kirtan stage in Joshua tree retreat where we were practicing devotion, formed a big portal there where the new planet was preparing its birth. Then the vortex moved back to its orginal place in Indian Cove.
Immediately after I planted the pipe, a chipmunk showed up and looked at me, saying: ” follow me”. Animals and birds usually tell me where to plant my gifts for mother earth. Animals do talk to us, even the rocks talk to us: all mineral, plant, animal kingdoms talk the universal language of love and compassion... if we only know how to listen… I followed this little fellow to a place where I knew I had to meditate.

So I got that the vortex was spinning a new way now, the shift has happened and we should get aligned with the new shakti (sacred feminine power) energy, surrender to it, accept it, as there is no way back. Shakti, sacred force is going to lead the way!!!
As my mind was floating around I heard three times very loud “ be here”. A very funny looking bird parked on top of a rock, getting my attention, reminding me all about “being present”, “being here”. ahaaaaa …Awareness heals...
So that is a powerful way to stay connected and aligned with the new shakti (spiritual energy) of the planet.

We live in such a “male” oriented society, a very linear energy. I believe the world needs more feminine, more intuitive, circular energy for balance.
Feminine is not about being feminist. Feminine is about being intuitive, creative, looking at the whole, being (w)holistic, getting in touch with our feelings, our essence, our nature.
Women have to come out of closet and express themselves and the power of shakti, not being afraid of our gifts anymore, or being labeled as insane, weirdoes etc… so what… I love being called a weirdo; I think is very sensual… Wink

While touching a big mama rock more info kept coming while my body kept spinning gently and very pleasantly with the vortex spin:
“the feminine energy circle”: the shakti sisters are 12 (or 13), I am not sure yet, I got “ask Linda”… could be the 13th one is just the goddess energy, not sure though, however those women know who they are and when the right time comes they will show up. The rocks kept talking mentioning the wisdom of the ancestors that we should be aware of.

The rock wished me “peace” reminding me that we are all part of a big family and off I went home, carrying the shakti power, wisdom and humility of those rocks. I then heard the word NAMASTE three times. Still having those chills… awwwww.. . Swaha!!!
On my way back home, I took another route cause I knew that something else will unfold. I was supposed to gift another vortex, a smaller this time that communicates to the Indian Cove and Bhakti Fest retreat vortex. They are all opening up creating space for the new planet rebirth. While driving, absorbing and really drinking the surroundings of the desert I felt a magnetic pull again. That’s it!! There was the other vortex!!! YAY!!! I stopped the car and sent my blessings and orgone gifted the vortex. I felt a huge relief after that. More vortexes will come alive soon for the new planet birth. JAI MAA SHAKTI!!!


ॐ Lilly ॐ
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