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The Stories Shoes Tell

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:54 am    Post subject: The Stories Shoes Tell Reply with quote

Understanding meridians and reflexology of the feet, we can begin to see the importance of many of the "smaller" details and characteristics of the body. Even a person's shoes can tell you the story of that person's life.

There is a story about an owner of a Japanese country inn, or ryokan. This perticular owner was very wise. He secretely possessed a very high understanding of Oriental diagnosis. Just as it is the custom in Japan (and many other eastern countries) to take off your shoes when you enter a house, people also take off their shoes when they enter a ryokan. The wise man who ran this particular ryokan could determine the characters of his customers by examining their shoes, and thereby decided in which room to place each customer. He could tell, for example, whether a particular customer snored, in which case the cutomer would be palced in a room far enough from the other guests so as not to disturb their sleep. The inn owner could also tell whether a customer should be near the bathroom, and whether or not he/she should pay in advance. Judging by the quality of the customer's shoes, the owner could tell also how much the customer could afford to pay. In this way, the wise owner could be generous to those who he felt needed generosity, and charge those full price who could afford the best.

The bottom of the shoe is the most hidden of course. But remember, the most hidden parts of us are also the most revealing (uuh-ohh Wink).

The shoes are interesting because thay are the least attended to of our clothing, yet requires the most personal attention, or maintenance. Many people could not tolerate dirty shirts or a soiled suit, but you usually can "stand" dirty shoes. A person with well-cared for shoes is a person who attends to the little details of his or her life.
Another interesting fact about shoes is that they directly reflect a person's means. We almost never spend more than we can afford on shoes (perhaps because we have so many different kinds to buy! Shocked ). A person of modest means is more likely to buy an expensive suit or dress than an expensive pair of shoes. If the shoes are very expensive, it usually reveals a person of means.
To diagnose a person by examining the bottoms of his/her shoes, we must see where the wear is unbalanced-that is, where the shoes are excessively worn. Each of us puts more weight on one part of our foot than another. In Japan there is a set of scales that can determine which part of the foot a person places more weight on-the front, the heel, the inside, or the outside. These scales are attached to a computer, which can analyze the character of the person according to which part of the foot he places most of his/her weight on.
Just by looking at a pair of shoes, you can tell much about a person's overall structural distortions: where he/she places the weight of his body, whether he/she has a wide or narrow foot or is overweight or light-footed.
The teacher Ohashi, entertains the students by picking up a couple of pairs of shoes at random and, without knowing whom the shoes belong to, begins to analyze their owner's character. For example, if the front part of a shoe, near the first two toes, is more worn than the rest, we know that the owner's stomach meridian is very active. This means that the person is always hungry. He or she is therefore impatient and nervous about the outcome of events-fearing that desire, or appetite, will not be satisfied. Such people have good appetites and are hungry for life, but their impatience makes them prone to accidents. "The person who owns this shoe bumps his head a lot," Ohashi says.
If the back of the shoe is excessively worn, it means that the owner's kidneys are overworked. The person likely consumes too much liquid and may suffer from lower-back ache. He or she may be sluggish, easily fatigued, and fearful-hesitant about the future and fearful of opportunity. This person is not an adventurous one.
The area near the arch reveals the condition of the spleen and liver; both these meridians, run through the inner part of the foot. If this part of the shoe is worn, it means that the person is probably knock-kneed, and places excessive weight on the inside of the foot at the arch. The liver and spleen are overtaxed. The person is likely somewhat antisocial, timid, stubborn and/or perhaps frustrated, especially sexually. The reproductive organs are probably troubled, complicating relationships with the opposite sex. The person may suffer a marked degree of confusion when confonted with important decisions. He or she likely has neck and shoulder pain, because of the imbalance in the body weight and posture.

You can control your face to some degree (some people do it better than others), but it is hard to control your toes, or the way you place the weight of your body on your feet. Therefore, these characteristics are much more true and revealing about who you really are.
When the outside part of the shoe is excessively worn, it means that the person is somewhat bow-legged and places most of his/her weight on the outer part of the foot, along the bladder and gallbladder meridians. This is a person who likes spicy, sensual foods, but is an indiscriminate eater. This person is probably overweight, and suffers from anger, fear, and hostility. He/she may have difficulty making decisions and probably has a practical nature. This person probably suffers from shoulder pain, due to the imbalance in the body caused by the uneven distribution of weight.
Sometimes you see that the big toe area of the shoe is more worn than the rest. This means that the owner's liver energy is excessive, or jitsu. Such a person is driven, goal-oriented, and a workaholic. Anger is never far from the surface, but this person is probably trying to control it.

When the shoes are clean, it reveals a meticulous person, one who cares much about details. When the shoes are moderately well cared for, it means the person is more relaxed about his/her image. Such people may be more concerned with the substance of their personalities or the quality of their work. If the shoes are particularly dirty or illkept, the person probably suffers from high degree of chaos in his/her life-the result of some physical or mental illness, or perhaps financial difficulty.

The smell of a person's shoe reflects his or her diet. If the shoes give off a strong, repudnant, sour smell, the person likely eats too many animal foods, including dairy products; sweats too much, indicating overworked kidneys; and probably suffers from being overweight and high blood pressure. If the shoes smell sweet, the person consumes too many sweets and may suffer from some problem related to the spleen and pancreas, such as hypoglycemia or diabetes. A salty smell indicates that the kidneys are overworked; a pungent smell indicates some imbalance in the large intestine.

You can tell also tell much about a person's occupation from his or her shoes. If the right heel is more worn that the left, the person probably spends a lot of time driving a car. The wear comes from keeping the right foot on the gas pedel. A person who stands for many hours will have shoes that bulge or stretch on the sides, because the weight of the body makes the foot widen and flatten out.

The shoes are no different from any other part of the body. The Micro reflects the Macro- meaning that in the smallest part of the body, the clues to the whole nature are revealed.
It is not so important what you are reading when you examine the shoes-or any part of the body, for that matter. The most important point is why you are reading.
People are always asking, "How can I be happy and healthy?" or "How can I be enlightened? Should I go to India or Japan?" Now we can tell them, "Look at your shoes. You are standing on your answer. " The secrets of your life are written on your body; they are being worn into the soles of your shoes. Just read them. The universe is seeking to give us the answers we need. The information is flowing to us constantly from many directions, in many forms. We block that information by failing to live in harmony with it. We have many imblances. These imbalances act like rocks in the river of life: they get in the way of the information that flows to us. Remove the rocks and the answers will come as if "out of the bue". Actually, the answers to our most important questions come from within us. All we have to do is learn to see; to read the body; to listen to the answers; and to follow the guidance to us by the universe itself.

Ohashi~ Reading the body.

"Cast down what is in your right hand. It will swallow up what they have wrought. Verily they have wrought only a sorcerer's stratagem; and a sorcerer does not succeed (no matter) from whatsoever (skilled group) he may come." (Quran-20:69)
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