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Energizing Earths Waters

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PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2010 2:53 am    Post subject: Energizing Earths Waters Reply with quote

Hi! The following came to me, a totally COOL way to energize Earths waters! Which would also be good for raising the vibration and would help the Sky!!! It would be like their efforts to lower the vibration (through chemtrails etc) would be Naught!

They sell special plant waterers. They are simply bottles that have a really long tip. You fill the bottle with water and tip it upside down and stick the tip into the soil. The water drips through the tip and waters the soil gradually. A little knob controls the rate of drip.

I got the idea to take one of those, fill it with water from the stream and charge it (either one your cloudbuster, put it on top of TBs, or charge it with your hands. You could also use special Zam Zam water, holy water, etc. Then tie (or tape) a rope around the bottle and hang it upside down over a stream and let it constantly drip the water in the bottle (that was from the stream) back into the stream. The water would flow down the stream constantly and constantly new waters would be energized! Since its so charged the streams water would charge up as well. You could do the with a river (even better! ) :>

I also found this post which came at a good time! :>
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