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Emerging the Sacred Feminine Mayan Goddess Ixchel Forgives

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 7:56 am    Post subject: Emerging the Sacred Feminine Mayan Goddess Ixchel Forgives Reply with quote

What happens when you align with the Power of the Spirit?

We just returned from our private retreat in Mexico where we visited
sacred locations together with our friends from Estonia.

As we were travelling around the island of Cozumel (Mexico) we stopped
at San Gervasio Ruins.

We didn’t plan to visit this ancient sacred location instead we let Spirit guide us.

I usually don’t research the place before we visit, as I like to feel and get information without being influenced by the ‘history’ of this place.

Then after I integrate all the information I compare notes with what the “his-story” is saying. Sometimes it feels right on, sometimes not.

I strongly encourage you first to go to sacred locations with a high intention/awareness and second to go visit them “raw”,
uninfluenced by the guides there.

The results are very powerful.

We get upgraded to new level of consciousness, every time we visit a sacred location.

San Gervasio and Goddess IxChel

San Gervasio (Cozumel, Mexico) is a sacred place where Goddess IxChel
was worshipped by women.

In fact many Mayan women visited this place at least once in their lifetime
to honor and worship the Ancient Mayan Goddess IxChel - the Goddess of rain, moon, medicine and fertility.

San Gervasio was filled with mystery.

When we first got out of our car, my friend (she is very sensitive) and I got dizzy.
We were guided to walk to a power spot in silence.
Once we arrived to this sacred place we got the message to do healing work.

This place looked like an altar and the energy of it felt like “labyrinth energy”, with a vortex emanating from the inside.

The spiritual work required was our individual healing as well as healing of this place which leads to world healing.

It is so mind-blowing how all things fall into place when we are aligned with Spirit.

Like many other awakened women, I have been working with feminine energy for quite sometime (more intensely after summer of 2012).

About a month before visiting this place, I woke up 3:33 am and received a message that I need to share the feminine work with the world
via a Goddess Orgone Pendant.

Although I was a little reluctant, as it takes a lot of energy and work to develop a new pendant, I said “Yes!”

So the entire month I was deeply immersed and aligned with the energy of Goddess in all aspects.

Now when we visited this place in Cozumel we had no clue this place was a place of feminine power or Goddess.

My friend felt that the Goddess (Feminine Energy) was very sad and she saw her crying.

I felt the Goddess was upset and also angry because of her imprisonment in own feelings.

We both felt the Goddess felt lied to, oppressed and deceived by the masculine side.

Isn’t this what happened with a lot of women along the years to this present moment?
Just think about women in some countries where they are denied basic privileges like for example the privilege of driving?

When Spanish conquerors arrived at San Gervasio, the Goddess/Feminine Power was valued and honored,
but after the place was taken over the feminine was suppressed. We felt this very strongly.

We saw how the limited belief systems including religious systems in power lead to the suppression of the feminine.

The energy of suppression was released by forgiveness.
The work we were guided to do was of compassion, forgiveness and regaining of trust.

The history said that this place was free of human sacrifices as IxChel was a Goddess of Light.
However the energy of suppression was still trapped in this location and Spirit guided us to free this location.

After the work was completed, we both felt a huge relief instantly, dizziness disappeared and we felt at peace.

Our husbands did not come with us and when we asked the Goddess why is that.
She said: I only trust feminine energy. Now the message we got from this is of crucial importance.

This kind of suppressed feminine energy is still present and trapped in many sacred locations
of the world and needs women to free it.

The information needs to be brought to people and shared with wisdom.
It is not about feminism, but about women stepping in their own powers with assertiveness,
acknowledge the harmony of feminine/masculine, forgive and support the masculine, grow and
evolve together in harmony and peace.

Like the prophecy of many native nations of the condor and eagle:

When the condor (feminine energy) and the Eagle (masculine energy) fly together freely in the sky there will be peace.

No matter what happened in the past, it has to remain in the past.
NOW is the moment of reconciliation and harmony.

Our global consciousness is raising to new levels and although at times it seems like we are going nowhere,
we are in fact growing towards the light…

We are slowly fading away from the patriarchal society where feminine energy was oppressed.
However by changing to a matriarchal society will create an imbalance.
We need to become aware of both, honor both, align and allow both energies.
We need the life force of the sacred feminine to balance the divine masculine so we can create
balance and harmony in our lives and on Earth.

I am asking women of power who read this to send peace to these sacred locations on Earth
or if you visit these locations, be present with your peaceful energy.
Also men who are in their high awareness, support women who hold the high vibration of peace.

When we bring these vortexes to peace, we hold a high vibration of peace that is so much
needed right now in the World.

Although I suggest to travel physically to these locations you can also do it energetically or astraly.
Either or, it is a great way to align with a high frequency of peace, which on the consciousness scale
calibrates at number 700 – the energy that Mother Teresa and Gandhi calibrated at.

Masculine and feminine qualities exits in both: men and women and both are vital to our evolution, growth and health.
We can fill the society’s void by embracing the feminine now.

Yes, by healing the Emotions of the feminine – (The Goddess) we can heal the world.

It has been said that women of the west will bring peace to the world.
I would say all women working together to forgive the masculine side that wronged in the past.

Beautiful inside out women love each other instead of envying or being jealous at each other.
We all have our unique gifts and beauty, no need to compete with each other or struggle for “power”.
This is not Power. It is force that comes from fear and insecurities, which calibrates extremely low.

Instead use the Right Power: the Power of Forgiveness, Love, Understanding, Joy and specially Peace.

Love to all Goddesses,

Lilly Natures Blessings

Divine Feminine Orgone Pendant

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