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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2009 3:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Area 51… Pisces full moon

Three years ago when we visited Area 51 we didn’t get a chance to go to the famous “Gate”, the closest point one can get to Area 51. Our plan was to camp overnight in Rachel and go there with a group of people first thing in the morning…

Where are they?

Well, it wasn’t possible.
Before we left, a very powerful and dramatic thunderstorm started. What a beauty!!! Only the desert can offer such a beautiful view. We were in the middle of the desert on Extraterrestrial Highway watching the wild lighting unfolding in front of our eyes!!

The energy was so high that the battery of our truck went dead in the parking lot. There was no way we could camp, so we ended up sharing a trailer with other people in Rachel, Nevada. When the thunderstorm stopped I suggested the other people we were staying with to go out watch the skies… Everyone seemed tired, so I went by myself. It wasn’t dark; the full moon in Pisces was up, smiling- Pisces moon (the intuition and mysticism sign, “surrender to the Divine”). It can be scary out there when you hear all these stories about aliens, but I wasn’t at all, in fact I felt so at peace, the feeling of a total dissolve… I took a dirt road and waited to see what happened…

The whole trip I was wearing a special “i n v i s i b i l i t y orgone pendant” so I put it to the test. It does work, usually people ask about orgone, this time no one asked, and it seemed they didn’t see my orgone pendants whatsoever. Also I have noticed that every time I gifted there was no “weird” presence around, I usually feel or see when there are eyes watching.

Night time, pisces full moon, alien road… That was the most otherworldly Full Moon I have ever seen. There was only my higher self communicating to me: “The road to nowhere, the road to everywhere” kept ringing into my ears… and I kept going and going, and nothing happened, except feeling euphoric… I could go forever… everything seemed to be so at peace and so beautiful after the storm…

I went back to the trailer but could not get too much sleep that night…
First thing in the morning, after a few moon and sun salutes (they were both aligned so beautifully in the sky) I started my meditation. My eyes were semi closed while third eye very opened… that’s when we see all those orbs and other stuff that cannot be perceived with the naked eye. So try that you might be surprised what you can see…
I saw a gate opening (two huge semi round doors from underground towards the sky) and messages started to come to me… the gate/door will open on the 9-9-9 (Sept 9, 2009). This is a powerful day to manifest intentions and its perfect for humanitarian acts, as 9 is the number of the divine, compassion, peace. In Chinese feng shui it’s fire energy, heart energy. So I invite you do something for yourself and the world on this powerful day and focus on the good and peace the whole day. In fact I will request a boosting session on 9-9-9 to boost for ‘unity consciousnesses’. I knew before that this day was going to be a powerful day but the vision I had was so powerful and reassuring. Then I saw all sort of small things moving in the sky or above ground, while the orbs were dancing playfully. I got my hammer, orgone gifts including an earth pipe and found the perfect spot to place one of those Mother Earth orgone pipes…
The noise of hammering is usually LOUD but it seemed so quiet, (the invisible pendant really made it easier) and the orgone pipe disappeared in the ground so fast and easy, it seemed to me like I wasn’t even hammering myself, that’s how easy went down the ground… That was the gift to Mother Earth for the 9-9-9.

While wandering around taking pictures, I heard a loud noise approaching on the wild Extraterrestrial Highway and got my camera ready when I saw this big missile on the back of this truck. Snap shot!!!

Cathedral Gorge powerful earth spot

We decided to leave Area 51 for now and as we couldn’t drive to the “Gate” due to after the storm mud we went to a beautiful and powerful spot on Earth called Cathedral Gorge. The place is surreal!!! The first thing I noticed is that I felt I was there before in another life, the place felt so familiar! I was a shaman in a previous life (three more people told me the same without even telling them my thoughts, one friend actually saw my face as a shaman (man) in a previous life). So I got that one of my previous lives was happening here, that’s why I was so attracted to this place. Paiutes and Anasazi native americans used this place for gatherings and hunting.
Anyway…Inside the caves which are just slots into the canyon I could feel the feminine powerful energy and saw so many big colorful orbs inside. The aura of the canyon was deep purple with a lot of feminine (yin) spiritual energy.

Purple light at the end of the cave


After leaving the gifted power spot, we stopped one more time on our way back to Vegas on Extraterrestrial Highway. Being invisible feels so good when you go gifting... specially pipes that requires making noise, I have never felt so confident during gifting cause the energy of the pendant really kept me invisible and safe.
A minute or two after hammering the last pipe, I saw a “thing” moving sort of erratically, left- right in a zig- zag pattern stopping for half second once in a while. I asked Constantin if he can see it, and he said no. I didn’t give it up, so I showed him the movement of that “thing” with my hand. It was above ground and sort of hovered left right… Finally Constantin saw it, and we both had that Ahaaaa moment… It made his presence after the pipe hammering or at least that’s when we noticed it. What I have noticed with those pipes that had some holy water, the energy was absorbed so so fast underground and spread for a large radius.

We don’t know what that thing was, but I have a feeling they are everywhere and we cannot see them with the naked eye, Constantin mentioned they might use a magnetic field so they cannot be seen, but they can be seen with the third eye, even if the physical eyes are opened.
Keep all three eyes opened…
Much love and peace
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2015 12:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Since then more stuff has surfaced.
That was back in 2009 and a series of events lead us to this point in time.
More information and articles related to this:

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