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How to remove Reptilian entities - Entire Article/Interview

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 10:16 pm    Post subject: How to remove Reptilian entities - Entire Article/Interview Reply with quote

Here is the entire interview of a hypnotist with an entity as promised.

How to remove reptilian entities

I contacted you two years ago with information. I am in a lot of trouble with a reptilian and here is my further information that it is trying to stop, Please post it for he may then leave me alone. Keeping information to myself seems to be a mistake. Thanks for your help it's really interesting stuff. I have also attached a photo of the reptilian (above).

How to remove reptilian entities- a reptilian entity "spilling the beans "on his human/reptilian boss,some reptilian golden rules and a stroke weapon !!!. Reptilian entities are used frequently in targets of a human/reptilian; they shadow their victim and report back to the human/reptilian the victim's location, amoungst other things. Here are my personal experiences and I was very much cheated and therefore I am writing this: SEE ILLISTRASON OF A REPTILIAN

For two years I had reptilian entities attached. A male and what I later found out to be a female. They were sent by a man a reptilian that I had discovered the identity of as we had been dating HE WAS WORKING IN MARBELLA , SPAIN at the time and his name I will keep anonymous and change to Jack .

These reptilians were initially fooling me into thinking they were helping, I would want there presence. I believed they were helping against Jack when all along they had been giving him my location, they were there as spies, like I‘d been bugged, Jack always knew my location and I had no idea how at the time. . For two years I accepted the reptilian entities not realizing that I could remove them. I hadn't realized that the male entity had been causing the conflict Jack had with me, he had been lying in order to cause conflict, playing on Jack's emotional weaknesses and there were many.

Then the male reptilian entity had gone "awall", had stopped following orders and now had his own agenda, which I discovered was his removal. The worm turned, the male reptilian decided that he'd had enough and told me what to do to remove them. But before he did this he turned against Jack. I was taken aback. I hear his thoughts his mind is very strong. . He communicated with me this way and tried to get me to harm Jack by wanting me to tell others about Jack amongst other things., to expose Jack but I wouldn't do it. He also told me about the reptilian organizationsrules for conduct as follows:

1 Golden rule: Do not do things for personal gain.

2.We never fire weapons for personal gain because they are expensive.

3.We conceal ourselves, we never expose anything that we don't have to.

4.We don't draw attention to ourselves by acting cruel, spiteful. harm people.

His intentions were to make Steve change his orders and say he could leave me but this tactic didn't work because I didn't comply. His intentions were to make Jack change his orders and say he could leave me. Jack had ordered him to attach to me. This tactic didn't work. Jack and the repti lian entity were fighting and both of them had to win, this I learnt then is a reptilian trait.

He also sent me disturbing mental images of slightly malicious cartoon characters as clear as a TV screen and these were very similar images to those that Jack had sent to me, it showed me that Jack really was a reptilian. I discovered that he had been listening to road names and house numbers all along when he made it very obvious. I contacted Jack about what was going on and "it wasn't him" was the response. The entity then made me go to entity removers, he told me exactly what to do, using techniques of communicating with a large number of entity removers at exactly the same time, of "throwing the net far and wide"- I was to see a lot of entity removers, he insisted. He told them that he was reptilian.

They all saw the entities and most identified them as alien, many as reptilian or Nephilim a biblical term. Those who also use hypnosis had an interesting time, as I was shocked that under these conditions he was able to come to the forefront and talk through me to the therapist. He told several entity removers how he hated MJack that Jack was a reptilian and had sent him. He very willingly dished the dirt to anyone he could about Jack, it struck me that they had obviously had a major falling out and he was trying to get his own back on being forced to stay., very spiteful. Keeping the reptilian agenda secret didn't seem to mat ter to him while he was in this frame of mind. He was quite a spectacle.

After 4 weeks of daily communications with entity removers it had become obvious to anyone that I had reptilian entities, if in doubt before now they knew. Here are some of the comments from entity removers.- " When I carried out your scan I found an imposing reptilian being, with another one hovering in the background" - Entity remover M. " There are two entities and a man that you are connected to" - Entity remover C. " I see a towering reptilian behind you and a smaller reptilian to your right " - Entity remover N" " i see red which shows me that they have been sent" - Entity remover D "The one I can't deal with right now is actually one of the Nephilim responsible for this planet" - entity remover J. " I identify them as Nephilim" - exorcist C. Here is one such session that was taped by the hypnotism. The reptilian cheated me and therefore I am including this. It begins at:

Hypnotist: What Can I do for you?

Reptilian: I've done this before. And you are going to write it all down and I am not meant to be doing this because I am not meant to be here, you are not meant to know I am here.

Hypnotist: but I do know you are here

Reptilian: Yes but you are meant to be in two minds I am not meant to be like this, I‘m meant to be in the back seat.

Hypnotist: How exactly can I help you?

Reptilian: , I want you to get me out of this situation, I want to be released but not by my own choosing, I want to have you force me out but you see I can't even say this because I've got - there is someone else here who hears what I say and I will be in a lot of trouble if they report me so Miss Y is to do all of this I cannot. He asked the hypnotist to force him out and described exactly how to do it using three or more spirit guides. he told the hypnotist the following:There was a female reptilian entity attached to me, his fellow worker.She disagreed with him getting forced out and was going to get him in trouble with the reptilian organization if he did. I was therefore being made to do it. He actually asked for her removal first. Said how exactly she could be forced out using four or more spirit guides that would physically take them. That harm to him was needed, he was a battle man and had to appear to be resisting . That he was alien and that reptilian was not what they called themselves and he told the hypnotist their real name but into his mind. That they hear what we say.Jack needs my street address to send entities. They are working for Jack who is the real problem, that Jack is possessed by a reptilian, Jack had sent them, is harmful. They are alien and do not go to the light I had not known there was a female until this time. She disagreed with his decision to leave me because Jack had ordered them to stay and they were subservient to him. Therefore the male reptilian was doing a trick, making out that I had removed them with force in order for it to be OK. He wouldn't be in trouble if I had got them removed. It's complicated only because he was not allowed to leave. And what this trouble was, was interesting, he had been promised by his organization a reward that he could lose this for disobeying orders.

Hypnotist :OK so you want me to help release you.

Reptilian: Ah yes but not releasing, moving, moving

Hypnotist: And keep you out of trouble

Reptilian: That's the problem, , her my wife, my female, my mate I will be in trouble by her she will report me, I have to be made to go .

Hypnotist: Your controller ?

Reptilian: She isn't normally my controller but right now she has got the thumbscrews on me because you see I ‘m in the wrong, I will be in trouble, I cannot go, I am not allowed to go

Hypnotist: How can I protect you from her

Reptilian: I will do that. Move her first and then I can just go and she won't know. we just have to be removed, it's no big deal, it's so easy- so sort of easy and yet somehow it seems to be so hard to do. I think you are not used to us because we are not normal like -we are not the easy going human souls that you normally have and I have to be forced but force is not something you like to use, because it seems like you are harming.

Hypnotist: You make false assumptions about me

Reptilian: I am assuming you are like the others ( He had made me see about 15 entity removers previously

Hypnotist: We think we are dealing with earthbound.

Reptilian : They treat me as though I am earthbound, they treat me as though I want the light, I want to go and do but not there. there are ways to remove us. I know how it can be done and do you have spirit guides that can work with you?

Hypnotist: Yes

Reptilian: Have they got some physical presence here in the room because I am here in the room and if they are herein the room they can try and move me, but I will have to resist a bit because she is watching me.

Hypnotist: I will invite the guides here and they have the ability to forcibly remove you.

Reptilian: Ah that will be so good .

Hypnotist: Are you're a captive

Reptilian: , I'm not captive, I am here by my own free choosing but I have chosen to stay that is the truth

Hypnotist ; Shall I now release you

Reptilian: Well your spirit guides will release me you cannot in yourself but your spirit guides can but there have to be more than one or two, more than that. I'm a …, I'm a large um… I'm large and I'm hefty and I have to be forced but they have to be strong they have to be more in number than one or two

Hypnotist: I;m inviting the guides here who know how to do large entities. I'm inviting them to take no action against you that will harm you.

Reptilian: Ah no I must be harmed. I am a battle man, a battle man you see Harm is no harm at all to me I have to resist abit and otherwise if they do not try and harm me they cannot get rid of me .

Hypnotist: I understand. Before I instruct them to remove you I need to know what you are and where you're from

Reptilian: I am not human.

Hypnotist: I can't here you He was now whispering so that the female reptilian would not hear what he said. . These entities can actually hear what their victim verbally says; just like is the case for spirit guides. I had wondered why it was not until I spoke of my address that Jack knew where I was, well as soon as it was overheard it was passed on

Reptilian: I am not allowed to say these things you see

Hypnotist: As a species what do you call yourself

Reptilian: I can tell you but Miss Y must not know these things. She has a name and that name must stay with her. I mustn't tell her ( the name I had was reptilian)

Reptilian: I can tell you into your mind Pause as he tells him. He telepathically told the name to the hypnotist

Hypnotist: Tell me when you are ready to be removed

Reptilian: Ah I'm ready every day, every moment, every day I am ready, it is too far for me to go home, my true home is not here. I will tell you something about my home Hypnotist: :Please

Reptilian: OK I'll tell you now I just don't want her to hear. She's a reptile but that's only a name we use its not our real identity, its just a name that you think we are. ( I later found out they are called draconian which is their name for what we term reptilian)

Hypnotist: , can you speak louder

Reptilian: Then I am more limited in what I can say you see I am over heard

Hypnotist: that's ok

Reptilian: Please except that I will not be saying everything that you want me to say if I say it out loud. Perhaps you can come a little closer maybe or I can whisper louder, whispering is better for me because it is overheard. There is a female here

Hypnotist: ok

Reptilian: If she is gone I can just leave, she cannot tell. She's weaker than I am , she's easier to remove because she is smaller His plan became the removal of the smaller female in order to free him to leave. The female was actually the nicer of the two.

Hypnotist: I will ask the guides to remove her

Reptilian: she has been removed before , three spirit guides removed her and she was gone completely and if that was done then I could go She came back only after a few days and Miss Y went back to where she was living, if she doesn't go back to where she knows then we cannot find her again, we have to find her via address, we find her via her house address and Jack finds her for us, we are operated by a human and he's not a human, he's the problem Jack, do you hear what I say? Jack as you remember is the human reptilian I dated

Hypnotist: Yes

Reptilian: Because I can say more this way, you can hear me, I can say…, you see I have been sent here. And he's a human but he's not real a human you see because he's possessed . Jack is a reptilian, a reptilian as you think of reptilians. He's harmful and sent me and he sent her too and he----

Hypnotist: I invite the guides to remove these two entities

Reptilian: I want to say one thing, can you ask them to remove her first, then we know where we stand, can they try her first

Hypnotist: Are you aware of her presence

Reptilian: Yes she is here, she is like I am . She is not connected to M iss Y, she does not have the physical connection that I have with Miss Y I didn't even know she was there until he told me

Hypnotist: I invite the guides to remove this female entity

Reptilian: . I would love it. Err …can you just ask them to physically force her out of Miss Y,s energy.

Hypnotist: The risk we run is if she is simply forced out she will remain hovering around

Reptilian: They may restrain her for some time until Miss Y has left here. She will not know where Miss Y has gone but Miss Y will have to move.

Hypnotist: She is to be prevented from causing harm and interfering with people who have free will

Reptilian: She won't do that , she is basically Jack's helper, she helps him, and she does not normally attach to people. He is using us in a role that we were not intended for, this is why I am not happy doing it, he is using us we are not meant to be doing this, we are helpers not this, she will not attach to anyone unless he tells her to They are the equivalent of spirit guides as human have humans spirit guides,Jack had reptilian spirit guides

Hypnotist: It occurs to me that there are several of you that have been coerced into doing something that you really don't want to do

Reptilian: Yes there are two of us there were more, there have been three, there have been four, Miss Y once had four or five of us but now there are just two which is better because that way we can be removed easier but Mr X will send more if he gets a chance I know he will. I had been unsure of the number of reptilians I once had

Hypnotist: So what would happen if the entity - the reptilian that controls Jack were to be neutralized

Reptilian: If Jack were out of the picture. That is something that you or me can't do I'm afraid. I would love to stop him, well he is a powerful man he is, he is not around anyway Miss Y does not know where he is. He is out of the picture. This session was unsuccessful and the entities were not removed. However with the method of removing them explained here I went on to remove them with a different entity remover who in fact used six spirits to move him.

As had told me using several spirit guides to force them out a way that works, simpler than I thought , there are lots of mediums that have access to spirit guides and who could be used for this purpose . Reptilians do not act like earthbound spirits and cannot be removed without force. I was pleased that he instructed me on this and organised it and he cheated me alot therefore I am writing this.. I hope it helps others with reptilian entities.

Spilling the beans on a weapon causing a stroke He also to a hypnotist spilled the beans on a weapon they have that causes strokes as follows:This is used to create a stroke. It is a weapon that is used in exactly the same way as weapon no1.However It differs in that it involves a wavelength carrying a chemical. It is the chemical that attacks the blood cells and forms clots. This chemical is unknown to general science however it has a spectrum and remains in the body of the person attacked and it should be looked for as a spectrum. Time of death or stroke will again be 2.40 am. Again the address of the victim is needed.

Q- Tell me about this weapon.

A -They use this alot at their meetings and they kill anyone they don't like around via a stroke. ( I have been told they have twice yearly meetings where they work as a group to kill their opponents. see killing in groups)

Q - should these people have strokes?

A- Of course not, they are not usually sick before hand.

Q - you don't have to be sick prior to a stroke. A- I mean they haven't got sufficient risk factors, it isn't expected, however if they discover a little high blood pressure then we are on to them straight away - we make their blood sticky, - platelet aggregation, we have to work on them first, basically, and then we go for the kill , like Steve was doing with your father , working on his heart and his blood, making it clot more easily. However we don't have to work first, not for our meeting, that is because with a lot of them working together they don't have to bother. These people will be killed without any prior work on them. But we are careful who we choose as we don't want to look suspicious.,if everyone we didn't want had a stroke then it would be far too obvious so this is why we vary it strokes or heart attacks are our main way of killing.

Q How does this stroke weapon work?

A:- it comes at you, hits your body ,vibrates, attacks the blood, creates vaste clots, I mean massive and many and that's the end of you. - it's an invisible force that we manufacture, there are particles in there that create havoc in your body- it sticks things together. it attacks the blood cells , the outside, the cell membrane and makes them stick together. it does other harm too

Q: what other signs are there of what has gone on?

A :They'll have died immediately with massive thrombosis ( ? there is no haemorrhaging)

Q: anything else that may cause suspicion A: They'll have died about 2.40am out of the blue, their blood pressure may have been absolutely normal prior to the stroke and that is a real give away.

Q but my father has Steve working on him?

A: Anyone they kill outside of the meetings is killed in a different way. They have to work on these people first and they have to have a preexisting condition but it maybe so mild that no one cares, we work on it to make their death look more normal,basically we make their blood more sticky or perhaps work on their heart. they'll usually have raised blood pressure and we'll have to find that out.

Q how?

A: a reptilian entity may attach to them to find out. - And then 4 or 5 of them kill the target using the weapon and they do it from their homes……. so we have the out of the blue method which is really the one that someone should look into and draw attention to, the other method is harder to work out…….. have a look in the news and who has died recently from a stroke who we would not like and you can be sure that they were killed, it's that common and of course we love alot of strokes and heart disease because it disguises things, they don't do anything about those although they say they do, they make a lot of it " how high our heart disease risk is" -that is not suppressed is it...... They have killed a number of people at their last months meeting. ( check how the young politicain died running for party leader)

Q: what exactly do they send, is it energy? A: it isn't of this planet, though they do manufacture it here too but it is not something that you will know. Q: has it particles in it?

A: It has wavelenghts

Q: wavelengths of what - sound?

A: no, wavelenghts of a chemical substance that gets into the bood cells.

Q: how does it get through the ozone layer? ( I had heard that this is fired from above the ozone layer)

A: it is very powerful. it is not energy. it's a chemical substance that they manufacture that is very hard until it hits you, it's DNA'd to you, it needs flesh to attach to, it isn't going anywhere until it hits a human. this one seeps onto them and then the chemical causes havoc.

Q: an everyday chemical? A: absolutely not, you will not have heard of it, its a chemical that they fire at you but its got to get to you, so we combine it with a carrier that involves wavelengths. Q: Can you find this chemical? A: it's only a small dose, they don't know what they are looking for but it will be there and it isn't natural. if they did autopsy they could find something possibly but they are bound to miss it. Q: why? A: because it isn't human , labs have nothing like that

Q: has it got a spectrum? A: yes, they could find it that way,it will be present as a spectrum.Its a wavelenght transferring a chemical that they Will not find because they do not know this chemical, but it will be present as a spectrum.

-The End-

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