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Bio-Etheric Healing/vibrational modalities Overview

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 7:03 am    Post subject: Bio-Etheric Healing/vibrational modalities Overview Reply with quote



Bio-Etheric Healing is an innovative method of alternative healing which uses a set of Communication Skills based on thought processes to direct our Etheric Body, and through it, our full energy field (our Aura) to help in healing work.

It is possible to have this communication directly with one's own energy field, Also, when working with a client, a Bio-Etheric Healing professional can use this method to mobilize the client's own energy field to help in his healing.

The actual healing work is not limited to face-to-face physical proximity. Rather, Bio-Etheric Healing via thought process communication can be accomplished over great distances.

This communication, and the healing work itself, is possible because of the energy field which surrounds our bodies, and indeed surrounds everyone and everything on this planet.

It is called the Auric Field, and our own individual envelope of this energy which surrounds our bodies is called our Aura. The first layer of our Aura, closest to our Physical Bodies, is the Etheric Layer, and it plays a major role in Bio-Etheric Healing.

In almost all cases, the actual healing itself begins at the Etheric Body level. It is primarily with the Etheric Body that we communicare with thought messages to provide it the directions for healing. It is in a sense the "supervisor" of the process.

The Etheric Body then communicates with the other participants and enlists their help, as needed, to accomplish the healing. These other players include the Physical Body, the Brain, the other layers of the Aura, and the Chakra System.

Each of these have special functions in the healing process and the appropriate one must be called upon by the

Etheric Body to aid in the process. The Chakra System is a major player because of its unique role as the distribution system for energy flow throughout the body.

However, even though the Etheric Body may know what Is wrong and what needs healing, it won't act unless told to do so. The key to Bio- Healing is that we ourselves, or a healer, must give the Etheric Body directions as to what to do and it will do it.

When the Etheric Body is asked to heal something, it does the best it is able to do with the information has.

The more information provided to the Etheric Body, and the greater the accuracy of the information, the better it can accomplish its healing role.

One of life's greatest rewards is to have control over one's body and to have the power and ability to stay well. If one does become ill, to have the knowledge that may help you to heal yourself.

I do realize that what we are talking about is working through a dimension that is not visible, yet very much there and available. It is the invisible part or dimension of yourself called the Aura, and its first layer, the Etheric Body.

Yes, it is possible! Yes, it is a reality! Yes, you can do it! For some of you it will require more faith than you now possess, but FAITH will come with success, and with knowledge, perhaps an opening to a new awareness.

Most disease or sickness starts at this Etheric level and most healing starts there also. Knowing this, and trusting it, is the first step to a great adventure. It is your relationship with the unseen part of yourself that is still you.

Your Etheric Body wants to do anything it can to help keep you healthy. It also has the ability to listen to you, and to do your healing for you. At first, you may give your Etheric Body directions only to be amazed that it will actually do what you want it to do.

Later on, if you have learned to trust your inner voice, you may get a "PING," meaning "I am here," and a voice in thought form.

As you learn to work with your Etheric Body, and branch out to reach other people's Etheric Bodies, you will find the Etheric Body has a personality.

The Etheric Body interacts with the Physical Body as well as with the rest of the Aura. The Etheric Body is able to help with most healing work by itself but does work with the Physical Body, as well as the rest of the Aura as needed.

When you ask it to do healing, it will usually engage the help of the Physical Body and other layers of the Aura. There are some situations where, if you know that other layers of the Aura are involved, it is best if you can identify them for the Etheric Body.

This is especially true if you want it to use the Mental, Emotional, Etheric Template, or Ketheric Template layers of the Aura in the healing. Therefore, when you know what specific layers of the Aura are needed to help with a particular problem, it is best to tell the Etheric Body to call upon that specific layer for work as necessary.

If you tell it to do something, it never says, "I'll do it". It will say, "I'll try; I'll work on it", or something to that effect. The connection with you is something new for it, as well as it is new for you, and it hasn't had the experience to know what it can or cannot do. The Etheric Body cannot program itself or it would do so. You have to direct it.

For example, the Etheric Body works with the Chakra System to relieve pain. The Etheric Body does not feel pain itself. If you have pain, you have to tell the Etheric Body that you have pain, and where it is exactly. Say to the Etheric Body, via your thoughts, "Please break up the blocked energy causing that pain. Thank you very much." Finish by saying "Goodbye", to break the connection. It will try the utmost to help you by working with the Chakra System to do so.

The Mental Body is involved for work with the Brain and thought processes and the release of Traumas. Also, the Mental Body is involved in obsessive behavior.

The Emotional Body is involved with psychological work. It is necessary to use the Emotional Body to get rid of simple anxiety and fear in our current life.

The 7th layer of the Aura, the Ketheric Template Layer, is used for reference when one needs to make structural changes. It has a template for everything in the Physical Body.

One can ask the Etheric Body to use the information as a blueprint of a healthy body in order to know how to repair any damage, or to repair and create new cells that are damaged or missing.

Under the direction of the Etheric Body, the Physical Body can become a wondrous chemical plant.

It has an ability to take the information you provide via the Etheric Body and use chemicals present in the body to produce the same medications that the body needs to help in healing.

It produces these in the amounts necessary to your body's needs so that your body never receives dangerous doses of chemicals that might hurt it.

Here are only some examples of what the Etheric Body may help do for you to give you some idea of the kind of communications you can have with it.

• You can ask questions of your own Etheric Body to help you to know what needs to be healed. It will know what organs or chakras are damaged or need to be worked on. Yet it will not do the work unless you tell it to do so. This can be done also by muscle testing aswell.

• You can ask the Etheric Body of another person the same questions and receive answers also.

• You can ask the Etheric Body to stop you from grinding your teeth at night.

• Much pain is caused by blocked energy in the Chakra System and it may knock out or dissolve the blocked energy in minutes if you tell it to. You must give the location of the pain or chakra involved.

• It may strengthen muscles and organs of the body. Just tell it what to do.

• It can help knock out a cold, the flu, or other infections quickly; possibly overnight if the illness is caught early enough. Healing possibilities include infections, whether bacterial or viral.

• You can ask the Etheric Body to ward off infections, bacterial or viral. You might even ask this on a daily basis which would be especially important for people in new situations, where they have not established resistance to new germs, or to people that are being exposed to new germs because of their work. This is also very important for small children going to nursery school or elementary school who are continuously contracting infections that they are exposed to.

Reiki, Wolf medicine, Medicine Buddha Puja etc, are just some of the different techniques that have been designed to bring focus and intent in directing life force energy toward the dis-eased area, and channelling it effectively so that it may bring OR energy to the DOR and allow then healing to take place.

How powerful the Healing is depends much upon the channel (spiritual evolvement), his ability to focus and the purity of intent.

Usui Reiki was founded by A japanese monk who went to Tibet and perfected this technique via channellings in retreat.

The symbols that Usui channelled bring deep focus to the healer when working with them, in itself the technique is considered to be the most superior.Attunements are performed thus opening the chi channel at the crown, allowing access to the universal light.

Wolf medicine is shamanic and indiginous and is very effective. An Attunement takes place, but no channel openings are done.

Medicine Buddha Puja is slightly different in that energy is 'sent' via frequencies of sounds, mantras are recited, like affirmations, but mantras rely on the frequency of tones and often crystals are used to direct the (energy) sound frequencies to the person recieving, (unconventional Reiki practioners will use crystals and healing boards to direct energy today) dis-eases such as cancer has been successfully diminished, using this method.

What is an Aura

All living things (people, plants, animals, etc.) are made up of a complex combination of atoms, molecules and energy cells. As these ingredients coexist, they generate a large magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt and even seen around the physical body. This energy field is often called an Aura.

Auras are commonly associated with people. Sometimes we even use them to describe people, "He has an aura about him." or "She just has a glow about her". But in fact all living things generate this field of energy. When associated to a person, the aura can provide insight into the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of the individual.

The same can be said for animals and plants, as they too have emotions and a physical well-being. But let's first focus on the human aspects.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Aura
So how can the average person use this information to benefit their own lives? Well, first you don't need a fancy camera to see an aura. You don't need to study for years as a Buddhist priest or Native American Shaman. Auras can be seen by anyone who spends the time and effort to develop, practice, study, and understand this forgotten sense.

You can use a 'reading' on yourself to benefit your everyday life and health. You can generally discover an injury or illness before it manifests in the physical body. You can then use preventive solutions upon yourself or make an appointment with your doctor to advert the condition.

Aura interpretation can also be used to improve your interaction with others. By determining the current emotional state of someone, you may prevent a negative or stressful encounter.

Finally, if you desire, you can learn to provide this service to others. Helping family and friends live in greater peace and harmony with themselves,with those they encounter and with nature as a whole.

The Anatomy of an Aura

To make accurate interpretations, you must first understand the inner workings of what an aura is. Simply put, an aura is made up of 3 sections of energy. Each section serves a specific purpose and relates to a particular component of a persons life.

These sections of the aura are divided further into energy layers which appear in color. Within the context of the section, each layer of color displays a characteristic of the subject.

The size of an aura can vary depending on the subject, a human will have a larger auric field than the average house plant. A complete aura for a human can be between 6 to 25 feet or more all around the body.

The inner-most aura extends only a few inches from the subject. This first section is usually a thin white light that outlines the entire body.

Because this section is closest to the body, some people believe the compact intensity of energy generates the white color of this layer.

Still others believe this is the bodies protective shield, sort of a natural force field. Like any force field it can be drained or weakened in one area, or over charged in another, thereby creating slight color or shape distortions in the aura.

The mid-section generally begins 3-4 inches from the physical body and can extend outward several feet. These layers of color reflect recent emotions, personal characteristics or traits, as well as, the current well being or health of the subject.

The inner section of the aura is generally the easiest to perceive. The mid-section of the aura is a little harder to see within a short amount of time. The energy can be seen, however the perception of colors may take a little longer.

You can use these 2 inner sections of the aura in your every day life. Perceiving and interpreting the colors of these sections can help you deal with people at any given moment, increasing your ability to get along with others. Or by allowing you to avoid a negative or stressful situation that maybe out of your control.

If you see someone with a red lightening bolt dashing from their body, you can be fairly sure they're angry or anxious about someone or something.

Perhaps now is not a good time to confront them with an issue. You can examine their aura later in the day and determine if they have calmed down from the earlier encounter.

Moving farther out, the third section reflects the more long lasting emotional and mental nature of the subject.

The events of early memories from this lifetime are generally stored in this area. This outer section can be distinguished from the others by the lack of intensity in the color of each layer.

They appear as more translucent colors and therefore are more difficult to see. Because this last section generally contains the 'hidden' history of a person, it should not be read or interpreted without permission of the individual.

Just as you wouldn't prod someone into telling you secrets of their life or to discuss painful memories, the same courtesy should be extended to this outer fringe of their aura.

The inner and mid-sections of the aura provide generalities that most people would not considered as too personal. But if you feel uncomfortable with treading on someone's 'space', by all means ask their permission. They may find your interest exciting and ask you to explain this second sight further.

As you become proficient in your ability, these types of interpretations can be applied to your interaction with animals, plants or any situation that may arise. As long as you keep a positive intent to your 'readings', the right interpretations of these energy fields can increase your quality of life and help your interaction with others.

In addition to the inner workings of the aura around living beings, some people believe objects (non- living objects) also have an aura. There is some debate concerning the cause or origin of these energy fields.

Some practitioners believe the molecular structure of these objects have an energy of their own and therefore the object, such as a table, has a real aura.

Others believe, the object is simply being surrounded by an energy residue from a person, animal or plant that has recently come in contact with it, such as a dog sitting in a chair.

Still others believe the only non-living objects that may have an aura are electrical appliances, such as a lamp or computer. What a practitioner sees in those cases is the energy field of electricity that travels through the appliance and not the appliance itself.

The frequencies of colour and cosmic ray

Before discussing colour and cosmic ray, I'll briefly cover the topic of frequencies we have been mentioning them the whole way through.
Frequencies are translated into energies in the etheric plane, via sound, light, smell (essential oils)
applying frequencies brings allignment on all subtle levels. Hense the body is in harmony with all 7 bodies and the dis-ease ceases to exist.

Keeping mind that the chakras are the gateway between what is physical and what is beyond via the glands and the hormones they secrete, when their is a blockage in a particular chakra (or more then one perhaps), the associated physical,emotional and spiritual deprivation or over stimulation will take place (hyper/hypo condition), knowing also that each chakra is designated and is in absolute syncronisity with a particular colour that is, btw, cosmic in nature.

It is easy to see that when a blockage occurs it is because the chakra is either deprived of a particular colour, or has too much of a particular colour.

The body is composed of cells and groups of cells and each cell has in its composition on the 7 cosmic rays.

The state of equilibrium of these cosmic rays within the cell is what keeps it healthy as a result the body also remains healthy. (rays adjust themselves according to internal and external circumstances.)
thus by outward and inward forces the equilibrium of the rays in the cells is disturbed.

The human body is constituted so that if only when 3 or 4 and beyond are disturbed and remain so for alonger time, dis-eases invade to body.
By adjustment of these disturbance via cosmic ray the vortexes begin to work and then dis-ease no longer exsists.

Crystals and gemstones

Crystals and gemstones hold frequencies as do we and everything in the animal, vegetable and mineral kindom.
Crystals are quite versatile, and if I am to cover this subject it will have to be a topic all on it's own.

Just briefly though so that I may bring focus to the magnitude of their healing powers and other tremendous uses.

Since we have mentioned the cosmic rays earlier, Cosmic rays, each gem ie. carnelian, lapis lazuli, diamond, carries a particular gem colour, each colour is authentic to the cosmic ray frequency in nature and in the universe,( keeping in mind again that the whole of creation coverts into colour.)
By 'capturing' the vibration of the the ray/gem, in homeopathically prepared remedies, or via radionics, healing will take place fairly quickly.

Moving on from there, We resonate to crystals because we are made of crystals, eg the salt in our body and the structure and dynamics of out DNA helix, we and every organic creation is connected via crystalline vibration to each other, this also explains why it is possible in Reiki and other energy work, to distance heal, with our thoughts and intentions we are able to program a crystal, to send, recieve, store, amplify, clear, and charge. (it is also easy how they can be manipulated to use negatively to with darker forces)

Of all the minerals, crystal is the most non-entropic as crystals grow while other minerals only deteriorate, eg rocks get eroded by water.

Crystals are record keepers of *akashic information. [all thoughts and actions that have and will take place.]

Science uses crystals too: Silicon is used in computer chips to amplify, as memory, to record information. Those computer chips are industrially produced in order to maintain a certain level of thickness, resonance, quality, etc making them easier to use in the industrial process.

Quartz has been used to record billions of information on one facet and we have not yet come to the end of the crystal’s abilities to record.Quartz are used to amplify sound. Humans cannot see or hear radio signals but quartz are used to transmute it so humans can hear it, eg radio

The diamond or sapphire needle of the old record player amplified the grooves into vibrations audible to the human ear.Quartz crystal: in watches.

Their regular wave (oscillation) pattern helps us to keep time. Manufactured, they keep a regular wave pattern missing only 1 sec. per 5 years.Rubies: used in lasers to amplify and focus light. Also to oscillate.Lithium niobate (not sure of the spelling): since the 1980s used in holographic movie to record and store. (the brain’s activities require lithium.)Liquid crystals: for calculators (LCDs), mini TV sets.

Crystals can be solid or liquid, just as light appears as a pulsation or a wave.

Crystal quartz used in solar cells to harvest, magnify and store light.

Crystal energy to energize space vehicles and spaceships.

Crystal Healing

When a crystal or stone is held or topically applied, a person is accepting the vibrations that the crystal or stone has to offer, either on the intentional or unconscious level.

An interaction between the vibrations of the crystals and the vibrations of the person's body will trigger a series of responses. How a person interprets these vibrations will play a great part in the actual healing that will take place. I once read that one definition of the word healing is "for one to become spiritually whole".

In this essence, the word healing takes on a whole new light. We all are creations of God, the Universe, All That Is and this includes the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

The very notion suggests that we are all greatly connected. By looking toward the mineral kingdom for assistance in the healing process, we are connecting with another aspect of creation for inspiration.

The employing of crystals as healing tools, is not just a method for a quick remedy. It is a means by which one can look deeper within. To obtain the understanding of the cause of the distress.

The application of crystals and stones upon the body within specific energy centers, will start a spontaneous energy or vibrational flow.

These vibrations can be recognized by various parts of the body. On the physical level, the brain will be receiving messages that will shed light on the situation at hand in the form intuitive impulses.

The abdominal area may experience sensations that will lead to identification of some emotional issues that are creating an upset in one's life. The chest area possibly could receive sensations that would lead to the clarification of other aspects of one's situation.

Within the more subtle realms of the body; the third eye may start to receive images, in the form of inner sight. The inner ear may begin to receive messages that are not recognized by the physical ear.

The abdomen may receive messages that can be termed as "gut instinct". The interaction that takes place between the physical and subtle realms is a very spiritual experience, in the sense that, when we start experiencing the vibrations of the crystals, we are connecting to the vibrations of the Universe.

This can lead us to a connection with the finer, more subtle realms of creation. This is where the very core of our being is located, the very source of All That Is. God.

When all these impulses are assembled and reviewed, a clearer picture can be derived, regarding the cause of distress. This information may involve physical, emotional, or spiritual experiences.

Crystal healing is a vehicle that we can use to connect with our own core essence. Crystals themselves are vibrational tools.

When a crystal is held in the hand or placed upon one or more of the seven major energy centers, the vibrational interaction starts to take place.

When a person is experiencing distress, it is a signal for the body, mind, spirit to take notice of the symptom. The symptom is an indication that something is out of balance.

The original harmonious state in that area of the body, is somehow out of sync.

Distress can be caused by many different elements. Emotions are something that can cause a wide variety of symptoms. Belief systems are another cause for distress.

The exposure to certain environmental elements is another. The interaction with the people that we encounter on a daily basis can sometimes create havoc. The list goes on and on. But there is one thing that all these elements have in common. Vibration.

All these elements are composed of vibration. When an external or self promoted vibration is introduced to our original body vibration, an interaction takes place. This interaction of vibrations can either be beneficial to the body system, or in the case of distress, a detriment to the body system. The original harmonious state of the body is disrupted by the influence of a disharmonious vibration.

When we utilize crystals or stones as vibrational tools, the crystals vibration will interact with the bodies vibration. If there is a disharmonious vibration that is to be dealt with, the crystal has the ability to dislodge that vibration so that the person can be aware of the reason behind the distress. Each of the seven major Chakras vibrate at a different frequency. To better understand this we can compare the different frequencies with the notes on a musical scale. The Chakras are also associated with the different colours in the spectrum of light.

Mantras and Affirmations

Generically mantra refers to sacred words or syllables used repeatedly in religious and ceremonial rituals. The term "mantra" is derived from Sanskrit man, "mind," and tra, "to deliver."

Mantras have the ability to change thought wave patterns by indroduction of a new frequencies, and mantras are recited to alter brain waves to higher frequencies that transcend dis-ease, changing the frequencies of thought patterns takes place beyond the physical and emotional plane usually on the Causal (or ketheric) level, so the symptoms cease to exist.

Mantras are thought to be charged with vibration power. Chanting or meditating silently on mantras, or even repeating the qualities and names of god, ie '' the merciful'' makes this quality evolve into part of ones own nature and helps one to attain an altered state of consciousness. In such a state it is believed possible to perceive the true nature of the mind; "the unity of mind with Mind."

Affirmations work in the same way, they work on a DNA/cellular level, Russian scientists have already prooved that by using symantics, and implementing this over a period of time, frequently, DNA is able to be re-programmed, so inherited thought patterns (dis-eases) can be changed, even at a terminal point of the dis-ease. Ie. Our DNA understands semantics, language, this is also determined by the information that the DNA has carried throughout generations.
Again all vibrational, all frequencies.
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” rumi
Nur Illa' Hob!

"Haspiallah a'am al waqil, na'am al maula, na'am al nasir"66
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