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Nevada Test Site-Area 51 gifting trip

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 7:10 am    Post subject: Nevada Test Site-Area 51 gifting trip Reply with quote

Nevada Test Site (NTS) Area 51 gifting trip ----->

The Nevada Test Site is supposedly owned by the Department of Energy and is the largest known “energy research” area in the world.
Starting from Mercury, Nevada it heads north up until Tonopah test range.
The NTS is most famous for the Atmospheric and Underground Testing.
I have a feeling that it is more to it, including human cloning and alien experiments.

For a long time we were thinking to gift the entire Nevada Test Site (NTS)-approximately 470 miles loop.

As everything happens for a reason, we haven’t gifted NTS until recently because we wanted the best orgone gifts possible. Almost all of our gifts (40 Earth pipes, 6 top spinners, 13 dolphin balls, more than 70 Tb’s, around 10 cones and HHG’s) were made with zam zam water charged in our cloud buster and/or charged cloud buster water. The gifts we made had the most powerful energy and range we have ever experienced until now.
The EP's with charged zam zam water we made have a range of 60 miles each and the ones with regular Cloudbuster water have a range of 30 miles each.
A top spinner is equivalent with an EP and it does a similar job.

Art, our gifting buddy, came along with us.
The South West side of NTS, the energy was bad, I felt sick. Last year we gifted this portion on our way to Idaho. This time I could feel the energy improved a bit since last year.
Not long after we gifted I could see the energy coming from underground releasing into the atmosphere and beautiful healthy clouds started to form behind us.

Yucca Mountain sign

Rhyolite - ghost town

Rhyolite is located approx 5 miles west of the town of Beatty. It was born in 1905 and was once the third largest city in Nevada. The town reached a population of over 10,000 by 1908.

After bankers including Charles Schwab bought the mines, that was the beginning of the end for the town.
How interesting that bankers destroyed this town which was close to the future location of the NTS. It was easier to close the town than "watching" 10000 people who migth see stuff underground.
Another interesting fact about this city is that some scenes of “The Island movie” were shot here.

What is “The Island movie” about?
Human CLONES which lived in an underground sealed compound being duped into believing they are human chosen via “lottery” to go to the "The Island" - reportedly the last uncontaminated spot on the planet. Instead they are clones generated to provide replacement organs and parts to the owners of insurance policy.

Rhyolite was gifted last year when we were coming back from Mountain Whitney Portal trip (part1 and part2) thru Death Valley. Although the energy felt a bit better we regifted it.

This is one of the roads which goes to NTS.
The security forces on the dirt road, watching US 95.

We left this place and stopped to “take a break” again. A trooper showed up, stopped his car in front of us, flashing its caution lights. I bet the security forces guy sent the trooper to “watch us”. A common procedure in the area since the security forces have jurisdiction only inside the boundaries of the NTS.
I boosted him and curious enough he didn’t come close to ask about our health.
He made a U-turn , passed us again and then stopped to watch us from the distance.

Constantin had to leave his hammer and a pipe there and we left to get rid of the “tail” (trooper).
We stopped again, this time I used some invisibility. The trooper showed up again, he passed us by but didn’t see us. We went back so Constantin could recover his precious hammer and the earth pipe. He did by remembering the exact location, by leaving a mark there before he left.

Tonopah Towers

We had previous etheric communications with wild horses in our boosting sessions. They showed up in this realm this time. When you look at them you can see freedom.

Extraterrestrial Highway, Rachel, Nevada

I don’t recall meeting anyone on this highway - this highway is spook free, although they might have some kind of technology to even hear communication in the car, so they can “spook” you remotely, so they say... but we have our doubts. They can’t see and hear it all as they lead one to believe.

Rachel town
The town of Rachel is located in Sand Spring Valley, along the Extraterrestrial Highway, aka. Hwy 375.

Rachel, Nevada... Earthlings welcome...

Rachel, Nevada, Parking sign at the Aleinn Restaurant

The Little A'Le'Inn restaurant in Rachel has a small UFO souvenirs shop. As we went inside to buy some souvenirs, everyone stopped from doing what they were doing, like in the movies and everything become so quiet. People at the pool table stopped playing and went to sit at a table in the corner. The energy inside was very weird, not necessarily bad but definitely weird. One woman had these weird eyes, similar to Laura Bush’s eyes. I believe she is a hybrid, but her energy was not bad. Constantin elbowed me to look at he people who played pool, but didn’t get to see their eyes. He said that definetly they are hybrids as their eyes looked so weird.

As soon as we got out, the three of us asked each other what we felt and saw We all got that the energy there was weird and we all felt like we were alien to those guys inside.
Art and I had pain in left temple, mine lasted longer until I placed a TB next to my temple.
I sent the energy back where it came from and we continued our gifting trip.

Inside the gas station in Ash Springs, Nevada, just north of Alamo, we spotted few more hybrids. They were not bad, in fact they are mixed with human.

We camped over night hoping we’ll get to meet UFO’s or aliens. Instead we only heard cows, ducks, birds making noise all night long. We didn’t get much sleep but interesting enough we woke up very rested, fresh and full of energy.

Area 51 also known as Dreamland

We continued our trip on a dirt road up to Tikaboo Mountain. Tikaboo Peak is essentially a side peak of Badger Mountain, which is part of the Pahranagat Range. Tikaboo offers the best “legal” view of the Area 51 base.

Close up-Area 51 Groom Lake

There we hiked to the top to see the Area 51. This peak offers the only public view of Groom Lake and the secret military base that we know of.
The base is quite distant - about 26 miles away , so you can only see so much. You can find more detailed pictures and info on this site:
Before we left the peak the three of us sent a powerful Love boost to the whole Area 51. Lots of energy went out.

After we came back from the hike, we saw a little bird inside our truck.

This little guy looked very tired and he didn’t seem to be scared of us. He seemed to enjoy the orgone in our car a lot. In fact he came to our car to get healing energy from the orgone.
When we started the truck, he eventually jumped on the side mirror and from there we could see that he was injured.
I started to send healing energy to this little guy and he immediately came to us. As I was “working” on him, he came very close to us. As I was squatting he hopped until he was under me, the little guy needed a lot of healing energy. After he had enough energy he went under the truck. Amazing how wild birds recognize the good energy.

After we left the mountain, beautiful clouds started to form and when I checked the weather next day, guess what? It rained. Actually it rained the whole area we gifted and in Vegas. This desert needs rain.

Repeaters before gifting around Area 51

Repeaters after gifting around Area 51

A close up of those repeaters here:

Clouds after gifting around Area 51

A couple of days after our trip I entered into a state of deep relaxation and traveled astrally to Area 51 to see what’s inside. I ended up in some sort of “industrial womb” thru a portal and saw this baby hybrid (gray and human with a big head). I got that they do some cloning experiments. The energy around felt bad and I couldn’t breath, it seemed that place doesn’t have oxygen. I struggled to return thru the portal I came in , but the hole closed down. I had to force myself to move my toes and hands in order to come back to my body because I didn’t like the energy and was suffocating inside the “industrial womb”.
Well… I guess the movie “The Island” tells some truth about cloning.

We had a great trip and so much fun in spite of the fact that we didn’t encounter any aliens or UFO’s. We thanked the one above that we made it back home, safe without being abducted…

More pictures from our NTS gifting trip: here

-- IF you can keep your head
when all about you are losing theirs
And blaming it on you... -- R. Kippling
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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 23
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Thu May 25, 2006 12:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In Rachel, Nevada we stopped at this restaurant/souvenir shop. Before we walked in Art noticed this plaque and told me to look at it. I sure did and I photographed it.

This capsule is dedicated for visitors from distant stars to the state of nevada and the extraterrestrial highway...for sure that's not us, they dedicated to someone else.

The capsule will be open in 2050 which time interplanetary travelers SHALL BE regular guests of OUR planet earth.

To me this is more than fair notice. So guys, be ready before 2050 AD. to see the ETs. They shall be regular guests (like the V movie, they come as guests and then take over OUR planet).

OUR planet, no doubt who's planet it is...OUR. Hm, if I only knew what OUR means in this NOTICE they gave us in 1996.

And look who gives you this notice, Bob Miller, the governor of the state of nevada, twentieth century fox corporation, the filmmakers and cast of the independence day. The governor let us know, this is how is gonna be people. Let's see how much "independence" are we gonna have then, since ain't much we have now.

Ok, here is something else I wanted to bring up about this gifting trip. After I read the plaque and took a picture of it, we walked in this aleinn restaurant.

We bought a T-shirt and also paid 33cents for a brochure.

I looked at the brouchure and it hit me immediately.

Look what it says on the front page of the brochure

About 9 month ago we gifted Angel Peak about 30 mi. NW of Las Vegas.
Angel Peak is very close to Mt. Charleston Hotel and Mt. Charleston Lodge, both very popular with local people and tourists as well. Angel Peak is also close to Lee Canyon sky resort, another popular place with the las vegans in the winter months.

Look what it says on the picture I took then.

Section 21 internal security act of 1950 50 usc 797
Category: SSIC 05000 General Admin & Management
Number: MCO 5510.15A

WASHINGTON, DC 20380-0001
MCO 5510.15A
27 May 93

Same thing, same section 21 of the internal security act of 1950. There is a SLIGHT difference. At the nevada test site there is an extra says "use of deadly force authorized" so they can shoot you on site.Obviously part of nevada test site and /or area 51 fall under the department of navy, has something to do with the marine corps installations & resources (whatever resources means in their context).

So, the air force is not the only player at the nevada test site / area 51. It also seems like the department of navy is all over the place.

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 3:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Couple of days after posting about our NTS trip we noticed a very weird red sky. We were in the in backyard making dolphin balls. My left temple started to hurt and felt anxiety in my gut area. I boosted the pain but it still bothered me. I kept telling Constantin that something is going to happen, as my temple was hurting now for few good hours.
I looked at the sky at saw a red sky. “Sirians” came to my mind. I boosted and the pain was still there.
After and hour or so I started to feel sick and threw up. The energy was really bad - drac’s energy. I felt beaming coming from above. Constantin tried to keep himself cool but he felt nauseated and had a headache as well.
I was calling Donna on MSN and asked her to give us a hand in boosting us.
She immediately said: “Area 51 retaliation”. I was getting the same. Clouds were coming from Nevada Test Site direction.
Donna boosted and she had a slight pain as well.

Two years ago when my mom visited, we had a similar experience. We went gifting with my mom to initiate her, when we saw similar “weird clouds”. Ugly… very ugly red clouds. That night we were watching the Spielberg series “Taken” (alien and government abductions) when the power in the whole neighborhood went out. We went outside in the backyard, we noticed that the sky was covered with clouds but it was very lit that one could read a book.

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 02 Feb 2006
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Location: Vaccination Liberation - N Idaho Chapter

PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2006 4:01 pm    Post subject: Conformation, is it? Bwuhahahahahaha!! Reply with quote

Subject: Re: Fwd: FW: WHEW!!!!! GOOD NEWS...Nevada blast put on hold indefinitely
Date: 5/27/2006 7:13:35 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: count90210@...
Reply To:
To: Services4Health@...
Sent on:
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I knew thats gonna happen.. great news!! Yippie!!!

Services4Health@... wrote:
Whadda ya think??

Think Area 51 orgone bust up stopped it?



-----Original Message-----

Nevada blast put on hold indefinitely

Residents fear 700 tons of explosives could kick up radiation

From Larry Shaughnessy CNN

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The planned detonation of 700 tons of conventional explosives in the Nevada desert next month was postponed indefinitely Friday because of fears over the possible spread of radiation.

The detonation site for the blast, known as "Divine Strake," is at the
Nevada Test Site, which is 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

The 1,375-square-mile swath of land in southern Nevada is where the
United States tested many of its nuclear weapons before President George
H.W. Bush signed a testing moratorium in 1992.

The plan was to detonate 1.4 million pounds of fuel oil and fertilizer
-- 280 times the amount used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

The prospect has drawn critics, who say the explosion could kick
radiation-laced soil into the air, and conspiracists, who say the blast
is a front for testing new nuclear weapons.

There is no indication if or when the blast will take place.

The National Nuclear Security Administration, a branch of the Department
of Energy that operates the test site, initially gave the go-ahead for
the test, saying there is "no radioactively contaminated soil in the
vicinity of the detonation site."

The agency said Friday night it would withdraw its "finding of no
significant impact" related to the test.

It said it wanted to clarify its earlier statement and provide further
information on background radiation in the soil.

Background radiation is relatively constant low-level radiation from
artificial and environmental sources such as cosmic rays and building

Agency spokesman Darwin Morgan said lots of soil in the Northern
Hemisphere has some level of background radiation.

Natural sources like uranium ore or radon can cause it, as can
atmospheric nuclear weapons tests.

Prediction: Dust cloud two miles high

Rep. Jim Matheson of Utah, a Democrat, has long been a critic of the
Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency's plans for Divine Strake.

"I was greatly concerned, and expressed as much to the director of
DTRA," Matheson said. "I advised him to put all the health and safety
data out on the table so that people's fears about being once again
exposed to radioactive contamination could be addressed.

"I am very pleased to see that these agencies have acted on my advice."

The planners had hoped to dig a huge pit on a hillside, fill it with the
explosives and detonate them to see if the blast would destroy an
1,110-foot tunnel directly beneath the pit.

The Pentagon predicted the explosion could send a cloud of dust two
miles high into the atmosphere.

The blast was supposed to be an experiment on how better to attack
underground targets like the bunkers used by North Korea and Iran to
protect their nuclear facilities.

Earlier this month, the blast was pushed from June 2 to June 23 because
Native Americans and other groups sued to stop the blast because of
environmental concerns.

The Native Americans also claim they are the true owners of the Nevada
Test Site land.

The specter of nuclear-laden dust is a sensitive subject for those
living downwind of the test range in Nevada and Utah, where generations
of people have dealt with health problems blamed on fallout from
above-ground nuclear tests in the 1950s.

The word "strake" used in the experiment's name is a nautical term,
referring to planking extending along the length of a ship.

Find this article at:

Divina del-Sol
Divine Discovery
"The Alchemy of Awakening"
PO Box 33338
Phoenix, AZ 85067
602-505-7995 - cell
E-mail =
Website =
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2006 11:46 pm    Post subject: YES!! We did it!!! Reply with quote

I forgot to mention that we wanted to gift Nevada Test Site and Area 51 before the 2nd of June, 2006.
That, because I had a “flash” of NUMBER 2, surrounded by red arrows, and I got that something was prepared for the 2nd of June. As I felt very strong about that I asked they guys in the chatroom to boost for this particular day.

Donna posted an article about US NUKES US on June 2nd - 700 Ton Explosion Planned for the Nevada Test Site

Couple of sessions we boosted for this planned explosion. and…YES, we did it we stopped that.

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