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Custom authorities confiscate a dolphin ball in Romania

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 2:32 am    Post subject: Custom authorities confiscate a dolphin ball in Romania Reply with quote

Custom office authorities confiscate a dolphin ball in Romania

As we are very impressed and have amazing results with zam zam water in orgone gifts, we decided Romania must have some, specially the dolphins there. So we sent dolphin balls, Tb’s and top spinners, orgone heart chakra balancer for my mom (she has heartproblems) all made with charged zam zam water. My mom developed heart problems (heart chakra blocked) after my sister died "very misteriously" (after she eat two sausages) few years ago, right after we erected our cloudbuster and started heavily gifting. Don't want to scare anyone here, my father also died misteriously,but that didn't stop me from what I am doing and my heart is with God always and I know my sister and father help my mom and I from the other realms with our sacred work.

Anyway... Guess what happened? And that’s a really good confirmation that whatever we do is the right way to do it and the divine power of the Universe is taking good care of us.

When Cristina went to the post office to pick up the package, the “officer” at the counter told her that the package was considered “suspicious” by the custom office in Iasi city and they had to question her and open the package to inspect it.

He asked her if she knows what those “balls” were, because they were the ones considered “suspicious”. She replied to him “those are hand made decorations”. Then they asked about everything and Cristina didn’t let the “officer” open the zam zam water. He told her he will confiscate one “ball” and will sent it to the laboratories in Iasi to be “checked out” and he will write a report on that, because that is the procedure. He was looking at the ball, scratching his head and said: “this is just metal, and resin, hmm…”. in other words, “hey!! whats so dangerous, about it? I don’t get it?”

He did not confiscate anything else. These dolphin balls are very strong, energy wise, one could actually feel the energy without being sensitive. To me the combination of orgonite matrix, zam zam (a very strong charged water) and the round shape absolutely kicks butt. I have a very strong feeling the whole combo: shape, water, orgonite mix is related to free energy, although I know nothing about that, technically speaking.

I made tons of gifts for quite sometime. I had the chances to test others gifts as well. But I have never felt the energy being so strong and wonderful until I had a chance to test Kelly’s (Laozu) gifts which were made with cloud buster charged water. However, zam zam is more powerful than the CB charged water, hence the gifts much more stronger. I charge my own zam zam water in the cloud buster and I can feel my hands and sometimes the whole body pulsating only from touching the bottle of water.

Anyway…why would they confiscate a dolphin ball and how in the world they “knew” that the package was “dangerous”. Of course the package is dangerous to the evil people and species.
Ohh.. forgot to mention that the custom officer mentioned the word “terrorism“, he said a suspect terrorist was arrested that day. So what in the world dolphin balls had to do with terrorism?

Another interesting thing is when I made these balls I communicated with the dolphins in the black sea (Romania). They seemed desperate for these dolphin balls. Cristina told me, the dolphins were a major subject in the news right after I made the balls and they showed up in Tomis port Constanta, very close to the shore and one of them seemed to be hurt.

Dolphins needs our gifts and our boosts and prayers, too many dolphins have been hurt lately.

Anyhow… as my mother is such a brave woman ( I was so lucky to choose her as a parent when I came into this world), called the customs the next day and here is what happened.

She spoke to the man who confiscated the dolphin ball. She said: “that object (dolphin ball) belongs to me and how did you dare to confiscate it?” “My daughter is a healer and sends me those healing goodies and they belong to me, not to you guys. I am very upset about that and request that ball to be sent to me immediately.”

The custom officers apologized, saying he heard about energy healers, that he only followed orders and he had to send that ball to Iasi to be checked out.

My mom also said: “If the ball was so dangerous how come the Americans let it pass it thru and didn’t stop it there as they are so paranoid with terrorism.”
He didn’t have an answer, because the guy didn’t know anything, he just followed the orders. Followers… I do not have respect for any followers whatsoever, whatever/whoever they follow…

Then my mom and the custom officer engaged in a very friendly and educational discussion. Wink She told him about orgone, zam zam water and cayenne pepper, and their benefits. She makes her own tincture for her heart problems, as she treats herself naturally and the officers asked if she can give him the recipe for the tincture as his wife suffers from heart problems. They talked about energy and energy healers, and he heard that they do amazing stuff etc. He said that as soon as the ball returns he will give it back to my mom and apologized again. She told me she could feel the man was very sorry and very embarassed.

See how orgone and boosting work? Cristina and my mom boosted for the whole situation which turned out pretty good. At the end a ball is a ball, it’s meant for our dear friends the dolphins and it belongs to them and their environment - the water. May God takes care of them.

Lilly - Sovereign Spirit Wink
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