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5th dimension healing?

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 7:39 am    Post subject: 5th dimension healing? Reply with quote

My husband’s jaw was hurting for a few days and his gum was swollen, so I had to some healing on him. As he was laying on the floor, I made myself comfortable and started the work on his jaw, teeth and gums.
After some time he started snoring, he always snores when I work on him. Well… most people I work on in person fall asleep or get sleepy when I do distant healing work. Anyway he is the one who snores the most. Rolling Eyes

As my hands were on his jaws he told me to stop pulling his face up and pushing it back, left and right like a chiropractor would do. I explained to him: I don’t do anything and my hands are still on his face. That was funny.

Then at some point I saw my hands getting away from his face. He complained my hands kept him warm while touching his face and now his face was cold. This was interesting because at this point I didn’t have control over my hands. Then my body started to move slowly on the floor, one vertebra at a time as I watched my body which was getting really light. I felt like I did not have control over my body, basically I was watching my body and hands moving away from my husband.
After that both our bodies started to tingle and vibrate really hard. Shocked

After the work he felt better and the gum started to heal.
I checked his gum late that night. The gum around the “culprit” tooth was swollen and I could see blood accumulated in the gum’s tissue. However there was no pain, and I knew that was the response to healing. Sometimes the body will go thru worse before it will heal.
I checked his gum the next day, there was a reduction is size and after two days the gum was getting back to normal.

I talked to Yasmine and Mah about this experience and one of them asked me if I was astral traveling while I was doing that. I don’t think it was astral. I think Yasmine mentioned being in the fifth dimension and manage to alter the state we were at the time. Her departed father “told” her some of us are already in the 5th dimension.

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