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October 17th. Cosmic Trigger Event

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Joined: 25 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 9:26 pm    Post subject: October 17th. Cosmic Trigger Event Reply with quote

After reading the message that Yasmine posted on Ken Adachi’s website ( about the “cosmic trigger event” that supposed to be happening on 10/17, we thought that it would be a good idea to get together and take advantage to this magnification of intent. To learn more read this article:

I have to say that I spent a good part of the day boosting and praying, and I didn’t feel too much of a difference. I did notice some interesting synchronicities, though. I saw lots of “elevens” throughout the day in different places and contexts. Lilly said she hadn’t noticed too much of a difference either, except that she vaguely remembered waking up the night before and seeing a flash. I also noticed that boosting the previous night before bed, I was hosting a tremendous amount of energy, unlike anything I had felt before. We wondered if perhaps the message above had given the right information, but the wrong timeframe to throw people off.

We had quite a turnout for tonight’s boosting. With Kathleen, Ken, Polly, Lilly, Donna, Alicia, Constantin and myself, we were eight.

Lilly suggested that we should be quick and organized about the boosting. We spent two minutes on each target, and ran through the targets quickly, with little breaks in between. Here are the targets we focused on, in order…


Stronger connection to the Creator

Awakening – third eye chakra opening – at this point, Lilly saw a blockage that was preventing people from waking up. We spent a little time on this and were able to clear it, from what we could see. This blockage was somehow connected to the solar plexus and fear.

We boosted for love, to counter the fear that so many still have. I think this is a major impediment to our development. Despite the fact that we as a group (and many people who read this) are beginning to see the truth and get past their fear, I feel there is a lot more work to be done to help everyone else conquer their fear. It’s hard to look around and not be afraid, until you see that all of the news media, and most of the people around you have a worldview tainted with manufactured fear.

At this point, we could feel the energy growing in intensity. It was really beginning to feel like the love we sent was being magnified. I suppose it could have been because there were so many of us, but we stayed very focused.

We also boosted for abundance and happiness. Constantin was right, once does lead to the other. Lilly was seeing the same blockage again, she mentioned “oath of poverty programming” we have to keep in mind that many things in our world are designed to keep us in a survival mode, so that we can’t ever live in our upper chakras, and we can’t develop ourselves. We have to break this programming. It exists in each of us, to different extents.

This blockage Lilly kept seeing was in the form of a “little black box”. Donna suggested that we ark it, and we did, and it melted away.

We boosted all of the waters of the earth, rains, oceans, everything we could think of. We then boosted the air, and the sylphs. We feel much gratitude toward the Sylphs for the beautiful job they are doing in our skies. The skies felt polluted, so we boosted to clear them as best we could. At this point, we ran into some problems with the Chat room. Donna suggested that perhaps someone didn’t want us boosting the air. We run into resistance in the form of software and hardware difficulties all the time. It’s a little strange to have your computer just turn off on you while you’re working, but it does happen sometimes.

We figured since our energy was so intense, it was important that we boost for world peace. Please do the same whenever you think of it and remember that the Middle East needs the most work – that’s not based on intuition, that’s just stating the obvious. We next turned our attention to healing and natural health. Constantin saw Lilly healing children in Africa. She also asked God to activate people’s DNA.

Another very important boosting target for us is EXPOSURE. Much of the negative activities going on in the world are accomplished because of a network of entities that operate under the radar – outside of human perception. As the true nature of the system is exposed to the light of day, the parasites that conduct these operations cannot continue. Exposure is very important. If you know what to look for, as we do, you see it every day.

At Alicia’s request, rather than boost each of us one at a time, we did one big boost for our connection with the Creator, from the heart, through the crown, straight to God, as Lilly put it.

Our chat then somehow began to deteriorate into an open discussion about food, since Constantin kept mentioning that his neighbors were BBQ-ing. Lilly asked why everytime we’re done boosting, we start talking about food; why not talk about exercise or yoga? We do have a lot of health-related conversations, but we do like to talk about food. Polly mentioned that we need food after we boost. I always end up hungry after our chat sessions.

Also, before the chat was over, Anne stopped by. Everyone was very glad to see her, and we hope that she will have time to visit and boost with us once in a while. It was also nice to have Ken and Kathleen helping us. The more, the merrier!
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 02 Feb 2006
Posts: 525
Location: Vaccination Liberation - N Idaho Chapter

PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2006 6:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I too was boosting before chat, thinking and saying out loud things that I wanted to see.

Some of the things were:

Reconcilation - of families, couples, friends, enemies, co-workers, etc...

DNA activation


Glandular balance of everyone - Thyroid T-3, Pituitary, HGH, etc.., Adrenals DHEA as opposed to too much cortisol, etc...
(Should be a lot of anti-aging and weight loss with this one.)

Perfect health and balance

Peace and Freedom - no wars, fighting and NO NWO.

I visualized everyone waking up

And Abundance for everyone.

There's much more, that I can't think of right now.

I was especially glad to see Ken Adachi in chat, and his friend Kathleen.

And most of all, even more happy to see our Annie drop by. Big hugs to you gal!
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2006 8:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

DNA activation - crystalline structure changes

Some of us were a bit concerned about this whole “cosmic event” predicted, I did not understand why 1 mil and 7 people were needed.

The idea of sending love out was appealing though. Some of us were concerned that the energy of many people might be hijacked by the dark side. Without being paranoid and keeping an open mind we agreed to meet up and do some work just in case the dark side has anything dirty prepared. Wink And btw Mike thank you for being tonight’s number 1, you kept the whole session very organized and your reports are as usual sweet and very concise. Thank you all for showing up and thanks the other people who meditated that day, I think we made a positive change.

In one of previous sessions, Alicia, Polly, Donna and I did some work on this special event and we found that my dolphin dream was connected to this event. In that session I saw an opening and the dark side trying so hard to keep humans, plants and animals trapped in this dimension. We discovered that the “cosmic trigger event” was connected with this opening.
The Oct 17th, day/night, vibration of the planet raised from opening our hearts, with love dissolving separateness. I believe a big shift just happened and it is positive. I believe many of us got gifted - changes at cellular level occurred- DNA activation which comes from the Creator only, personally I don’t believe in any human activating others DNA.

The night we boosted for this “event” I had a very weird dream, not necessarily bad.
I went to bed like many of us feeling that we had accomplished something great. I even “saw” few dolphins swimming happily. I woke up in the morning a bit distressed. In my dream there were few spirits preparing my mother for her death. My mom was reaching for me to give me a hug. Next I saw her changing her form, melting into honey.
Weird enough I was stirring the honey (my mom) in the jar (clockwise) trying to materialize her back into human form. That’s when I woke up, feeling really dizzy.

I hardly made it to the bathroom, the whole house spinning, having hard time to keep my eyes open. Next think I thought of Alicia, and “knew” she didn’t feel good either. We lately tune into each other very well. It actually happens with many of us who work together, having same vibration. After a strong coffee I called her and asked her how she felt. She was feeling weak, lightheaded and told me her nose bled when she woke up.

I told her about my dream and she mentioned that honey is good and the color gold is very spiritual. She reminded me to go back to me dream and connect to that state to revive my mom. That’s what I did when my mom called. She told me that she wasn’t feeling well at all and she thought she was going to die during the night. She explained how she woke up am, rushing to the window to take a few deep breaths as she was suffocating. She had a terrible headache and big pain in the heart. She thought that was it, these were the last moments of her life.

I explained my dream to her and told her about DNA changes, how we adjust to higher realms, energy changes and Earth changing its vibration and what the symptoms human might experiment. I let her know not to panic if she will experiment similar feelings, and she needs to calm down and breath deeply and smoothly, she is not dying , her body is just changing and she is not alone.
Next day talking to her friends and acquaintances she found out that quite a few of them woke at 2:00 am having very similar symptoms?!!! Now is this a coincidence?
I don’t think so!
I boosted my mom asking her angels to take good care of her, calling down all of Heaven to move in my mom's favor- (Donna's favourite prayer)

Anyway here are the few keywords interpreted for my dream:
Death - “within a dream usually denotes imminent or current transformation, a new birth or a new beginning” - “Something that needs to released or changed” ( that is the DNA activation- rebirth- body is detoxing, and the older we are the harder it is to go thru all these changes, not to mention we purify our souls not only our bodies including past lives emotions)
Dream about “honey is generally a very positive dream” - “symbolizes purity, wholesomeness, health, vitality”

The whole day I felt a little dizzy, very light and spacey, about to take off and craved proteins. I needed to stay grounded, so I worn my grounding pendant and went out to eat some meat. Later talking to Cristina she “confessed” that she rushed to the grocery store to buy meat because she really craved meat that day. When she was about to sign in to the chat Cristina got very dizzy suddenly, having a terrible headache. I remember Anne telling me about the same time she experimented some shooting pains in her abdomen.
Alicia mentioned she felt lighter needing food to keep her grounded.
Later talking to Donna, I found out she woke up feeling dizzy, her body and hands vibrating. She also had the AtlasPROFilax done and detoxing and activating could be from that and the pain she had in the tooth could be the result of her body detoxing.
When Constantin tuned into me he could feel my dizziness.

Very interesting experiences that day and the previous day. We believe these are common sympthoms of DNA activating. We concluded that was nothing wrong about it, our bodies and souls suffer some changes and because we don’t know it, we human tend to blame the dark side first, but that was not the case this time. When body/soul is healing we go thru a detox process which most of the times goes worse before it gets better. Sorry guys I didn’t make these rules.
However if we stay connected with the Creator and raise our love vibration in our hearts fear, stress, panic, negative thoughts will melt away. Afterall LOVE creates healing.
A positive thought can cancel out hundreds of negative thoughts.

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