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October 22. Dean Warwick

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 12:28 pm    Post subject: October 22. Dean Warwick Reply with quote

Lilly had recently gotten a message from a reader of our site who mentioned a phone conversation he had gotten into with Dean Warwick. He was apparently ordering one of Dean's super-efficient home heating devices. And had a frenetic, conversation with Dean about all manner of subjects near and dear to us conspiracy buffs.

I took a look at Dean's site. He had a wealth of information on his page. Apparently he was not only interested in getting people off the grid, with alternative energy, but he was also interested in alot of the stuff we talk about: Alternative health, the missing children problem, the work camps suddenly springing up all over the country, and some of the more "out there" Phil Schneider-esque topics such as the train cars with the shackles, guillotines, etc.

Dean gave a talk at a local convention and collapsed and died right on stage almost instantaneously. We're thinking it was most likely a electro magnetic beam weapon attack. There is talk that he was going to speak about some subjects that could not be made public.

It's not like Dean was going to appear on prime time network television in front of tens of millions of viewers. A few of us got the impression that it was something that Dean invented that was causing consternation amongst TPTB. After all there's a running discussion all over the net about Dulce, Denver Airport, underground bases, missing persons, etc. Only conspiracy nuts like us actually believe this kind of stuff. The maverick researchers are mostly harassed mercilessly, as their work is largely ignored by the masses. It's usually the maverick inventors that get wacked.

It's important to note that we experienced a LOT of software interference in the chat room, and I suspect we also experienced a lot of psychic interference, because we could only get little snippets of the bigger picture, that is: why, Dean Warwick was disposed of.

Since alot of what we got didn't make much sense, I'm just going to put the "raw data" out there, hoping that perhaps one of you readers might be able to piece together a larger picture out of this stuff - we certainly couldn't.

Lilly saw two angels lifting Dean up, and also got that a bear was somehow involved. Constantin mentioned that he had a vision of Dean thanking him, Lilly suggested that he could most likely see what we were doing from where ever he was. Like perhaps he wanted to communicate with us. She got the words "pass it around". He still needs to spread the word about something - an invention perhaps.

So I asked the question: What did Dean Warwick know that made him so dangerous? Lilly saw what looked like two arrows or anchors speeding toward the sky. These were somehow related to "linear time", transition from "one time to another".

She saw a thin, flat metal cog, about thirty inches or so in diameter spinning clockwise. She got the word "burden", then got the word "full stop", and saw the wheel or cog rotating clockwise. This brought to mind, the "egely wheel", which is a little aluminum cog that you can direct to spin, stop and reverse direction by focusing your chi toward it. It's an interesting little device.

So we figure that this device is somehow related to time. Perhaps to time manipulation or time travel. Since time is really an illusion, I thought that perhaps this machine just helps to breaak down our already corroding concept of time. Once you operate outside the conscious mind, your concept of time falls away, and you can look up and down a timeline like it's a landscape, seeing all points at once both before you and behind you- sort of like Kurt Vonnegut talked about in Slaughterhouse Five. Did you notice how quickly the days and weeks and months are speeding by? It's hard to keep track of what day it is anymore. This is related to the breakdown of linear time. We will continue to percieve linear time as accellerating over the next few years until the "singularity" event. However that happens to manifest itself is beyond us.

Lilly saw the possibility that this device may belong to the powers that be, and could be used to accellerate the time leading up to 2012. She suggested that perhaps Dean found out about this device and wanted to warn people. That's about as far as we were able to get on that line of inquiry. Maybe some of you can make heads or tails of this info.
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