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New dynamic orb boost technique

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:22 am    Post subject: New dynamic orb boost technique Reply with quote

Hi all,
Just got through on tonights chat boosts. And we have here a new way to do some major boosting.

Well first off I tried this technique on this hurricane Beta that was messing with Central America and there abouts. I got the idea from my friend and fellow gifter in 3&4D Alicia.

I've been trying to figure out about how these so called super storms are driven by manipulated energy causing massive destruction to our enviroment. Yeah I know HAARP and calling on bad elemental energies have a part in this. But there was a missing part to it too. Seems we have some energies that are aligned with the poles of the earth that can have drastic effects. These are energies that are above and below in space. They drive the manipulated energies. I guess you can visualize a spinning top with the string wound up and there's a holder that holds the energies in on top and below ( what i call orbs) and then they are let lose all at once. That's the best I can describe it.

Now lilly got the idea of using the same type of orbs or pole energies for boosting.

You visualize your crown chakra opening bringing in energy from the universe of infinite love and out thru your heart. Who ever you are boosting you go thru their heart center and at the same time let it go up and out through the top of the head and at the same time you are doing that you are visualizing it going down thru the feet. So you are letting the energies go out through heart, top of head, and down thru feet. So the energies are going throughout your targets body or location. What I call orbs or little balls of energies on the top and on the bottom. You can fill them up with 4d orgone energy with that heart swirling clockwise to give that heart energy a real workout.

Today was the first day we tried it on each other. Seemed to clean our bodies out of toxins and also powered us up to do some major boosting in our chat session. Our hearts and minds felt as if they were one. Seemed it was easier to link up to heart energy. Our infosight was getting more and more clearer as if our senses were heightened.

I know we were doing some damage to the powers that be due to being hacked several times but still managing to do our work and locating all this crazy mess they are manipulating to happen. Which we can see. So we have now a new technique along with Samuel 22, Heart Island, Cetaceans, Ark energy, Bees, Geese, the 12 Apostles. You get the picture. We will get more creative as the days go on. You have to be more creative because they really have no imaginations unless a manipulation of energy is involved. More freedom for us to be who we really are.

Forgot to add you can also do the Heart, top of head, thru feet, energy boost to yourself. It helps you with any type of toxic state you are in. Cleans you out.

Well I hope this helps you out with energy boosting.

Take care,
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