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Monday January 1st, 2007 Chat Report

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 2:33 pm    Post subject: Monday January 1st, 2007 Chat Report Reply with quote

Monday January 1st, 2007 chat.


Or as Lilly said.... Happy New Linear Year. Laughing

Had nearly a full house, did we?

Was glad to see the ones present.

I was the designated DJ. Wink

We had Lilly and C, Alicia, Cristina, and Argentina was with us. Ricardo had a power outage earlier so when he finally got there, we were basically done, but was still waiting to see if Lilly and C got their internet connection back online. Sure missed Mike, Anne, Polly, and some of the others. wub

And glad to see you again AZ!

Lilly said she and Cristina spent New Year’s Eve boosting. I was silently praying, etc…

Constantin said he was meditating. Wink

Lilly wanted to boost for time transformation and spiritual time. Funny that. I seemed to notice that from November to December that time absolutely flew by like lightening speed. I was like, “it’s payday again already?”

Lilly was seeing yellowish bright laser beams directed from satellites. I agree that needs A LOT of work. Yellow as in solar plexus chakra color. No coincidences, hmmmm?
Nevertheless, the energy was real strong. Lilly wanted to boost the energy centers of the earth as well. They took care of one energy center in Sedona during the holidays. Massive stand up job in Sedona Gifting Trip, was it? Oh yes!! I’ve enjoyed thoroughly reading her posts on that. Inspiration to us all, is it? GIFT GIFT GIFT, in whatever way you can.

The energy was really strong while boosting the satellites. So we decided to move on and work on chemtrail program, vaccinations, mind control, bases, etc…

On chemtrails Lilly was getting “defensive mechanism and felt being pulled away. She also saw a tractor, which obviously has to do with modifying the crops. All the more reason to grow your own whenever possible.

Boosted the ones responsible for HAARP and towers. Of course, we all know that the towers are to be gifted with Orgonite. Never hurts to give them a good blast either. Same with UG bases, which was also addressed. Lilly was getting forehead pressure.

AZ was boosting and praying asking the Creator to forgive those responsible for these nefarious types of programs. I know I never gave my consent to any of them.

Cristina was busy raising the frequency of the chat boost/blast, so we all could be boosted while we were working. Thank you Cristina. You’re an angel!

We addressed Mind control equipment. We boost with the intention to be transformed into good, just like the deathforce towers get transformed into a Lifeforce generators after gifting with Orgonite.

Transform. I like that word, or rather in chat I really liked the word.

I really loved how Alicia put it. “to be above and beyond the matrix..break thru..and reaching to absolute Love, joy, and beauty...working knowlingly with god, creator of the universes “ Too bad Ricardo wasn’t here playing some Above and Beyond for us. How appropriate and kool would that be?

We love boosting the earth for abundance and especially Love, so we got the frequencies really high and boosted with that.

Lilly got a blockage in the planet’s center between solar and heart so we focused on that. She got the word “Iraqi Tension”, and we both at the same time, said that Iraq is the blockage. I had a burning in my stomach area, from the energy of the depleted uranium. Sure wished Iraq was gifted heavily. Whoever takes that task on, would definitely get my boosts. That place would need MASSIVE amounts of orgone thrown around.

I also wondered out loud about the energetic effects of that and people’s digestive troubles, being the area of the earth it is. I do realize that most people’s diets suck too, from processed food, bad water, bad food combos, etc… is responsible as well.

Moving on…

We feel that more and more people are waking up and starting to see the BIG picture.

I was playing The Women Warriors-A Gift Of Love Trance Mix and when we decided to etherically hold hands and send Love to the planet, the song called Be Free With Your Love was playing, and then as we were finishing up, it was playing Love Message. No coincidences, hmmmm?

As we were finishing up, we started discussing the 4 corners area. That’s a great gifting target if anyone wants to take it on. I’ll let one of the others elaborate more on that in this thread.
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