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Orgone in Russia

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 12:11 am    Post subject: Orgone in Russia Reply with quote

Pro Phageus told me of his trip to Russia. I asked him if he gifted Russia, he said he didn't but he sent orgone gifts to his girlfriend in Russia. Gifting people is still gifting. Anything counts.

"No, I didn't gift Russia yet, I want to though cause it needs it. I've sent my GF some orgone though. Maybe she's the only person in Russia that has any. When I go back I will send orgone beforehand, and probably put a msg out there to have others donate some to the cause of a gifting trip there by sending a bunch to her which we'll use to gift, Russia really needs orgone. When I was there we couldn't find all the supplies to make orgone. Metal shavings only. I'm sure they have resin there, but not any in any useful amounts, only very tiny tubes of epoxy. I did notice there's a lack of towers there, but there is extremely negative energy still.

First, a little about Russia. Life expectancy there is very low, especially for males, being at least over 20 years less than women. Stress, vodka(many die from drinking homemade or "fake" vodka that is other chemicals), the HUGE gap between rich/poor, living conditions, etc. 33% of the world's richest ppl live in Moscow, interesting eh? The energy there is very old and decaying. Well, on a better note, in Russia there is a movement to return to nature, spurred on by a series of books by an Author Vladimir Megre. He writes about a girl he met in the forest, who taught him how to live a spiritual life in harmony with nature. So, the Russians are slowly responding. But, the situation in Russia is worse than ppl think. The place needs orgone, They are waking up there spiritually though, in the midst of all that. Russia is an interesting place, with an interesting history, there were even Maya(the same Maya as from Mesoamerica) living there a long time ago. Also, as you know, the Russians are at the top of the list of enemies of humanity. At least, the leaders(Putin has been mentioned many times by etheric warrior types, dunno why no one has ever bothered gifting Russia). The Russians themselves could care less, just like the people from any country could care less what other countries are doing as long as there's peace. Most humans around the world are too focused on basic survival, not on petty wars. You'd think if we were an "evolved" race, we'd have gotten past the basics by now. Also, I'll add that Russian buildings, especially churches, have some very interesting shapes especially the crosses. I'll include a couple pics of my trip there if you want to get a feel for the energy there. They are attached, feel free to post those if you want."

this particular picture makes me feel strong fear in my solar plexus area, energy looks bad indeed, but it can be changed if people wanted changed.

Add Russia to your prayers and boosts please.

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