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Astral Gifting

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 4:07 am    Post subject: Astral Gifting Reply with quote

Astral Gifting



I noticed your recent post with that astral warrior (Does orgonite go stale?). Something that human might be interested in is an idea I came up with about a year ago. It really didn't catch on, cause many cannot become astrally aware, or they are mentally lazy. I have no idea how I forgot about it for a few months, how easily we get distracted when there's so much to do, but it's good that that post reminded me.

It's called astral gifting. Feel free to post this if you like.

About AG(Astral Gifting)

AG can be done in either the astral during AA(Astral Awareness), or in a state similar to the Lucid Dreaming state while awake(self-hypnosis, meditation, deep daydreaming.. all these states are the same and work), or while Lucid Dreaming. (notice I don't use the term AP(Astral Projection), it's because we are never separate from our other "selves", when we become aware astrally it might seem we're still separate but the reason we can instantly travel anywhere is cause we already ARE everywhere and just aren't aware of that fact - Residual Self Image)

The method for AG is slightly different from normal 3D gifting. When you make orgone in 3D, it's quite different than in 4D(by 4D I mean the Astral, the mind is part of 3D and 4D, which is why Imagination is a bridge between the two and an acceptable means to creating gifts for AG). So, ANYONE with an imagination can do this, even NOT in a deeper state. Simply daydreaming creates Theta and Delta spikes that are enough.

Steps to create a gift:

1. Enter state mentioned above.
2. Create a Core Mechanism.
3. Create a Body.
4. Meld to a Location/Time in the Astral.
5. Activate and Link to other Devices in 3D/4D.

The Gifts I created so far:

1. Atomic Sphere(orgone device that's size of atomic particle)
2. Regular Sphere(orgone device that's size of 3D TB)
3. Double Pyramid(two pyramid orgone tip-tip)
4. Diamond(like above, but opposite connection, base-base)
5. Orgone Paste(billions of 1 above, spread over the mirror image of an object that exists in 3D)

As for the inards of these devices, they vary, but include the following components:

1. An AI core programmed to keep the link to myself and other devices active at all times, and to smart-convert DOR into various kinds of POR(whatever kind is needed atm)
2. Sacred Geometry structured
3. Lots of coils and xtal shapes, which the AI uses to output whatever gemstone Freq or other freq is necessary to make whatever kind of POR needed atm, and arranged in various ways.
4. Amorphous skin that melds with any surface, making the orgone device one with anything, can be placed inside walls, etc..(use your imagination)


1. Sound and Color are important when you are programming your AI cores. They are the brain, and output whatever you program them to. DOR will not only be sucked into and converted, but that DOR will be used to amplify whatever else you have programmed the AI to output.
2. Connect every device you've ever placed together.
3. Size is NOT an issue. AO(Astral Orgone) can be made in any size or shape. (this is where the fun starts) (I LOVE FRACTALS) (FG(Fractal Gifting) is great)
4. Connect your AO to 3D (O)rgone.
5. Program a reflective gold shield into your AI core, to be output around all your devices.

Enjoy becoming.


Pro Phageus

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