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Please read this before attending a healing session

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:21 am    Post subject: Please read this before attending a healing session Reply with quote


There is no rule about how many sessions an energy receiver (you) needs.
If the receiver has chronic conditions, he/she might need many sessions. Some people may not be ready to be healed due to emotional stress or other conditions. You are the one responsible for healing, the energy worker just directs the flow of energy and assists you in the healing process.

Wear comfortable clothes, remove your shoes and socks (not necessary to remove socks but it works better).

Remove belts, jewelry, metallic coins or objects which might restrict your body and interfere with the relaxation.

Create a comfortable and relaxing environment such as playing soothing music, or create a silent environment if the music is disturbing or interferes with your relaxation.

Disconnect your phone for the duration of the session, and tell your friends and family to respect your privacy.

Sit on a comfortable chair.

Breathing through the nose during the session is very helpful.

Donít pray, meditate, or use your energy for the duration of the session. However you can do that prior to the session. Relax, donít do anything, just ďbeĒ. Healing comes when you are relaxed, allowing the heart to receive the love and healing energies.

Your feedback is important.
When we start working on you it is important to let us know what you feel or see. Some people feel heat, cold breeze, tingling, muscle spasms, some see colors or images, some fall asleep or have religious experiences, others donít feel anything.
It is not necessary to feel or see anything, but if you do just let us know in order to make the most of the session.

The work is done on your aura, subtle bodies and chakras. We remove unhealthy energies in form of hooks/cords, enteric implants and then cover the specific area with healthy energy.

Sometimes the energy may feel a little uncomfortable to you during the session; you might feel light-headedness, strong emotional release, little pain, etc. Do not panic! This is a reaction that can happen when an intense healing takes place and this feeling will diminish soon.

After ending the session we strongly advice you to drink fresh water, if possible mountain spring water, to release toxins and wash them away.

Enjoy the healing, relax and open your heart to loving energy Smile

The Women Warriors
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