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Simple TaiChi/Qi Gong Exercise

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:41 am    Post subject: Simple TaiChi/Qi Gong Exercise Reply with quote

*Appologies, I thought that I had lost the first version out into the lost space ?? After typing the whole thing up it showed me that it was deleated and was not posted!? A day later and it is? "U messing with me?" Cool I then tried to recall what I had previously typed, and re-typed it all-over Razz The following is very similar to the first post, but with natural modifications!

I had been guided (perhaps the only reason for attending college <wink> Wink ) to a separate campus this fall, to sit-in a Philosophy of Healing class. After the first class that I went to with much discussion and contemplation, watching videos (on Near Death Experiences, Ancient Healing arts and the like) I was in the least moved to return the following week; henceforth till completion. As we had many guest speakers, our intimate class learnt a lot. One of these beautiful guest teachers (named John Cole) taught us about Taiji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Taoist Arts. After much discussion, watching a video from one of his classes witnesssing the power (and I do not use this term lightly) of Qi (Chi, Ki, Orgone, Prana, Nafs etc.), and seeing some personal photographs of Qi light energy (the photos literally captured the Qi energy, a light haze that extended like a pillar and was clearly in the shape/motion of a helix/spiral/and infinity figure 8!), he then taught us a simple (yet amazing) exercise. Upon moving to the states I have begun to learn and (ironically) encounter experiences of implementing Tai Chi practice into my life, along with many other disciplines (all originating in the foundation of Life Force Energy=Love).
Yi Quan Qi Gong is a breath and energy exercise promoting free flow of energy in the body. It serves as a powerful technique to gather Qi for personal development/boosting. The following is the exercise as I remember it and practice.

Start by standing (feet shoulder width apart for proper stance) in an erect relaxed state, grounding yourself by connecting to the middle of the earth and The Most High (this exercise naturally grounds you). Bring your focus to your breath. Breathe deeply a few times. Where does your breathing start from? Most people are not breathing correctly or deeply (as baby's naturally do). The breath should start in the stomach not the lungs. Ie. when you breathe IN your stomach should Rise, not the opposite way around. You can help bring the energy (for example from the lungs) down to the stomach by using your hands to direct the energy, slowly while breathing with intent, moving it to the stomach region. This may take some time, but time is of no relevance, and Intent is the fundemental force behind all that we DO. Stay here for a while with hands naturally at the sides, breathing deep.

To have a connection (from Sky to Earth) you need to keep your root chakra tucked in/under (as you would observe in Tai Chi). To do this place your hands on your waist just below your hips and (naturally beending at the knees) push down to form a "rounded-almost-sitting" position. The more you hold this stance the stronger energy flow you will have.
There are three main energy "storehouses" located up the trunk (main part of the body), the first and most important one (hara) is located just below your navel. Place both hands here and gather your energy. (Whenever you are done energy work you should also return you energy here or with The Most High).
In the palms of your hands (in front of the hara) hold this Qi energy like a ball. Start to work on expanding this energy with focus. As you breathe in collect the energy in your palms expanding the ball, and bringing them together each time as you breathe out. Do this for a while, it is a very "Real" and Fun experience ( I have often expanded this energy ball to the size of the universe and beyond with intent and focus). Learning to work with energy is beneficial and healing. Start to move the energy from your hands to your forearm, then upper arm, then ultimately to your whole body.
Bring your hands back to the hara and contemplate on connecting to The Most High.
Now raise your arms from your side, up to form the ball (not to large) in the palm of your hands just above your head. Keep this Qi light energy connection for a few seconds. Then slowly bring this ball of light energy down in-front of your body. Slowly focus on each chakra point you pass, sending energy there. When you get to the base, again with arms extended to the side raise them back up above your head and hold the ball, then bring the energy slowly back down. You can do this as much as you want. You should still be holding the stance! (You learn a lot about yourself under discipline. It may be "tricky" esp. at first=Sore thighs! Notice which part of your body is calling your attention? What part is "Weak"? "Strong"? With your breath and intent sooth out your muscles so that you are not distracted. You will get better and grow).

When ready, raise your hands again above your head, this time higher, and connect to The Most High. Bring down energy into your palms from the Heavenly Sky, creating a larger ball. Hold this for a while. Then slowly bring the Qi light energy ball down in-front of you again, this time visualizing the energy penatrating into each chakra from the front all the way to the back. Remain at each chakra as long as neccesary making sure to clear and balance them. You will learn about the condition of each chakra as you pass them. When you get to your waist, again raise your hands back up to gather more Qi. Do this as much as you want (when we were taught this we did each one, the first just above crown and then above that, only four times with beneficial affects). When ready return hands to hara. Focus your connection now to Grounding Earth.

Then, with arms stretched to the sides, bring them in a downward sweeping motion and gather energy from the deep Earth. Scoop it up with both hands and then with focus raise your hands upwards holding this energy. Slowly turn your hands over together in-front of your body so that they are now palms up again (they should be around your head by this point). Raising your hands, send this energy up, and with a open sweeping motion, visualize your hands painting the sky and world around you with a rainbow, bringing the rainbow down to envelop the Earth. Again from deep in the ground collect the energy and bringing your hands up, turning your hands over together in-front of you, and again sweeping the sky with rainbow colors and light. Do this as much as you want.
When ready, bring your hands from collecting the energy in the Earth up and place them together on top of each other, where they naturally go, to the front of your body, (where you place them has meaning relating to that chakra). Then when you feel complete bring your hands back to the hara and place/store the energy there. Hold it for a few minutes in meditation.
When ready, stand up slowly (from the stance), and feel the energy through you; the balance, clear, and centered connectedness as experienced after meditation, prayer, yoga, etc. You have grounded your lower self and connected your higher self above. You should feel tall, radiant, and "stretched"...

Learning about Qi entails entering the flow with your senses attuned to perceiving what is around you and within you. Like a good meditation, one does not remember beginning or ending because the present is made eternal.
Go forth and spread Qi.

"Cast down what is in your right hand. It will swallow up what they have wrought. Verily they have wrought only a sorcerer's stratagem; and a sorcerer does not succeed (no matter) from whatsoever (skilled group) he may come." (Quran-20:69)
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