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Hi Ladies and Thank You!! - testimonial

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:48 am    Post subject: Hi Ladies and Thank You!! - testimonial Reply with quote

wanted to thank you for the invite to join your board and also to once again thank you for the incredible session that you performed on me several weeks ago.

I was astonished at how accurate you both were with finding the implants in places I had surgery on in the past. So much has happened since that session, I often forget to sit down and provide you with more detail.

I have found that I spend almost no time in front of my home computer any more. I work in front of one all day at my job, but I no longer feel compelled to spend endless hours in front of it, leaching precious time away from so many other important matters.

My daughter's recent suicide attempt initially left me numb for days, but now that she has started to have found an interest in my orgone research and development, I see a spark of hope in her eyes that has been lost for several years now.

Our recent first attempt at making our own pendants for personal use was catastrophic, with the one blessing that it was one of her two that came out from the batch of four. It's beauty and energy made me cry -- I handed it to her the next morning, and the first thing she did was to hold it in her palm and to scan it with her other palm for energy. I teared up yet again. Not only had she made the one good pendant, it was breathtaking to look upon and had become the first of what I pray are many small steps that my sweet daughter is making to stamp her feet and declare she ain't going anywhere -- and now I'm coming for ya... Laughing

How precious life is, when death swoops through your rafters, rattling house, family, and the very foundation of all we hold dear: the right to live, the right to breathe, the right to live a life free of manipulation, compulsion, brainwashing, or implantation of commands or ideas. One of my daughter's many demons is hearing voices while under extreme duress, and they tell her she is worthless, nothing that she does is right, that she only destroys those she loves. I have fought these voices head on several times, both sith blantant love and commanding decision. The results have always been sucessful, on my part, and yet did I win the battle and I still getting my butt kicked in a war that I now percieve on competely different levels??

No matter what, the playing field of my fight has broadened and become so much more personal. I really believe that every thing that we create has our energy imprint in it and of it. I am so focused in my work with the crystals and resin right now, and find such solace in birthing new batches of muffins and beaming love at all of the angry faces I feel leering outside my window.

Ugh, I've done it again. Sorry for the long wandering message.

Back to session update. I have much more energy now. I sleep less than usual, but that could be either the ever expanding orgone pile under the bed or the puppy sticking his nose where it don't belong. Laughing

I have also found easier breathing, and off and on soreness in the back of my throat. Perhaps my throat is self healing now and cleansing/regrowing? The pain in my heels has completely disappeared. I am finding that my periphal vision is seeing "things" that were not viewable before. I see movement and brief glimpses of some of my invisible house guests. The puppy continues to mock my growing spiritual vision by seeing and welcoming our guests before I can say "what?"! Laughing

I got an ear candling treatment and found that to be fantastic. I wasn't as clogged up as I feared I might be, but it was interesting to see all of the pollen in there. I am preparing for the liver cleanse and continue to see some very small new hair growth on the top fo my head!!! Bless the hair fairys, they found some new fertile ground.

I will finally shut up and go to bed. The Thursday sessions start at what time?? The post said 9:00 pm eastern, but I wasn't sure if that was for both days or not. I will join you online both nights, if you are still on schedule.

Lilly, thanks again for the boosting to Antoinette. I will ask her if she wishes to make you one of her pendants, once she understands and better appreciates your special gifts.

Gratefully Yours,

Tony G.
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