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Concerning GOD

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2006 2:50 am    Post subject: Concerning GOD Reply with quote

It seems there has been alot of confusion about the terminology concerning GOD lately.

It has always made me wonder why people cannot accept a simple term that is recognizable to all, and one that we can all relate to. (at least in the english language)

The fact that God is genderless, flawless, omnipotent, compassionate and Just, tells us that he possesses ALL qualities, masculine and feminine, to the most perfect degree, he after all created the yin and the yang in everything.

If God is without gender and possesses ALL positive qualities , then why are we still getting confused on what to call him?

God is a title, of the Supreme and single creator, the creator of the universe, and everything within and without, he distributed his qualities to every living he created, and he designed an elegant universe to know what and how to do this.

God is everything, in everything. would you say that 'orgone' is masculine or feminine? It is a living creation that is present in everything living thing--much like GOD is present in everything, yet there is no confusion, no discriminating,--- it is (OR) and thats it.

We try to keep it real simple, no confusion, god/goddess, divine source energy, the creator within us all, Mother/Father whatever, these are all ambiguous terms created to lose the reality of a monothiestic, single GOD, to duality and pluralism.

We start to disect the meaning of GOD, to the point that we believe he is just as we are, with Human traits: with anger, with destruction, with EGO too maybe, I am not sure really, because most people seem confused, in fact it has come that far, that people actually don't know if we are all GOD or whether he even exists at all??

I would like to be clear, that we do not use any of these veiled terms that bring a cloudy image of who we pray to and ask for intervention, this is the primary gateway we must enter before even making an intention or saying a prayer.

If we remain unclear of who exactly we are asking for divine intervention, and have a false image of the creator, then the process will be corrupted.
Everything seems to be revolving around the whims and fantasy of individuals, and what their sentiments dictate.

To anyone participating in the Chat sessions and posting messages on the forum, I would like to remind you all to please refrain from these ambiguous terms, its quite simple, we are not asking you change your beliefs, just use a monothiestic term so that we and everyone else understands we are acknowledging only ONE GOD

In GODS protection
The Women Warriors
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