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Stay young and healthy by healing your intestines

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:21 am    Post subject: Stay young and healthy by healing your intestines Reply with quote

Stay young and healthy by healing your intestines

Intestinal health is of vital importance for your physical well-being.

What are intestines?
Food we eat undergoes digestion by passing through the stomach, into small intestines, through the large intestines and then eliminated from the body. Nutrients that our body needs for energy are extracted during this process.

If you are under stress or if your diet in not well balanced, the intestines may become tense and will not function efficiently. When this happens the entire body is affected.

What may happen if intestines are tense? What disease may it cause?

When your intestines are tense and tight, they cannot efficiently digest food and pass all the digested waste out of the body. Constipation is often a consequence. Bacteria, which is always present at normal levels in healthy intestines, may grow to high levels and remain too long in the intestinal tract. If the large intestines are weakened enough the bacteria may penetrate the intestinal walls and enter the abdominal cavity causing infection.
If the intestines are tense and waste cannot flow properly, the toxic by-products may build up in the system and flow into the blood stream. When this happens all organs can be affected.
The liver will need to work harder to clean itself of these harmful toxins. The heart and other organs may be affected by the toxic by-products circulating in the body.

What symptoms might you see to indicate your intestines are becoming tense?

1. You might have skin troubles, appearing dull or rough
2. Memory can weaken
3. Poor intestinal function
4. Poor blood circulation in the body; problems with poor circulation
5. Frequent constipation and possible pain in the abdomen

What are the benefits of intestines exercise?
1. Regular practice of Intestine Exercise improves blood circulation and moves the internal organs. This will help stop and prevent constipation
2. Intestine Exercises heal and strengthen the large intestine
3. It will accelerate and intensify blood circulation thru the entire body. As a result, your body will accumulate energy and get rid of blockages
4. Increased blood circulation throughout the body will nourish muscles and other tissues in the abdomen
5. Your skin will become clearer, softer, smoother
6. Your bladder and genitals can be stimulated with this exercise



1. Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent (about 5 degrees)

2. Straighten your spine

3. Relax your shoulders, arms and chest; feel the weight of your body directed down toward your knees

4. Begin the exercise by pushing your abdomen out, feeling a slight pressure as if your stomach was full

5. Pull your abdomen inward and try to make your belly button touch the spine; this completes one full Intestine Exercise

6. After completing 50 intestines exercises pull your abdomen inward as much as you can and hold for a while

- keep your shoulders and chest relaxed
-do not exercise too fats or too forcefully, perform each push and pull gently with a focus mind
-if you feel pain in abdomen while doing this exercise, stop and gently rub your abdomen with your palms in a clockwise direction
- you can do the intestine exercise in any position, even during other activities
-if you do the exercise in a sitting position, be sure to keep your back straight, so you donít compress your intestines during the exercise
-Your stomach will make noise sometimes - this can happen if your intestines are weak, you need to exercise more. This might also occur as a result of Ki- energy flowing
-feeling sick during the exercise is rare. This may occur if your intestines are very weak and gases cannot be easily released. In this case the gases may come up and make you feel ill.
You can improve your intestine function by reducing the amount of meat you eat. This will reduce the pressure of the intestine. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Intestine Exercise during pregnancy
If your pregnancy is progressing normally you may do intestine exercise only during the very early stages. During the later stages you can softly rub your intestines in a clockwise direction if you feel tension in your intestines.

During monthly period you should not do intestine exercise as this exercise may intensify any discomfort you experience during this time. You might rub softly and gently your intestines in a clockwise direction to help relieve pain or tension.

Do this exercise at home every day a minimum of 500 times

Recommended postures for 100 Intestine exercise

200 times- standing posture with knees bend
200 times same posture but upper body turned to the left to loosen the left intestine
200 times same posture but upper body turned to the right to loosen the right intestine
200 times kneeling position to strengthened the waist and knees and loosen the intestines
200 times freestyle with focus on the weak areas, placing your hands on these areas to bring your focus on the weak places

- If you keep the same posture you will have a deeper feeling
- You might lie down while doing intestine exercise

Pay close attention to your intestine during the first 10 days of practice

Source: Intestine Exercise - Dahn Yoga literature

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