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Boosting: an old technique?

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 8:23 am    Post subject: Boosting: an old technique? Reply with quote

Boosting: an old technique?

Boosting/blasting is about sending out energy-life force. Thought is energy. Boosting is about thoughts.
Healing is similar to boosting. Healers not only use their heart chakra (Love chakra) in the healing process, they also use their palms and fingers chakras to direct the healing energy.

Boosting/blasting words: I started to use them few years ago. However, boosting which in fact means directing energy is not new to me and I believe is not new to many of you.
Boosting is about love as healing is about love. INTENT is the keyword. If you mean well and you are centered into God consciousness, then you’ll always send out good thoughts/energy.
Always remember: you cannot force the energy on anyone. If in doubt send energy (love always) to ones higher self and let God taking care of the rest.

There is no such thing as incorrect boosting/blasting, not so powerful - maybe.

How do you make boosting powerful?

- the more you practice and put effort into boosting the better you’ll master the boosting techniques

- relaxed body and mind is a MUST. You can only become sensitive when your emotions are calm

- strong belief and trust is crucial (fear and doubts will block the energy flow). Accept the power of boosting. The life force/energy is available to all of us and it is not exclusive to anyone.

-breathing techniques are essential in sending energy (I noticed many people don’t know how to breath they are shallow breathers). There are many breathing techniques out there, use whatever feels comfortable to you. Richard Gordon offers few breathing techniques in his book “Quantum Touch”.

-the 4-4 breath (inhale to the count of four, exhale to the count of four)
-the 1-4 breath ( inhale to the count of one, exhale to the count of four) it’s a very powerful technique but you need to back off if you start to get dizzy.
-fire breathing followed by 2-6 or 1-4 - this is the most powerful of the breaths for boosting the energy, overuse of this breath can cause fainting. Your lungs work like large bellows moving a great volume of air.
- the 2-6 breath - 2 counts for the inhalation, 6 for the exhalation. This breath requires a bit of a effort

-use visualization and creativity. The more imaginative you are the more effective your boosting will be.

A result of one of my old boosting techniques
I remember “boosting” way back, about 15 years ago, when I had to pass my college exams.
One time being quite ill I could not study for one of my exams. To me it was imperative to pass this exam. So I forced myself to study only three subjects out of 300 or more (I cannot recall exactly) I remember praying very intensely, sending energy from my heart towards the exam situation.

Usually after sending energy and praying, if I receive a big tingling in my heart center I know that the “boosting” will be successful.
So that’s exactly what I did in that particular exam situation. After I received the “tingling” in the heart center I went to take my exam. The examiner had me chose only one ticket out of hundreds. The tickets were arranged in a pile and I had to choose the one on top. I thought: “there is no way I will pick up the ticket with the three subjects I studied“. Shocked
Guess what? It was exactly what I was aiming for: 3 subjects out of 300 subjects or more. I could not believe my eyes, and of course I passed the exam. Wink

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