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Romania and orgone….gifting more

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 4:11 am    Post subject: Romania and orgone….gifting more Reply with quote

Romania and orgone….gifting more

After we gifted our town (Bacau), last year, we waited to see what is happening, what kind of consequences appear on different plans. First weeks we received a lot of support, positive reactions and this fact encouraged us. Thank you for all your support, we felt it, even it came from big distance!
But after approximately a month after we finished our work we observed that Mobile Telephone Companies doubled, tripled the Towers, you can see in the pictures.

In some places where there was only one panel, they added 3 or 4 more panels and in some cases they installed new pannels on the new buildings. These buildings are blocks of apartments where people live. These buildings are not rented by companies, but the mobile telephone companies pay a year rent to every family because they use their building. However they didn’t inform people about the risks of this Towers (panels) or about the consequences of the radiation's emission on their health.

So, we decided to continue our work. We asked Lilly and Constantin for help and advice and we started to make our own orgone generators after we studied carefully the recipe. First, we used cloudbuster charged water sent by Lilly and we observed that orgone emitted from the orgone generators is much stronger. After we make our first “candies" (we call orgone generators candies) from orgone we had a divine feeling that we are doing something special, something good for humanity, that we are connected with all people who want to live in harmony with Universal Divine laws.
We placed our “candies” in different places of town and after the “gifting” process, only one day after, I noticed people from Mobile telephone companies working at the Towers. I was happy to see that because it knew that our “candies” worked, doing their duty…it neutralized their bad energy!

We didn’t stop here, we received Zam-Zam water from Lilly and we used it to make orgone generators. Indeed she was perfectly right, the “candies” with zam zam water are much more stronger. We placed them in another places of our town and we will wait to observe what will happen. Practically, we have inventory of all the Towers and buildings from our town and we keep them under our observation, keeping an eye on them.

We felt that we have to extend our gifting process in other places. We went to Bucharest the capital of our country, (it was a hot day) and we gifted there quite a few places. You can see them from pictures.

We gifted Romanian Parliament, a place where politicians take bad decisions for Romanian people and other important places which we don't want to mention and for security reasons I will not write more about these places.

I want to write more about the reasons of our action in Bucharest, the Romanian capital. Here politicians, universal masonry took a lot of bad decisions, created bad laws which don't serve the interests of Romanian people. If you will come to Romania and will analyse our economy, you will see that industry, agriculture production decreased after 1989's so called "revolution". But instead you can see every 2-3 buildings are Banks, Exchange offices, Pharmacies, Private Medical Offices, Mobile telephone shops, Clubs, Bars. Something is not good!
Why so many Banks? People are poor here, Romania is not a rich country, there are very rich people but their number is small; they made a small oligarchic group. The large number of ordinary people is poor and very poor. Pharmacies and Private Medical Offices sprang tremendously lately. The population's health is under a BIG question sign. Is it possible to be a correlation between Mobile Telephone Towers and population health? I stronlgy believe so. Who is interested in Romania having ill people which depend on doctors and Pharmacies? Who is interested in Romania being dependent on Banks?
A few months ago, Romanian media started a history concerning avian bird flue, with a lot of bad economical consequences.
You can see we had a lot of reasons to gift Bucharest “the brain” of all these operations. We will not stop here, we will continue our work and we will gift new places from Romania because we feel it's important. We act according with God's laws and nobody can stop us!

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