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Back Pain, Fibromyalgia and more...

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Woman Warrior

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 7:30 pm    Post subject: Back Pain, Fibromyalgia and more... Reply with quote

Back Pain Cure

The alpha xP Factor ©

was discovered in the early 1980's by Dr. Brice E. Vickery. It has been found to be the probable cause or major contributing factor of many unsolved conditions such as hypoglycemia, back pain ( degenerative disk disease ), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and even osteoporosis. The factor was named alpha; first, x; unknown, P for Protein, which also means first nutrient. Before Dr. Vickery's discovery the World's doctors assumed that normal serum protein levels meant that the cells were receiving the amino acids ( protein ) that they needed. Dr. Vickery found that nine out of ten persons - do not.

Dr. Brice E. Vickery had by 1986 discovered the major causes of back pain and proved the observations with thousands of successful treatments. As director of Connecticut Holistic Chiropractic Offices his results were documented in two separate studies: A fifty case study without selection ( as they came in the door) ( see graph) and a 2000+ degenerating disks study that is recorded in his doctor’s training video “The Confirmatory Challenge Test” © 1990, where the diskal lesions were identified with a combination of CT scans, thermograms, later MRI, plethysmographic and doppler measurements, CCT and BEV tests, as well as orthopedic and neurological testing. The CCT and BEV Tests are kinesiological tests that are not yet accepted procedures. These procedures are allowed by the FTC and the FDA under “Emerging Science”. This “never fail” method” ( in the hands of experts” ) can be, and is being reduplicated by Vickery trained doctors. THERE IS NO CONVENTIONAL PRESENT METHOD THAT CAN EQUAL THESE RESULTS.

The major discovery in these advancements was that 9 out of 10 patients were NOT utilizing dietary PROTEIN. Every doctor in the World used to think that if serum protein was in the normal range ( 6.0-8.0) – no problem. They are starting to change their minds – 20 years later! Dr. Vickery found out that this IS THE LARGEST SINGLE REASON FOR DISK DEGENERATION WHICH IS THE MAJOR CAUSE OF BACK PAIN. If you surf you will find the med schools and chiropractic colleges STILL DON’T HAVE A CLUE! Go to Stanford, Dartmouth, or: Los Angeles Chiropractic, National Chiropractic and you’ll hear the same old, exercise blah blah, rest blah blah, emotional blah blah, and sickening repetitions and variations of :” WE don’t yet know what causes back pain!”

Dr. Vickery also discovered the answer with his patented formula Platinum Plus ( Platinum Essential Amino Acids Plus US Pat.6,203,820, foreign pats. Pending) which starts diskal lesions healing in 10 hours. Since the numbers agree, WHO ( World Health Organization) 9 out of 10 will have back related pains, ( Vickery) 9 out of 10 are protein deficient in utilization, it shouldn’t take a genius to figure it out. So you are faced with two roads: The natural course which is presented here which also improves your entire health at a high level WITH STRAIGHT POSTURE:


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Woman Warrior

Joined: 02 Feb 2006
Posts: 525
Location: Vaccination Liberation - N Idaho Chapter

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 7:38 pm    Post subject: Doctor Vickery Reply with quote

Holistic Site For Professionals

This site is dedicated to bringing the advancements in holistic natural and alternative medicine therapies for examination and dissemination. It is hosted by Dr. Brice E. Vickery who has spent over 50 years as a holistic practitioner. Dr. Vickery will present his methods and teach them in various menus. All doctors are invited to share their special advances including: Chiropractors, Orthpaedists, Internists, Cardiologists, Oncologists, KUB, Gynecologists, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Homeopaths, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Acupuncturists.

Vickery Protein Test

Dear Doctors:

We are pleased to advance the diagnosis of amino acids deficiency with an additional and more convenient standing (sitting or supine) test. This advance came after we finished the TVM videos in 1995 and has been given orally since that time. Thanks to the computer we have finally had the time to get it up on and printed versions.

As you know acupuncture ( meridian points) may be therapy localized by both the doctor OR the patient. Reflex points can only be done by the patient. The curved arrows at the outer orbit are stress receptors (most doctors have ignored these important – “switches”), and can only be TL’d by the patient’s two fingers.

The Sulfur Point, the Pancreas Point, and the Pulse Point (Pancreas) may be done by either. This is accomplished in less than two minutes. As always the patient is always checked for “switching” or neurological disorganization, to insure that your answers are correct.

Those of you who have our method and have the videos use TVM have now the finest and most important tests, not just in Chiropractic, but ALL of the healing arts!

They are : The CCT Tests ( Confirmatory Challenge Tests), the most definitive tests for diskal lesions in existence, The BEV Tests The most accurate screen tests that can be coordinated precisely with the CCT and demonstrate the collagen collapse and nutritional deficiencies, The Vickery- Voll Test which opened the door of 21st Century healing, and the Vickery Standing Protein/Sulfur Tests which introduced sulfur deficiency diagnosis and convenient protein diagnosis.

With this knowledge you are now able to lead your profession with your superior knowledge and skills!

We needed finer tools in diagnosis and treatment especially since we did not overcome symptoms with drugs to give our patient’s relief. What we found is that the identification of the particular nutritional deficiencies which enabled us also to SUPPLY the exact nutrition needed, and the ability to test it’s BIOAVAILABILITY, can bring about miracles in the majority of cases.

The study of Applied Kinesiology by George Goodheart which led me to EAV ( Electroacupuncture According to Voll), Versendaal, Beardall and many others presented a whole new World of diagnosis and treatment. The protein deficiency- Nine out of ten patients were protein deficient. This was correlated with the EAV and the AK by testing the pancreatic meridian at the Voll points in the drawing (drawing 1. )

This lead to our formulation of the Vickery Essential Amino Acids™ and their “Big Brother” Platinum Plus” pat. # 6,203,820. This is the major factor in virus elimination. These discoveries rival Dr. Fleming’s discovery of penicillin. MORE powerful because it effectively handles the first cause of protein/sulfur deficiency arming the immune system. These test exceptionally well with either the electroacupuncture machines or kinesiology. There is a drawback however in machine testing and it is this: Testing steak, the essential amino acids are there, but it is in unavailable form having to be digested. Using kinesiology interrogation is UNACCEPTABLE. THE AMINO ACIDS ARE STILL BOUND IN LONG CHAINS. It will readily stay absolutely strong with the Platinum Plus.

Here the BEV TESTS and CCT Tests work as indicators of tissues healing - not seeking them as a pain source.

Thank you for “hanging in there”.

Brice. E. Vickery, D.C.

"Experimental studies appear to indicate that most, if not ALL, disease states may be fundamentally attributed to the deficiencies in the AMINO ACIDS, vitamins, and minerals,"


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Woman Warrior

Joined: 02 Feb 2006
Posts: 525
Location: Vaccination Liberation - N Idaho Chapter

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 7:58 pm    Post subject: Fibromyalgia: A Den of Demons Reply with quote

A Den of Demons

Dr. Brice E. Vickery

Den 1: The lair of a wild usually predatory animal, 2: a. a hollow or cavern used especially as a HIDEOUT, b. a center of SECRET activity ( Merriam Webster)

Capitals are mine – BEV


At the end of my 45 years of practice as a Holistic Chiropractic Physician there appeared from time to time, and with increasing frequency, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia usually made by a Rheumatologist or a Physiatrist. Except for the fact that these were usually " bad cases" I filed them under the heading of advanced myofascial fibrositis and smiled to myself that the doctors who were unaware of the trigger points that had been part of our stock-in-trade for all of those practice years, were getting serious about these abnormalities.

In retirement when it was learned what my vocation had been many people sought my opinions. My stipulations were; That no doctor available was helping them and then I would " take a look". It was in this vein that we had a person from a fibromyalgia support group. This is where it began. We had of course unlimited time to examine these people and began to make breath taking discoveries, many which were based on previous discoveries which I have been reporting for the last 20 years.

This article is basically in three main sections : 1, What is known and/or suspected about the condition, 2, The discoveries that I have made about the condition, 3, The treatment and outstanding success of the treatment. I am aware that many traditional doctors will be upset or nonplused by what we present here, for this condition more than any other illustrates the fact that Chiropractic ( in particular ) has repeatedly ignored the advances made by others and not a few by myself. The best of today’s graduates of the best of schools are, in my opinion, not qualified to either diagnose or treat this condition. This is because the basics of the diagnosis are not taught in any college that is known to me. The diagnosis is comparable to the sequence of events that cause the condition and is the equivalent of another college degree in the extent of knowledge and skills required

In answer to your unspoken question: I write and divulge these things so that people can be better and maintain healthy and productive lives knowing - that only 2% of doctors will understand and – the 2% are ready! " When the student is ready the master appears "

( Chinese Proverb ).

Fibromyalgia – State of the Art

Fibromalgia is considered by some as a syndrome or collection of symptoms and by others as a disease entity. The doctors of the world are getting serious about the condition and now have meetings such as the " Copenhagen Fibromyalgia Symposium". The outstanding symptoms are pain ( in muscles and joints ) and stiffness. It is generally accepted that this must be whole body pain with representatives on both sides and above and below the waist. The list of symptoms is impressive and diversified. Some doctors now include what is called " The Fibro Five" which are; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Irritable Bowel, Interstitial Cystitis, Migraine Headache. Some include sleep disorders. In most severe cases the victims are not able to maintain employment.

The Symptoms are varied and widespread:

Musuloskeletal pain and aching
Disturbed sleep patterns
Soft tissue swelling
Irritable bowel
TMJ and bruxism
Chest Pains
Back Pain
Intersitial Cystitis
Migraine Headaches

It usually is differentiated from arthritis both rheumatoid and osteo, polymyalgia rheumatica, myopathy, hypothyroidism, disk herniation, and cardiac or pleural pain. Despite the symptoms, physical, laboratory, and radiological studies are often normal. This connective tissue disorder is not associated with deformity of the joints. Thus the diagnosis has been clinical .

The Tender Points or Trigger Point Diagnosis ( Bilateral )

Knee, at the medial fat pads proximal to the articulation
Greater Trochanter, posterior to the trochanteric eminince
Gluteal, upper outer quadrants of the buttocks
Lateral Epicondyle, 2 cm. Distal to the epicondyles
Second Rib, second costochondral junction on upper surfaces
Supraspinatous origins near the medial border above the scapular spine
Trapezius, midpoint of the upper border
Lower Cervical, anterior intertransverse spaces of C-5 to C7
Occipital, suboccipital insertion

Pressure Points

Concept of Central Sensitization

While many theories have been advanced such as hormonal, neurotransmitters etc., astute observers have accurately described the concept of "central sensitization". Describing the decreased threshold of pain in these subjects

( hyperalgesia ) some believe that decreased blood to the muscles activates chemicals or initiates their release, accounting for the irritability.

One theory is that it is a disease of the central nervous system not as a pathological change, but a " central activation " vs. a type of myopathy. Remember this very astute observation for we will explain why it is CORRECT even though the proponents do not understand the MECHANISMS.

Current Treatments

Current medical treatments are palliative and concentrate on the usual pain relievers such as aspirin ,acetaminophen or other NSAIDS. If the pain is not relieved at this level stronger prescriptions are used. Alternative medicine has many interesting remedies and theories but none that hit any home runs.

Chiropractic in general disgraces itself in the treatment of this condition because the practitioner invariably being a strictly mechanical chiropractor increases the frequency of treatments to daily, as the DESPERATION sets in and the patient slips away because he " Does Not Hold " and is getting MORE AND MORE INFLAMED! I know this for a fact because I have web pages for this condition and consult with victims around world. These events are usual in their history.

Fibromyalgia - New Discoveries With New Tools

The First Demon

At the end of the seventies ( and we have written about this ever since ) I found that nine out of ten subjects examined were found not able to digest/transport, utilize or incorporate the daily dietary protein which was usually adequate ( except for some vegetarians ) in intake. The discoveries of Rheinholdt Voll, M.D.1 enabled me to put two and two together and establish that the pancreatic points that he identified as; protein digestion function, carbohydrate digestion function, and fat digestion function on the Pancreas Meridian were almost always caused by lack of suitable amino acids. We developed the Vickery-Voll2 test which was the beginning of an entirely new view of the body and explained why I was NEVER able to keep our patients " straight ".

The way it is believed to work is simple. The amino acids in the correct proportions and in adequate amounts reverse this deficiency by supplying the pancreas and intestinal glands with the ingredients necessary to synthesize adequate digestive enzymes to digest the dietary intake. Having the necessary enzymes the daily food intake is more completely utilized and the transport or carrier proteins are manufactured in suitable amounts and the entire " Enzyme Cascade " of the body is re-established. This begins within twelve hours!

Every case of fibromyalgia is found to have this deficiency but, so do many other problems.


The Second Demon

The body gets most of it’s dietary sulfur from proteins in the form of the sulfur bearing amino acids and some sulfur bearing plants such as garlic and onions, cabbage, and peppers etc. . I knew about this problem in the early eighties but also knew that in the amino acid formula that I developed, there were one molecule in methionine and two in cystine. Furthermore we were unlocking the dietary proteins taurine etc. which were also sulfur containing.

In retirement I found a test for sulfur that showed a high percentage of persons that took our amino acids formulas religiously were still sulfur deficient ( myself included ). I also found that infections, the arthrites and poisonings; heavy metals, PAH"s ( polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons ) etc. responded much, much better when we added methylsulfanylmethane to our amino acid formula. Every person that had fibromyalgia was sulfur deficient.


The Third Demon

By 1986 I had developed two tests that screened the spine for spinal disk lesions;

( The BEV Tests3 ) and the ( The CCT or Confirmatory Challenge Tests 4 ) which also identified exactly disks which were involved and the exact corrections necessary to relieve them. I have written about them since that time and will not spend time here describing them. I will however explain that every case of fibromyalgia has DISKAL DEGENERATION THROUGHOUT THEIR ENTIRE SPINE.

For those of you who are not familiar with my grading of diskal lesions we include the drawings which we presented way back in the early eighties. You will note that we are talking mostly about the intradiskal lesion or Grade 1. This has no visible changes apparent in the CAT scan, the MRI, and the myelogram studies done with contrast media but is NEUROLOGICALLY ACTIVE. IT IS THIS LESION THAT MOST CHIROPRACTORS ARE UNKNOWINGLY TRYING TO CORRECT. This puts these practioners in the same condition as a carpenter without glue and other fasteners.

This was known to me in 1982 when I pioneered the use of the CAT scan in the study of diskal lesions in the New York area hospitals and private radiological facilities. Their presence is easily demonstrated through the BEV Tests.

This was pretty much a theory standing alone at that time but has now since been proven by a new procedure, IDET5 ( intradiskal electrothermal annuloplasty ) which I refer to as " Boil-a-Disk". It is reported to work as " well as fusion " and claims 80% of patients have " reduced pain and greater mobility ".

The procedure involves a six inch needle and a heating element which is inserted into the particular DISK and heated to 194 degrees for fifteen minutes. The heat not only kills the nerves but tightens ( cauterizes? ) the surrounding ligaments.

I have been trying to inform the profession about this for twenty years but only received defocused stares! Maybe when I tell you that the procedure costs $7000 saving the patient $43,000 ( a spinal operation can cost up to $50,000 )your attention spans will increase. Also this is not practical to do to the victims of fibromyalgia throughout the entire spine!

You can see now that the accuracy of " central sensitization " is a valid observation even though the good doctors are limited by their state-of-the-art diagnostic ability. Those few who practice as I do are way beyond that barrier.


The Grading of Diskal Lesions

The Diskal Connections of the Spinal Nerve

The Fourth Demon

I had been using the test kit Silver Amalgam which is made from homeopathic nosodes in a graduated series since my studies with Voll in the early eighties. Usually it was part of the testing we did on the worst of the allergy patients, the universal reactors.

When I began to test the fibromyalgia patients I was amazed to find that EVERYONE OF THEM WAS POSITIVE. Most of the really bad cases showed in the lower dilutions ( D5, D6, D10 etc. ) which is the most severe. Furthermore as you will see in our case histories, the offending teeth were removed some 30 years before. The reason for them not ridding themselves of this toxic heavy metal is the preceding protein/sulfur deficiencies preventing the glutathione and 400 series enzymes from being produced and the sulfation detoxification mechanisms ( Phase 11 liver detoxification ) being therefore totally inadequate.

I suspect that other of the heavy metals are involved and will be testing for them in the future. Right now the all time winner is mercury which if not removed by the liver is deposited in the NERVE and FATTY TISSUES. The reason for irritated nerves continues to grow. Not all cases were from the fillings, but most.

The dental profession just did a study on the relationship between mercury blood levels in the brain and the number of silver amalgam fillings in the mouth. They found that there was no relationship. What our dental brethern failed to take into account was the detoxifying ability of the patient ( protein, sulfur etc. ) and the specific fillings which were " leaching " mercury. Actually short of punching holes all over the patient the mercury will not show in blood levels, in hair analysis, or in urine and stool. It has to be mobilized for all laboratory tests. That is why the Energetic testing which I have named Vickery Quantum Testing © and EAV

( Electropuncture according to Voll ) are the only 21st century diagnostic tools that can determine these problems ,and with extreme accuracy.


The Fifth Demon

This is usually the Epstein-Barr virus. It is the virus associated with chronic fatigue. While the scientific community argues about the confusing results of their laboratory tests I am able to find it with great clarity and accuracy as to its exact degree in the body using our Quantum Testing. We have confirmed it many times with laboratory tests but have left them far, far behind. This virus has recently been associated with breast cancer6 . In rare cases it is not the EBV but is Coxackie , Cytomegalovirus, or other. Sometimes these subjects have TWO VIRUSES and a bacteria.

Since most viruses seem to locate irritated and inflamed areas the fibromyalgia victim is fertile soil. Because of his depressed immune functions, his degenerating joint system, his deteriorating spine, his lack of neurotrasmitters, and poisoned tissues, all of which are the result of the protein/sulfur inadequacy these viruses, without PROPER treatment, have found a lifetime home. This is one of the conditions that is reported as medically incurable ( EBV ) but has been conquered by natural means for many years.



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Woman Warrior

Joined: 02 Feb 2006
Posts: 525
Location: Vaccination Liberation - N Idaho Chapter

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 8:00 pm    Post subject: The Treatments and The Success of Treatment Reply with quote

The Treatments and The Success of Treatment

With Some Case Histories


To fully understand the treatments given it is best to restate the findings in these cases, many which are complications or associated conditions found progressively in other conditions ( including the demons ).

1. Protein ( amino acids ) deficiency resulting in enzyme deficiencies.
2. Multiple spinal disk degeneration.
3. Toxic bowel – ileocecal valve malfunction. A. Dysbiosis
4. Chronic viral infection – particularly Epstein Barr = chronic fatigue
5. Tissues ( including bones! ) calcium/phosphorus low from lack of protein transport.
6. Lack of proper neurotransmitters and hormones insulin, thyroid, serotonin, glutathione, DHEA, and sex hormones from improper amino acid metabolism.
7. Lymph slowdown.
8. Sinus infections, viral/bacterial/ yeast/fungal.
9. Other infections bacterial – ( Lymes disease )
10. Lack of Phase 1 and particularly Phase 11 detoxification mechanisms in the liver that allow heavy metals ( mercury is only one ) to remain in the body. This is where the lack of sulfur results in removal failure and glutathione inadequate production.
11. Mercury ( or other heavy metal ) poisoning.
12. Sulfur deficiency.
13. Altered body mechanics ( crooked posture )
14. Vitamin – mineral deficiencies.
15. Essential Fatty Acids deficiency.
16. Antioxidant deficiency.
17. Subluxation This is present in every person with Cat. 1 Distortions and every diskal lesion.

The Treatment In treating any body problem of whatever magnitude the goal is to supply the deficiencies. In the case of acute infections additional supplementation may be added to counteract the invader. Therefore in this condition extra vitamin C ( ascorbic acid crystalline ) minimum 3000mg. along with an enzyme C-complex, Enzyme Formulations

( containing all known factors ) one with each 1000 C IS ALWAYS ADDED.

The protein and sulfur problem is addressed with our US and World pat. pending Platinum Plus ( PAAP ) Nothing that we have seen exceeds the spinal disk rebuilding and detoxifying ability of this nutrient. It is in my opinion and all of the doctors who have the ability to monitor the removal of mercury from their patients – the treatment of choice at six per day. The spinal disks begin volumizing in 12 hours. The dysbiosis, lack of HCL, are normalized and the digestive enzymes are replenished re-arming the "Enzyme Cascade " from the pancreas to the individual cells. Since this will be a patented product there will be nothing else that accomplishes these multiple functions.

The Vitamin-mineral used is Bio Multi Plus from Biotics Laboratories which has no fillers and has proved to be a reliable source of Iodine, B-complex, Chromium, Selenium, and Vitamin A. I am sure that there are probably sources equal to this but when you spend your time doing millions of tests on these vitamins and they never let you down – you don’t change.

The essential fatty acids which correct excessive inflamation with prostaglandins, produce hormones, help calcium into the cells, are either from Pure Encapsulations or Omega Plus – both work.

Some Case Histories

Case # 1. Mrs. E.P. Initial Exam 11/30/98

This 65 year old patient came with a diagnosis of FM and a possible peripheral neuropathy of the nervous system. This was a surprisingly good diagnosis considering the diagnostic tools available to these previous practitioners. They demonstrated the reliability of a careful neurological exam although they didn’t come up with the foggiest idea of what was going on. This patient had in the last ten years seen forty, FORTY, doctors! A history of very severe attack of scarlet fever - Pain and aching everywhere. Allergy testing previously targeted eggs, mushrooms ,kale, kidney beans. She herself recognizes no allergies. Her main treatment was Ibuprofen. She attended the local FM support group.

Findings: TMJ, Sulfur deficient, protein ( amino acids ) deficient, Positive BEV Tests ( The entire spine was in a state of degeneration ), osteoporosis positive, Multiple vitamin deficiencies, had depression, salt deficiency, possible infection in teeth or jaws, all glands malfunctioning, fatty acids deficiency, positive Epstein Barr Virus, positive Herpes Simplex Virus all joints and spine, Mercury poisoning ( 8 level ), Strep infection all joints and spine.

Treatment This was nutritional as any physical work is extremely painful to these people and for that matter any protein deficient person.

12/21/98 most of the spinal disks had healed except in her neck ( this was corrected as the healing nutrients were not able to enter this disk ) Mercury had moved favorably to 10 level. She developed " cold sores " in the last battle with the Herpes Virus and it was no longer present in her body! Neither was the Epstein Barr Virus! This patient was still depressed - added additional B vitamin.

1/7/99 No more depression. No spinal disks. Silver amalgum 15 level! ( over 50% mercury removed ) This patient reported the last time seen that " she felt like dancing " and she has not detoxified all the way as yet. ( We moved to a new area ) All of this was accomplished in five weeks after 12 years of misery.

This was all done with Platinum Plus Essential Acids Formula, 6/day, professional grade multivitamin mineral formula, and Essential Fatty Acids also professional grade, with additional B support.

Case # 2. Mrs. A. S. 53 years old 4/9/99 ( today ) – Pains for the last several years – primary recent diagnosis possible recurrence of Lyme’s Disease. Legs swell when walking, never feels well , no energy and depressed. When doctors make up their mind as to whether or not Lyme’s is the culprit would have been placed in hopital for three weeks antibiotic treatment IV.

Examination revealed: BEV Tests positive all spinal areas, active Lyme’s disease, positive Epstein Barr virus , yeast/fungus infection bowels, vagina, head. Amino acid and sufur deficient , multiple vitamin-mineral deficiencies, mercury poisoning (level 6 )fatty acids deficient, depressed, The Platinum AA, fatty acids, prof. Multivitamin-mineral and other items were sent to her today – a month’s supply. We will assess her progress in two weeks.

It has been our observation that when a person with yeast fungus infection already is present and massive antibiotics are administered they do not always leave the hospital by the front door.

Case # 3. Mrs. L.M. 38 years old – 12/4/98 Her diagnosis of osteoporosis from surgical menopause was largely correct. This diagnosis did not explain however that she had classic symptoms of the newest disease in town, FM. By this time you will know some of what to expect. You will not be disappointed. Failed 14 BEV Tests ( whole spine going down the tubes ) does not sleep well – sometimes a few hours a nite. Reviewed bone densitiy study – not good – glands swollen and very painful, taking Congaplex , Calma Plus, homeopathic lymph drainage formula, had massive ear infections. Osteoporosis neck, lower spine , left hip and femur, positive Epstein Barr Virus, mercury poisoning ( 8 level ) Cytomegalo Virus, sinus lung infections ( pneumonia ) Strep infection ears, sinuses, spine, most joints. Infected teeth, depressed, lymph blockage, amino acids and sulfur deficient, fatty acids deficient yeast infection bowels, vagina, tonsils, both ears. Salt deficient ( thank the medical profession ) This girl ( mother ) had more species living inside her than the inhabitants of New York City! Furthermore she had a provocative attitude and had learned to use her symptoms to control her husband. When things didn’t go her way and she’d cry. She did that when we assured her that we were in charge – not her!

She was placed on P/AA 6/day, MV-minerals,fatty acids and more special things because of her multiple and overwhelming infections/infestations. I t took her two weeks to get up to full doseages, which is sometimes the way it has to be.

12/30/98 Now able to take full amounts of nutrients. Erupted with cold sores all around the mouth and lips. Her body was now fighting for the first time – lymph glands more swollen, hot flashes much worse, silveramalgum moved to 10 level. Cytomegalovirus also. Spinal disks healing except for mid spine. Upper jaw still infected. Continue

1/11/99 Great five days, glands reduced in size and tenderness, sleeping well and she had a better attitude, did physical correction of dorsal disk and solved that problem. This patient is continuing on the program and is doing well.

Case # 4. Mrs. M. S. 9/12/99 This 47 year old woman came to me by way of the web. She used a public library. She has had fibromyalgia for fifteen years. She reported that a year or so ago her hair analysis had mercury going off the chart! I explained to her that was good and confirmed the diagnosis but that the problem was with the mercury that the body could not eliminate ( Her level was a very large D6 ). Her virus was the Epstein-Barr. She read and re-read the information that was provided and felt that on a gut level that it was indeed correct. The chiropractor consulted was seeing her daily which at once was reduced to " as necessary " since the treaments were making her even more inflamed but relieved her respiratory problem for a short time ( sometimes only hours ) as she had a severe dorsal disk lesion which was effecting her diaphragm.

9/15/99 Nutrional support was begun with 6 PAA, 3 BioMulti, 3 Flax/ borage, 3000 mg. crystalline Cw/3 T1-T2 OPT or Ness 11’s. Every known nutritional need was met.

9/22/99 Only two chiropractic visits were given and her energy had greatly increased.

Her sleep patterns were becoming better and she felt rested afterwards which is a reversal of one of the many symptoms.

10/3/99 Only one chiropractic adjustment and she had begun an exercise program walking four miles daily. Her mercury levels were down to D30 proving that she was RAPIDLY eliminating from her system. The EBV was gone. ( It may re-appear in some 30% of the cases but it is expected and prepared for ).We increased her PAA to 8X/day as she habitually did not eat much protein food. Added protein to her diet in the form of two to four eggs per week which she had thought were bad for her as well as more fish and cheeses. This case is responding more rapidly than the average that has had the condition for this many years. The treatment is ongoing as of this writing.


This condition more than any other spotlights the stubborn lack of progress especially, in the Chiropractic profession, since the other professions have not had presented to them the brilliant discoveries of some of our great researchers. When full knowledge of the sequence of events is known the reversal of these compounded conditions is routine although with great variations. The fact that even the most recent graduate has not the faintest idea of what is going on under his hands is not his/her fault. This profession despite the academic

" window trimming " is mired in the 19th century where it started. As even lay persons can readily determine the state-of the-art is inadequate and it is shameful that the college presidents that are contacted say " put it in a journal ".

Chiropractic and Osteopathy have had special treatments that were intimately connected with the body. They also had the heaviest burdens because to contribute to the patient’s lasting health and maintain it they had to explain more than any other profession why these events ( distortions, subluxations, AND THE PHSIOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY ) were occurring. The cry is always for more research. THE RESEARCH IS ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED.

Medicine did not always bother with finding the true cause but is very adept at remedies that cover up symptoms. In the treatment of fibromyalgia it is largely NSAIDS. The medical profession does as much or even more harm than the chiropractor because they are contributing to the already present cartilage degeneration and presenting more poisons for an already overwhelmed liver.

I for one have chosen the route of bringing this knowledge to those that are ready ( in all of the professions ) and directly to the suffering people. This route is growing steadily and is a source of great satisfaction. My entire life has more than adequately prepared me for it. While I would readily accept help in submitting these facts and findings to scientific channels, as yet no research director seems interested but perhaps when the doctors that we have taught have seasoned a champion will appear.

There is a great gulf between doctors like myself and the orthodox practioner with whom I cannot really converse. I illustrate it thusly: The gulf is thirty feet wide and the chiropractor is a ten foot jumper. Who among you is ready to become a forty foot jumper?


1.Topographic Positions of Measuring Points in Electroacupuncture, Voll R., Textual Volume 1, 1st English, 3rd German Ed. H Schuldt Ed., Mediziniche Liaterarische Verlagsgesellschaft MBH, Uelzen, Germany, 1977.

2. The Vickery-Voll Tests, Free Form Acids, The Key Dietary Supplement, Published Privately, 1986

3. The BEV Tests, Vickery B.E., The Collected Papers of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, summer Ed, 1990-91

4. The Confirmatory Challenge Test, Vickery B.E., Today’s Chiropractic, Vol. 18, No.5 Sept/Oct 1989

5. Beating the Back Ache, Medicine, A New Procedure That Could Revolutionize Disc Surgery, Cowley G., Newsweek, March 15, 1999

6. Cancer Cantagion, Medicine, Why Do Epstein-Barr And Other Viruses Show Up In Breast Tumors?, Cowley G., Newsweek, August 30, 1999

For more information call 803-644-0607

Brice E. Vickery, D.C. graduated from Lincoln Chiropractic College in 1951 and took post graduate work at Lincoln College and Spears Chiropractic Hospital. He has appeared on radio and television and has authored The Pocket T.S. line Manual as well as numerous magazine articles. He also served two terms on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Chiropractic Association. He is a certified Applied Kinesiologist and has accreditation in Electroacupuncture according to Voll ( EAV ). He is listed in the 1999-2000 Who’s who in Medicine and Healthcare. After 50 years of practice most of which was in the CT Holistic Chiropractic Offices , he is now president of SuperNutrient Corporation, is a nutritional consultant, and teaches his methods in seminars.


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PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 1:01 pm    Post subject: Back Pain, Herniated Disk Reply with quote

Back Pain, Herniated Disk

Last update: 06/03,2004

Back Pain: Causes and Cures

The Cause
The Diagnosis
The Treatment
The Nutrition
The Prevention

The Cause
What causes back pain? Well that is a question for the ages, but we feel that we have moved one step closer to finding that answer. After reading "The History" under the "Amino Acids" section of our web site it was revealed that 9 out of 10 people are protien deficient. This deficiency is the cause for degeneration and infection through out the whole body. This condition may have been present for years before any injury has occured. Because of this weakened state, the body struggles against itself depriving cells of the nutients they need in order to protect and heal other areas of the body that might be fighting an infection or that is injured.

As the body is continually weakened it is more prone to injury. Now some injury is not avoidable as in a car accident, but if the body is getting the proper nutrients it needs the healing process occurs at a much increased state. Pain is lessened and reinjury is less likely to occur.

If a patient comes in after a car accident then it is safe to say that that pain is coming from some trauma sustained in the accident. But what if the extent of the injury is increased because of the bodies own weakened state. Then the diagnosis would be incorrect that the injury was sustained from the accident, when in fact the injury was sustained prior to the accident. The accident only aggrivated a preconditon. The need to look deeper, beyound the trauma, is necessary in order to understand the true cause of back pain.

So, understanding that the causes of back pain are mainly diskal degeneration from two sources:

1. nutritional deficiencies

2. the resulting mechanical change in posture (i.e. trauma)

The Diagnosis
Diagnosis, treatment, recovery is the common procedure for todays healing arts.
Most back pain diagnosis is similar to all other medial diagnostic procedures - conducted externally in an attempt see within. Take the three most common procedures for examining the spine and it's disks, the X-ray, the CAT scan and the MRI.

Then there are the more physical tests such as the orthopedic tests, neurologic tests, palpations, trigger point tests, Electric Myological tests for muscle and nerve conduction. These are standard and have value as do all of the other tests. The point is all of these test reach into the body to "see in" or to "pull out " (i.e. blood tests) for examination.

There has been in the Chiropractic profession developed means of testing the body from WITHIN! This is a non-invasive test by which the doctors are able to literally ask the body "what's wrong?" And the body answers! This is called Applied Kinesiology. The muscle is tested for strength. If strong, the body is then asked questions by means of meridian points. If the muscle weakens then the body has responded in the positive. Similar in concept to a checkup on your car. The dealer's computer inquires of your automobile's computer as to any low or outright malfunctions. Dealer can test for about a hundred things that might be going wrong. Doctors who are knowledgeable in these skills can test between four and five hundred points on the body! The only real difference is that the body is an organic computer far more powerful then a man made one.

Dr. Brice E. Vickery developed two non-invasive, diagnostic back pain tests. They are the BEV Tests and the Confirmatory Challenge Test ( CCT ) which consistently are better, safer, and virtually free when included in a routine examination. Compare that with $1500 for the MRI or the CAT Scan! ( Insurance dollars are YOUR dollars)

Using the BEV Tests for less obvious diskal lesions it becomes routine to find that besides the areas of complaint the entire spine is deteriorating. To see how the BEV Tests benefit both the doctor and the patient look at the side by side pictures of a lateral view of how the spine looks to doctors using the conventional methods and one using the BEV test. The spine with the single disk lesion is what can be discovered by a doctor using say, a CATscan. The one with the blackened disks all through the spine is what the advanced methods can detect! This has all been put on video for the training of doctors that would like to learn these methods. If your favorite doctor doesn't know about this he/she is very welcome to contact us for more information.

Routine Test

Advanced (BEV) Test

The Confirmatory Challenge Test was the first test developed and was the beginning of the amazing revelation that diskal degeneration was common THROUGHOUT THE SPINE. This test is used as the primary diagnosis in patients that cannot stand upright very long, have a positive CAT Scan diagnosis, or have very serious pain.

The Treatment
When a doctor can with certainty diagnose a condition, he/she is halfway or more to the treatment - ordinarily. The advanced diagnostic methods of Dr. Brice E. Vickery conclude that back pain is a deficiency disease. Thus, treatment of the deficiencies begets treatment and eradication of the back pain.

Utilizing The Vickery Method, in the initial exam the patient's deficiencies are found and the appropriate nutritional regimen is prescribed. Normally, 9 out of 10 patients will require Essential Amino Acids as part of the regimen. Additionally, it is typical that the patient will also requires a special vitamin C Complex and an Iodine supplement which work in conjunction with the Amino Acid regimen.

Re-examination usually reveals that all of the spinal disks are healing and the other procedures that are necessary to maintain fully functioning muscle, nervous, and acupuncture ( meridians ) are now rapidly achieved. Within two to five visits, the patient has maintained a straight posture and may hold it as long as there are no deficiencies. The patient is instructed to remain on a maintenance nutritional back pain regimen consistently and is encouraged to visit his doctor quarterly (every three months). This is a wellness practice!

In serious disk degeneration cases where the patient is unable to stand up, treatment includes the same nutritional regime but the patient is seen every other day until there is significant pain relief. Patients in this state required absolute rest. These patients underwent manipulations with a method developed by Dr. Vickery rather than Chiropractic or Osteopathic manipulations (which can precipitate surgery) . No drugs were ever used! The rest of the treatment followed the same course as the example above. A person should not need endless spinal adjustments!

Years of trial and struggle have resulted in a simple, logical, measured every step of the way, healing, not of the disks in question but the WHOLE BODY! Dr. Vickery has proven that deficiency is not only a back pain disease but a whole body disease. With this understanding, doctors can respond to patients with SuperNutrients nutritional regimen that heals the whole body.

The Nutrition
Can the Amino Acids that are contained in SuperNutirents Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids (Patent Applied For) and SuperNutirents Essential Amino Acids ™ be obtained from the food that we eat?

The nutrition that we get from our food is no longer sufficient for our needs. By "improving" foods with cooking and preserving, pasteurization of dairy and juice products, and canning, we really haven't improved anything. We can keep it forever now but the trouble is that it has become "dead" food!

The enzymes present in live food are destroyed in our preparation of them. These enzymes according to Dr. Edward Howell and Dr. Howard Loomis augment our "enzyme banks" (a limited capacity to make digestive enzymes) because LIVE FOOD HELPS TO DIGEST ITSELF! It is for this reason that Dr. Vickery recommends that everyone make an effort to ingest at least 50% of their food in its natural state. The average person typically does not do this much.

Even with this effort it is necessary to supplement a healthy diet with SuperNutrient's Amino Acid formula. This supplement provide proportionate amounts of amino acids to the pancreas and small intestine which then manufacture the digestive enzymes needed to digest the daily dietary protein we ingest. The body then gets the total amino acids from the meat, eggs, fish, and nuts that should be part of our daily diets.

The Prevention
Many disciplines claim to have the answer to the prevention or eradication of back pain. There is usually an element of truth and success to each however, no one has ever brought a health care regimen together in one provable system until now.


Find a doctor who can determine nutritional deficiencies and maintain your Straight Posture (we can assist you in finding a doctor in your area).

Maintain your nutritional needs and you may be able to maintain your Straight Posture for years without ANY need for correction.

See your doctor Quarterly for checkups.

Stay on the nutrition regimen that healed you!!! Most people, when feeling good, start to cut down on their Amino Acids or vitamins and are surprised when symptoms return. Don't fall victim to this pattern.

Exercise! It is important to keep your muscles toned relevant to what your physical goals are!


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 3:52 pm    Post subject: Fibromyalgia Causes and Treatment Reply with quote

Fibromyalgia Causes and Treatment


First the bad news: Fibromyalgia is a condition involving widespread chronic pain which is often severe. To be diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a patient must have widespread pain for three months or more, and must have tenderness at 11 or more of 18 specific points on the body. Ninety percent of patients are women, and about 3.5% of the female population suffer from the condition. Fibromyalgia can be a very serious problem - 70% of patients consider themselves to be disabled. Twenty-six percent receive at least one form of disability payment. Sixteen percent receive Social Security disability payments compared with 2.2% of the general population in the USA. In addition to pain, patients also experience a number of other symptoms:

Seventy-five percent of fibromyalgia patients also have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Most, if not all, report sleep problems. Most report that they are light sleepers. Even those who sleep 8 or more hours a night report that they are not rested in the morning.

Irritable bowel problems are found in 60% compared to 20% of the general population.

Irritable bladder symptoms are experienced by about half of these patients.

Restless leg syndrome is more common in fibromyalgia patients than in non-patients.

Problems with mental fatigue and emotional distress are common.

Thirty percent complain of being cold much of the time.

Dizziness is a common symptom.

One study found that 52% of patients also have multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS).

A large number have various forms of arthritis.

Dr. Samuel Yue also reports that chronic headaches, mitral valve prolapse, menstrual problems, endometriosis, and TMJ problems are all many more times more common in fibromyalgia patients than in the rest of the population. Their tissues age more rapidly than normal, he says, and many of their symptoms are related to this premature aging.

Patients who receive the usual treatments do not usually improve much over the years. After years of treatment, most patients rate their health as only fair or poor, each takes an average of 2.7 fibromyalgia related medications in every 6-month period.

What causes this condition? Premature aging of tissues is related to the catabolic imbalance described by Revici. This is also called the dysaerobic imbalance by Schenker. See Metabolic Balancing for more on this.

I have recently seen a fibromyalgia patient experience a reduction of symptoms from simply taking Oxygenic D Plus drops for her dysaerobic imbalance.

Correction of metabolic imbalances is a good first step. You can phone 1-800-736-4320 for the name of a doctor in your area who knows how to do this.

Dr. Samuel Yue noted that many women with fibromyalgia enjoy a reduction or even a remission of symptoms during pregnancy. He then began to research the hormonal changes during pregnancy. The most striking change is a ten-fold increase in the ovarian hormone called relaxin.

This finding is consistent with the fact that many fibromyalgia patients have their first symptoms after removal of the ovaries or after menopause. Both of these conditions greatly reduce relaxin levels - a problem not addressed by the usual hormone therapies. Further research revealed that 70% of female patients experience dramatic improvement when relaxin supplementation is used. Only 30% of male patients experience this improvement. Raynaud's phenomenon is also known to disappear during pregnancy, by the way, suggesting that this condition may also be an insufficiency of relaxin.

There are some possible side effects from relaxin replacement. Nausea, diarrhea, anxiety, breast tenderness, increased menstrual flow, and acne can last up to 7-10 days as the body adjusts to more normal hormone levels.

On the other hand, common beneficial effects include improved hair growth and quality, improved nail growth and strength, clearer and more youthful skin, increased libido, improved memory, clearer thinking, increased calmness, increased motivation, increased senses of taste and smell, better thermal regulation, improved circulation, deeper and more restful sleep, increased energy, reduction of digestive symptoms, reduction of urinary symptoms, and decreased muscle tightness and pain. The effects are in general anti-aging.

Relaxin is available as a product called Vitalaxin, 20 mcg per tablet. The recommendation for women is to start with 1 tablet in the evening for 2-3 days. If there are no side effects, increase to 1 tablet AM and 1 tablet PM for 2-3 days. If there are no side effects, increase to 1 tablet AM and 2 PM for 2-3 days. Then to 2 AM and 2 PM. In 6-9 months, the connective tissue will be remodeled to a more youthful state, and the dose can be reduced to 1 tablet daily. For men, the maximum dose is 2 tablets per day.

WARNING: Relaxin increases serotonin levels. (This is good.) Most fibromyalgia patients are also taking St John's wort or medications such as Elavil, Paxil, Prozac or others that raise serotonin levels or block serotonin uptake. It is necessary to consult with your physician so that medications can be reduced if necessary to avoid a hyper-serotonin situation. That would not be so good. Hopefully it will be possible to eventually do without the medications.

See for more on fibromyalgia and relaxin.

There are people with fibromyalgia who are using "Rife machines" of various types who are reporting benefit. Rife-Bare, EMEM2, EMEM3, and other units are being reported to help. One researcher reported that the following frequencies helped: 300, 318, 460, 600, 1014, 1100, 1184, 1200, 1320, 1370, 1460, 1570, 1686-1688, 1730-1800, 1862, 1900, 1970, 2040, and 2190.

Dr. Vickery's excellent article





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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 4:14 pm    Post subject: Fibromyalgia and Amino Acids Reply with quote

Fibromyalgia and Amino Acids

This item was sent to me by a colleague who has seen some remarkable results. I am doing some experiments with the program which uses Dr. Vickery's Platinum Essential Amino Acids, Douglas Vitamin C crystals, Biotics Bio Multi Plus and Emulsified A&E, Ness #11 Enzyme Activator, and Pure Encapsulations Flax and Borage Oil capsules.


I have recently discovered an UNBELIEVABLE system to cure Fibromyalgia completely. The premise is solid, and consists of the understanding that proteins are not well absorbed/digested and that there is a problem with sulfur metabolism. I have two clients on the program already with BRILLIANT results. There is no more trying and attempting to find out what works, as the entire program works wonders.

I meant to post about this a while back but wanted to wait and see how the clients fared.

It is Dr. Vickery's s program, orchestrated around his Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids. You can get on the professional list and get the supplements at professional prices and provide the program to your patients and you will see miracles.
(Name withheld)


Letter From The Doctor

Fibromyalgia is a Disease

Because so many people have demonstrated an interest in understanding the story behind the fibromyalgia mystery, I have decided to write a essay discussing this complex condition in detail. I will discuss its origins in hypoglycemia, and protein deficiency. I will discuss its relationship to viral, bacterial, yeast and fungal infections. I will illuminate its connection to spinal degeneration and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. I will also discuss my testing methods to explain how I find these conditions in the body. Although my methods are not standard medical procedure today, I have found that they are extremely efficient, cost effective, and highly accurate. Many years of research went into the development of my testing methods and the development of the Platinum Plus Amino Acids, the foundation of all my prescribed programs for the cure of many disease conditions, including fibromyalgia.

Hopefully, after reading this essay, you will have a real understanding of the nature of this condition and its root cause, protein deficiency. A quick summary: When the body becomes unable to digest food properly, it becomes protein deficient and therefore open to all kinds of disease conditions. Until this deficiency is corrected, the body will continue to tend toward illness, rather than health because our body uses the amino acids digested from food to make thousands of different proteins to keep it healthy. Platinum Plus Amino Acids do not have to undergo the digestive process and so they are immediately available for use in the manufacture of digestive enzymes. Now the body can use food to make the many proteins it needs to function. The problem of protein deficiency is solved and fibromyalgia disappears. It's really just that simple. The following articles just tell the story in detail.

Testing for Fibromyalgia

When I discover viral or bacterial infections in my patients, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is, "Other doctors I've been to never found these things, how do you identify these infections?" The answer is simple, I am using a testing method that will allow me to search for diseases I suspect may be harbored by the body. The currently accepted methods for testing in the field of status quo medicine are mainly biochemical. There is nothing wrong with these methods; they work well in certain instances. For instance blood and throat cultures for strep are fine if the strep is in either of these locations. But what if you are harboring strep (or hepatitis C or staph, etc.) somewhere else, maybe your heart, spine, or brain? How do I find it? If I used a blood test it may come up negative. Does this mean that the diagnosis for the pathogen is negative? No, it means I have to find the method that will allow me to test for strep in all areas of the body. This is exactly what I am saying about many doctors and their testing methods today, it's not that their methods are invalid, it's just that their methods allow them to find disease only part of the time.

Biochemical diagnostics are an outgrowth of Newtonian physics. Newton showed us that there were laws, based on observations of the world that would always lead to correct answers as to how that world worked. Einstein did not prove Newton wrong; he just proved that Newtonian laws only applied in certain spheres, which did not always include energy. E=MC2 also proved that mass is energy, so we are energy, and it would not seem unreasonable that doctors would develop testing methods based on energy (quantum physics) in order to find out things that Newtonian methods could not. Energy medicine has been evolving since the nineteenth century and the FDA and the FDC now recognize certain of its methods as valid scientific methods.

I have been using these methods for many years now. Not only have they enabled me to identify and pinpoint the exact location of disease in the body, but they have also enabled me to develop cures for these same diseases. Using either electro-acupuncture or kineseology I can locate in just a few minutes the presence of many different pathogens and toxic metals, measure their levels, and pinpoint the tissues and organs in which they reside.

Presently fibromyalgia is treated as a collection of unexplained symptoms, which doctors attempt to relieve by various drugs such as anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, cholesterol lowering drugs, antacids, etc. This is symptom relief, it will not cure a condition which allows toxic infections to overrun the system! Hepatitis C, mercury, herpes viruses, lupus, staph, strep, etc., my experience has shown me that things like these collect in the body and form the symptomology of the condition known as fibromyalgia!

Fibromyalgia and Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is the common condition that I find in fibromyalgia (FM) patients leading to the root cause of FM, protein deficiency. Hypoglycemia is a condition which has around 100 different symptoms associated with it, such as weakness, disorientation, headaches, slurred speech, tiredness, or nervousness. If blood sugar levels become too low, the result can be coma. Sadly enough, doctors will often end up misdiagnosing this simple problem because they fail to administer a six-hour glucose tolerance test or misinterpret the results. The outcome is that patients will sometimes be administered anti-depressants for low blood sugar! It's is a shame because this is where FM really starts, with pancreatic overload, leading to loss of digestive function and to protein deficiency in the body.

Fortunately, I do not have to administer expensive tests, I have developed a highly efficient and accurate form of applied kineseology, called the Vickery-Voll Test which allows me to test the three specific pancreas acupuncture points,1) protein 2)carbohydrate, and 3) fat. If the number two point shows up, I know that carbohydrate metabolism is impaired, which is the defining attribute of hypoglycemia. This will happen when a person consumes too much sugar or refined carbohydrate. The pancreas will then work overtime secreting insulin to lower blood sugar levels and the adrenals will become stressed by producing high levels of adrenalin so that the liver will convert amino acids and fats to glucose to raise blood sugar back up again. In this process all three acupuncture points will eventually register impaired metabolism, but it is with protein deficiency that FM finally occurs. Meanwhile the thyroid gland is attempting to control the rate at which the blood sugar is utilized by the body, so it is working overtime also.

It's sort of like a car engine that overheats and then fails. The weakest link in this system will determine how the body fails. If the adrenals are the weakest point, clinical hypoglycemia will occur, if the pancreas fails, diabetes will follow, if the thyroid crashes, Hashimoto's Disease could happen, if the liver malfunctions, cirrhosis will develop. Other glands also become involved in the imbalance including the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the thyroid, and the sex glands. Digestion becomes impaired as the pancreas stops making the necessary digestive enzymes, and now the entire body becomes deficient in proteins, its structural and functional building blocks. Then the system becomes open to diseases of all kinds, the defining condition of FM.

If the pancreas does not have the necessary amino acids it will not make digestive enzymes or glucagons (the stuff which allows the liver to convert glycogen, a sort of stored sugar, into glucose), nor will the adrenals make adrenalin (the stuff which allows the liver to convert protein and fats to glucose for balanced blood sugar.) If the body cannot do these things blood sugars can never be properly balanced, and the glands will always be overworking to try and control an out of control situation. Two things are necessary:

1. a low-carbohydrate, no sugar diet to give the over worked glands a rest, and

2. amino acids to start the system working properly again.

But don't make the mistake of thinking any amino acids will work, we already tried that, I had to develop a very specific blend of essential amino acids in the correct balance to one another. I want to make that very clear because if the amino acids are taken in the incorrect amounts or out of balance, you could just end up doing yourself more harm. All of my FM patients who have followed my FM program faithfully have gotten well.

Fibromyalgia and Back Pain

In one hundred per cent of our fibromyalgia diagnoses, we have found a degenerating spine, from neck to tailbone. In many (but not all of) these cases back pain is also present. If there is no degenerative disk disease, there is no fibromyalgia. In 1982 we discovered that cellular protein deficiency had a deleterious effect on the spine and by 1986 we had proved that Degenerative Disk Disease(DDD):

1. Caused back pain in many instances and,

2. Was the direct result of cellular protein deficiency!

The next step was to develop the supplement that would ensure protein delivery to the cells. Obviously, diet was not the answer because many of our patients ate plenty of protein. We then found out that the problem stemmed from digestive system malfunction. Nine out of ten people do not properly digest their food and therefore cannot utilize their proteins. So we went to work carefully developing an amino acid blend that would ensure that the body received the protein it needs to function properly, then we added sulfur to take care of the widespread sulfur deficiency we were finding in most of our patients.

In order to find the connection between DDD and protein deficiency I had to develop a new method of testing. Using applied kineseology combined with the Voll electroacupuncture method (EAV), I came up with the Vickery-Voll Test (vibrational resonance testing), which uses energetic frequencies in order to locate and identify disease states in the body. Using this same testing method we determined that it took around 10-12 hours for the degenerated spinal disks to begin rebuilding when the patient began taking the Platinum Plus Amino Acid blend. If you you have fibromyalgia, your entire spine is degenerating.

Fibromyalgia and Viral Infections

I told you that viral infections appear to form the symptomatology for the condition fibromyalgia (FM). In fact I have never seen a single case that did not have at least one virus attacking some part of the body. I also told you that Degenerative Disk Disease) DDD accompanies FM. It is this diagnosis of DDD that helps us locate the area of the viruses. Wherever the spinal disks have degenerated to the point that they affect the nerves around them is area where viruses seem to congregate. For instance, diabetic neuropathy patients with bilateral sciatic nerve and lower body pain fairly consistently give a positive reading for lupus in that same area of the body. Doctors today are still undecided as to whether Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFM) is a part of FM or not. My experience with FM patients is that the adrenals are always affected and that this is an area where viruses will attack. A virus that we often find in this area is Epstein-Barr, which is also associated with CFM. Unfortunately we cannot test for all 600 known viruses but we do test for many, including Hepatitis A,B,and C, herpes (zoster and simplex), coxsackie, and cytomegalo, to name a few.

Fibromyalgia and other infections; bacterial, yeast/fungus, parasites, and toxic metals: When the body has a protein/sulfur deficiency it cannot defend itself from infections because it doesn't have the raw materials (amino acids) to make the defense equipment (such as immune system proteins) it needs to keep the body safe from invaders. Bacterial infestations of staph and strep show up in many of my protein deficient patients, as well as intestinal parasites like lamblia and coxsackie. In FM we often find bacterial infections even in the lymph nodes, causing a painful condition known as lymphadenitis. In this condition bacteria, which are usually flushed out by the lymph system, become trapped and the white cells that congregate to kill the infection cause pus to accumulate in the nodes, which, if the bacteria are unresponsive to antibiotics, doctors will sometimes have to surgically drain. Time and time again, however, conditions that prove resistant to antibiotics clear up with the Vickery Fibromyalgia Protocol.

Protein deficiency will allow yeast or fungal infections to begin to cause problems all over the body, showing up as rashes, constipation, poor concentration, and sinusitis. It is my observation that many auto immune conditions such as, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia occur as a result of chronic infections, which the body is not equipped to control. Overwhelmed, the body becomes confused and begins to produce T-cells that are programmed to attack live healthy cells, In other words without the necessary protein to act as our body's general system manager, chaos ensues and we respond with an allergic reaction to ourselves!

This situation is made even worse by xenotoxins such as DDT, hydrocarbons, PCP, sodium fluoride, and metals like aluminum, cadmium, lead, and mercury. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen infections gather around teeth with mercury fillings (or root canals.)I have found consistently that Platinum Plus Amino Acids will remove toxic metals from the system faster and more efficiently than all the expensive chelation treatments, simply by activating the body's defense systems.

Yeast is a particularly nasty contributor to a weakened immune system. Often doctors will only recognize vaginal or intestinal yeast, trying to solve the problems with expensive creams, pills, or intestinal washes. These treatments provide at best temporary fixes but do not cure a condition that if allowed to follow its course could well end in death. Research into yeast infection shows that it produces over 79 different toxins in the body, which cause over 40 different symptoms. Bad yeast infections can completely shut down the thyroid, resulting in Hashimoto's Disease. When yeast infections become systemic there is no way that the body can fight other infections such as hepatitis or staph.

A yeast diet is imperative, but many are not effective because they do not understand that in order for equilibrium to be restored to the body a very strict, super low-carb diet must be combined with proper amino acid-vitamin-mineral supplementation. My experience with thousands of yeast patients is that if this protocol is not followed, the body will not heal. When the protocol is strictly adhered to we find that even cases such as antibiotic resistant Lyme Disease will disappear. Once the body has been brought back into balance people can revert to a more normal diet. It has been my experience that all FM patients also have a yeast overgrowth.

Fibromyalgia and other nutritional deficiencies

The last category to go over in our fibromyalgia (FM) essay is that of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids (EFA). In my experience, FM patients are usually deficient in all these areas. The reason for this is that protein transporters carry each of these vital nutrients into the cell, and if you are protein deficient you cannot sufficiently make these transporters. Another reason may be the type of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals you are taking. Many of the EFAs available on the market today actually do absolutely nothing for you. Truthfully, I don't know the reason for this but I do know that all the EFAs I tested were turning up detrimental to people's systems so we went ahead and developed an EFA blend of our own, one we can absolutely assure you will be beneficial. (Note: The EFA formula is the Flax and Borage Oil combination from Pure Encapsulations.)

It is the same with vitamins and minerals. Remember, just because it comes from a health food store doesn't mean it is any good! Did you know that one of the major clogging agents in municipal sewer systems is undigested supplement tablet? Two reasons for this:

1. If you are protein deficient, you won't be able to produce the enzymes to digest anything you put in your system and

2. If your supplement pill is so loaded with fillers designed to give the tablet shape and shelf life, chances are you couldn't digest it anyway!

All Vickery Programs come with amino acids to ensure digestion and vitamins and minerals that are digestible. (If you want to test this simply drop one of our vitamins in a glass of water and watch it start to dissolve.) Also, minerals must be of the proper size, water-soluble, and ionic in order to be accepted into the cell, if they are not, it won't matter how many protein transporters you have, the minerals will just end up floating around your system, storing themselves in tissues and blood vessels, causing their own set of problems.

So to summarize: In FM patients , the pancreas begins to malfunction, leading to blood sugar imbalances, leading to an inability to digest food properly, therefore FM patients are protein deficient, and subsequently vitamin, mineral (especially sulphur), and fatty acid deficient. This is true no matter how much protein and how many supplements they ingest. These deficiencies lead to a weakened immune system, which in turn cannot protect the system from infestations of bacteria, overgrowths of yeast, or settlement of toxic metals. The spine begins to degenerate and viral infections begin to take hold, organs start to malfunction and there is nothing the body can do because it does not have the tools to fix itself. Any drugs that a doctor prescribes for FM will only alleviate symptoms, let me repeat that, any drugs prescribed by a doctor for FM will only alleviate symptoms, they will not cure FM. The digestive system must be given the proper amino acid blend, vitamins, fatty acids and minerals in order to start working properly, and then the body will cure itself.

This is the only way FM can be cured. Think about it, FM is a complex, intensive, systemic condition that is really nothing more than a highly efficient gateway for disease, One can spend a tremendous amount of time and money chasing down these diseases one by one, but until the gateway is closed, more will keep coming. These diseases are just the symptoms of protein deficiency, that's how simple it is.

Dr. Brice E. Vickery


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