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October 31, 2006 "Halloween" Chat Report

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 02 Feb 2006
Posts: 525
Location: Vaccination Liberation - N Idaho Chapter

PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2006 12:42 pm    Post subject: October 31, 2006 "Halloween" Chat Report Reply with quote

October 31, 2006 Chat Report

Fellow Warriors, I lost the chat suddenly, so apologies that I left so suddenly without saying good night.

We wanted to boost for All Hallows Eve aka Halloween. My dear friend Ricardo (who is an excellent booster, by the way), mentioned boosting tonight because of the innocent children in Satanic rituals, he wanted to stop. I was talking to him in MSN and Lilly at the same time. So I mentioned to Lilly about Halloween and us boosting during it. Ricardo will be joining us shortly to help in our chat boosting sessions.

Lilly then sent out a round letter to meet tonight.

We all showed up and chatted for a few to warm up as usual. That part is always fun, because ya never know what we’re going to talk about. Laughing

Mike was feeling anxious about something, he says political. Lilly could pick up on his anxiety. I think it had something to do with Ken’s article; he just recently posted on Lilly mentioned that Ken got attacked from posting that, and also the other night, I was browsing his site and I got Bandwidth Exceeded, which usually means interference.

We boosted the Satanic Rituals. I had specific targets in mind for that; Vatican, catacombs under the Vatican, Washington, DC, Horrorwood… er Hollywood. Laughing

We were also discussing Halloween in general and that they need this useless holiday to keep the fear factor up.

Lilly mentioned something about they wanted people to fear the other side, which is not as scary as they want people to believe. Well, not for the good guys anyway. Well, the bad boyz should be concerned about the other side, because they will get some downtime in the lower astral, hell, the eight sphere or whatever you want to call it.

We were talking about the Jack O Lanterns pumpkins and the light they want ppl to fear in the dark. We need to look up the history of Jack O Lanterns to find out what it is.

Castles were mentioned being boosted and gifted. Mike mentioned Transylvania. I was surprised to find it’s a real place. I had always thought it was make believe or folklore, etc… Lilly mentioned about wanting to go gift a castle somewhere, but I don’t know which one she wants to gift.

As usual, I was using the Ark to boost these places and rituals.

Nothing like boosting with the permanent atoms for the planet, is it?

I was also playing the Holy Harmony by Johnathan Goldman and intentioning that LOVE frequency going out along with Ark energy.

Imagine for a moment if everyone quit celebrating Halloween. Another mind control fear day for the masses, and another business day according to Constantin. Yes it is, Constantin!

Another day to suck our hard earned money for a useless holiday. Buy all that aspartame and sugar laced candy and crap for people’s precious children. You want to give something out for Halloween? How about make a bunch of towerbusters or other Orgonite and give that out instead. That’s a worthy investment, as far as I’m concerned.

Okay, rant over. Laughing

We did 5 minutes boosting on the Vatican and Lilly got the word foreclosure and something about some books in the Vatican for record keeping. Like they have our future written out in books. C said something about we write our own future in our minds, and I’m in agreement with that. Go C! I’ll let Constantin elaborate more on foreclosures which he had a lot to say about it in chat.

One of my favorite things to boost for is ABUNDANCE. For millennia people have been mind controlled with this vow of poverty or welfare mentality. So we boosted for abundance, and decided that we’ll be boosting for that every time in our chats.

Lilly had the idea of boosting the fear of Halloween to become connected with God. We absolutely love to boost for people to become connected to God. That is so very important in this day and time, as TPTB does everything they can to cut us off from God and the emerging Christ Frequency coming to this planet now. They use their vaccines, pHARMaceutical drugs, aspartame, fluoride, chlorine, tainted dairy products, chemtrails, microwave towers, MkUltra, Monarch, etc… to cut us off from God. I might add that the Hebrew word for God’s name is Yod Hey Vov Hey which I got from Len Horowitz’s books.

Lilly, you and the others can post additional comments, as I had to write tonight’s report from memory, since I suddenly lost the chat. And please correct me, if needed.


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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 4:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fear is what keeps people trapped in this dimension, it shuts all psychic doors and connection with the source, it make us pessimistic and depressed.

We cannot connect with other dimensions (departed loved ones, etc) if we are afraid. We were programmed to be afraid if we ever want to communicate with “the other side”.

Few days ago I tried to connect with my departed father and sister. Don’t want to get into details, just want to mention that I had a very pleasant experience although it was weird. Having my eyes opened I could see the furniture and objects in my house altering their structure, dancing slowly, dilating and contracting. Donna experienced something similar like walls moving.
I guess when we let go of fear we can see more -- in other dimensions and we can get guidance and messages which can help us grow spiritually, raising our frequencies.

Halloween is supposed to be a celebration of fear, so this particular night we changed fear into a celebration of life, connecting people with the Creator.

One more thing I want to mention:
While boosting Vatican, I was watching pope John Paul II writing the word “foreclosure” in a big book of records. In previous sessions we bumped into these records. I have a feeling these are the “akashic records” which are somehow hijacked by the dark side. I learned more about these records after “seeing” these books in our boosting sessions.

Akashic records are a library of knowledge which exists in the astral , like a library of eternity. It acts like a database storage of people who ever existed and events who took place on Earth.
After I asked God if it’s okay to change the records, I deleted the word “foreclosure” and replaced it with “abundance” . Why not?
Abundance is infinite; it means health, wealth, happiness, it is available to everyone. No one should be poor on the face of this planet, so I strongly encourage everyone to get rid of the “oath of poverty” and replace it with “abundance”. If it is necessary go back to previous lives or even genes and do the changes.


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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 23
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 5:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Regarding this last boosting session. I hope once and for all I make this clear. Whatever you see it done, it is done to keep us busy. Period.

Has nothing to do with money (what money anyhow) and has everything to do with control. If I manage to keep you sick, which will lead one to poverty, I control you, as simple as that. From this point on, FEAR kicks in and all related negative issues.

I was touching the foreclosure issue in this last chat. Lilly mentioned to me for the last few days the word "foreclosure" kept coming to her.

For the last 12 month the forclosures increased by 41 %, I'm talking about the united states of america. These are big numbers folks.

These things are not just happening, or coincidences, these were planned as usual, nothing just happens, there is a reason for everything.

I remember the stock market about 4years ago, it "LOST" so many trillions. In the news, they claimed in six month the stock market in US lost the equivalent of the GNP (gross national product) of Japan and Germany combined, some numbers here as well.

Actually it was not lost, because it can't be lost. If you have a + (plus) at this end it has to be a - (minus) at the other end, in banking, it's called balancing the books. What happened, it was taken from one side and added to the other side.

It was a market "CORRECTION" according to official version. Same now here, with the housing. There is a market "CORRECTION".

There were $500,000 loan given to some people who made less than $100,000/ year and of course they can't pay. So, repo time, foreclosure time.

Since the DOW and Nasdaq are not the same, because people don't put their "money" there, not nearly as much as they did, people decided to go the "SAFE" way and invest in real estate. Interest rates were low, but prices were artificially inflated.

Loans were given right and left and we had a wonderfull real estate market. Now, it is "CORRECTION" time. Since you can't pay that big loan, we'll take the house you're poor again, you ain't got nothing, not even the $20,000 downpayment you put on the house, they took that too.

So, get back to work, do about 80 hours/week and the goal was accomplished again, we manage to KEEP YOU BUSY.

I truly pray people can see the game. It is not complicated and anyone with half brain can see it. Once you see the game, what you're gonna do about it, is up to you.

So going back to foreclosures in america, it was "CORRECTION" time. People had couple of extra bucks in their pocket... and the situation had to be "CORRECTED", or dealt with it accordingly.

BTW, don't get upset, whatever we do, we do it to ourselves, we have choices and one of them is to THINK.

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