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Remote viewing Auras

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Joined: 08 Jul 2006
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Location: Cyprus

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 12:50 am    Post subject: Remote viewing Auras Reply with quote

As i was boosting a dear friend the other day,i opened my eyes for a sec and when i closed them i noticed i could see the aura of my computer screen.
I thought interesting...What if i "replace" the screen with a person,whould i be able to remote view his/hers aura?
So thats what i did,i visualised the person was right there,in front of me.
I started seing the outline of the persons face and blue/violet aura (first layer of the aura) around it.
Every few seconds other colours "flashed" before my eyes.

I got excited and lost my concentration Crying or Very sad

I called up my local healer to ask him how he remote views auras.
He said "I visualise the person is before my eyes" .

Relaxing i think is very important,because when you relax your brain waves drop.
The more you lower your brain waves,the more your psychic skills increase.

Very easy technique to help you relax and lower your brain waves.
It is called 3 finger technique and all you need to do is put together your thumb,index and middle finger.
Left or right it doesnt matter,you can do it with both hands if you like.

I do not know why or how this works.All i can say it does work and i always feel alot of energy where the fingers meet.

Comments,suggestions from other members (or not) very welcome.

Tony Very Happy
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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Location: God's land

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 1:07 am    Post subject: Three fingers mudra, aura viewing Reply with quote

I love this mudra (seal): the “three finger technique” (thumb, index, middle). It is actually called Kubera Mudra in Sanskrit. Mudras or seals are hand positions which complete certain circuits in the body to create different flows of energy.

I use this mudra when I meditate on abundance and prosperity, and as you Tony, I feel a lot of energy flowing through my fingers and hands. To me this mudra is one of the most powerful ones. Kubera mudra is used for creating wealth and reaching your goals. Also it decongested the frontal sinuses, which are connected to third eye (clairvoyance). Remote viewing is connected to the third eye, so it makes sense what you are saying.

A great affirmation while using this mudra is "I give and receive the best."

Also fingers are associated with the 5 elements:
Thumb represents fire, index is air, middle is connected with aakash (ether), ring represents earth, and the little one is water.

Where these three (thumb, index, middle) fingers meet, lung, large intestine and pericardium meridians end.

Regarding viewing ones aura remotely or non remotely this is my personal opinion:

First I do not recommend intruding into someone’s space by trying to see his/her aura without asking for permission because seeing someone’s aura is very personal and private, it is like looking very deep inside ones soul. If aura comes to you instantaneously that means you already have permission and there is a connection between you and the one you look at.

Usually aura comes to me when I am supposed to see it.
I really liked one of my yoga teachers and despite asking permission to see her aura I could not see it. That doesn’t mean something was wrong with the teacher. I had to go through other teachers first and when I was ready to learn from her, the aura came instantaneously. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear“- rings so very true to me.

I choose my teachers by looking at their aura, it usually comes to me. I don’t have to ask permission or look for it. Their aura is usually golden - yellow and very radiant.

When someone asks for help (healing, remote viewing etc), that’s another story, you automatically have permission because they asked for help.

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