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Gifting/healing in CHILE

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 11:34 pm    Post subject: Gifting/healing in CHILE Reply with quote

Gifting/healing in CHILE

there is a very sweet couple gifting in Chile, here is our exchanged emails:

I read your reply with delight, thank you. You guys are doing an awesome work, good job!!!
I will be sending some energy and prayers your way to accomplish what you are supposed to.

Regarding dolphin balls:
you probably put too much water: for a dolphin ball, the size of a tennis ball I add about 10-15 drops of charged water or zam zam water and 15-20 drops of hardener but it depends on weather conditions.
Copper sometimes gets green when mixed with resin and water, that's funny, it happened to me. However I don't think it affects the strenght of orgone generators. The strong and pure intent put into the orgone generator (dolphin ball etc) will add to the overall strength. add a smile, a prayer, talk to the xtals and gemstones, ask them to do what they suppose to, do whatever feels good to you in order to get aligned with orgone's energies and I am sure you'll create the best and wonderful pieces which will help in cleaning and balance the envirnonment.

Good luck and all the best,

Ohh.. I forgot, congrats on building a cloubuster!


To Lilly:
Yes, we are gifting over here...  the post on Don Croft's page called "New gifter in Chile" tells about the trip we took up north (originally to rest from the city's toxicity in all respects) and the things we encountered instead. Alejandro didn't mention, though, that our first stop was the sea coast. We made an orgonite dolphin ball in the city and headed towards a beach (actually a fishermen's port) called "Punta Choros", a place known for being the habitat of a big herd of dolphins. We did not know how to gift the sea though, and our ball didn't came out too good either... I think we added too much charged water into it, since it came out bubbly and the cupper got rusty (it turned greenish/turquoise). Also, with the mold we used, there was a juncture right across the middle of the ball, and due to gravity the metal pieces accumulated on the bottom of the ball… does it sound too terrible? I was reading one of your gifting the sea experiences and I realized that we were waiting for the dolphins to come instead of just gifting the sea… maybe if we had just gifted the sea first then the dolphins would have taken our ball into deeper waters, waters where the healing power of orgone is needed. Could you give us a little practical advice on how to make these balls better? Do you think our ball still can work?

I wanted to share this dolphin ball experience too. In regards to the things that happened in the Elqui Valley, it was absolutely astonishing to see chemtrails live… we had been reading about this over the internet and never thought we would see them for the first time in that beautiful place. It is enraging (is that a word in english? excuse my english please, it is not my mother language). So like Alejandro tells, we came back to the city to buy the materials to build a cloud buster… I can’t believe the prices of cupper, so high! it tells me how messed up some things are: did you know that our country is the first exporter of cupper in the world? And we pay international prices for it! Like always in latin america being drained, the rich people of poor countries helping rich people of rich countries… anywoo, things are coming out all right, since as we talked to the huasos in the valley about chemtrails and what they were, they got motivated and gathered themselves the materials! Nancho had some old cupper tubes that are perfect and we got quartz crystals from him and from Ivan, who works gathering grapes. We bought a twenty kilo bucket of resin today.

So, we leave again tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes, it will be our first cloudbuster. I’ll send pictures. We will continue to make more orgone figures, pyramids, balls, tower busters… we have buried three of these under heavy towers in our neighbourhood. We are planning to spread them through the city. Your pendant will be great, for protection and courage. My stomach feels funny just by writing this, and I feel the same buzz in my ears I’ve felt handling the orgone. Oh! orgone does wonders for plants! I’ve had awesome results with the chilli seeds we brought from mexico, so we’ll be enjoying chile de árbol (hot!) by the end of the summer, ñam ñam.

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