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Thursday Night chat report, January 4th, 2007

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2007 2:13 pm    Post subject: Thursday Night chat report, January 4th, 2007 Reply with quote

Thursday Night chat report

It was only Mike, Ricardo and myself. But we still got some good work done. Wink

Ricardo managed to hang on and stay online in spite of a bad storm.
He already knows that HAARP needs to be smacked in his area.

Mercola has a HAARP video online, for those who need to be aware of what HAARP is.
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
Here's the link to his page with the video (Angels Don't Play This HAARP)...
[Well... the fallen angels do.]
HAARP is everywhere. People tend to be concerned with the massive array in Alaska, which is a concern, but they need to take care of that BIG array that is staring at them practically from their back yards.

Whack em and Smack em, is it? Gift and Smack those suckers down!

We are always seeing those yellow beams when boosting people and situations, so we decided to work on the satellites again.
They want to control EVERYONE.

Check out Tony's AWESOME Gifting post... Busting a Sattelite facility - Cyprus

Ricardo was playing his trance song called Oceanlab - Satellites, which was appropriate. There’s also one called September-Satellites. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we often are playing different songs on our computers while we boost, and MANY of them are appropriate for whatever we’re boosting/blasting. It's good how our music can relate to our boosting/blasting and some cool synchronicities have occurred too while playing certain songs.

Mike was getting “mind control”, and Ricardo was getting “repossess the minds”, as in taking them back. Oh-ho yes! The battle at hand in taking the childrens' minds back.

As Mike brought up, no coincidences that the first TV broadcast was Nazi Germany at the Olympics. Rolling Eyes
Every technology has a superficial purpose, and an ACTUAL, usually unknown, purpose, just like the cell phone.

Funny that I got so disgusted with the TV keeping me awake when I need to be in bed, wishing it would go defunct, and it actually did.
Boosted it a bit too much, did I?

Ricardo was also wondering about the effects of the iPods.

We then focused on TV MK frequency for a few moments.
I can’t emphasize enough the importance of hitting the local cable companies, and other utility companies with gifting.

Mike got this control grid is HUGE. No kidding! We need to squash that crap and TAKE it down.

We then gave a few moments of good boosting for DB’s orgone business to flourish and be prosperous.
Boosting For Prosperity and Abundance for his orgone biz.

Ricardo wanted to boost/blast for possible terrorist attacks, regarding a dream he had. He said he saw a Chicago stadium collapsing and people screaming. The one called Soldier Field. We boosted other areas of interest as well. Mike mentioned that the Sears Tower was on a severe energy point. All stadiums and tall buildings have microwave towers and satellite dishes on them. I hope our Chicago gifter is still gifting there. I was getting headaches boosting that area, so I know there’s a lot more groundwork that needs to be done. I was also getting distortion too. Mike mentioned that it is a major Illuminati center and that the University of Chicago cranks out lots of phony “intellectuals”. Ricardo can post his dream in this thread.

Mike mentioned something about the “Great Fire” being that it was for “gentrification” and that no cow started it.

I need to search & read up on that, as I knew nothing about it.

We finished up, and called it a night. I was so glad to see Ricardo in there, and was impressed with his work and boosting.

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