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Las Vegas strip-the obelisks (phallic) symbolism

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 10:29 am    Post subject: Las Vegas strip-the obelisks (phallic) symbolism Reply with quote

Las Vegas strip-the obelisks (phallic) symbolism

Constantin and I don’t really go on the strip often, except when we have friends visiting us or when we go gift the strip. The strip is not our cup of tea, casinos don’t have us as their customers. One time, I had to literarily run as far as I could from Cesar's palace casino, if I stayed there a few more minutes I would have probably fainted.
It took us few days and nights to gift the whole strip few years ago. This year we took Cristina on the strip and we did some more gifting together.

I want to relate a funny and weird little story happened a few years ago while gifting one of those casinos: I found myself in the landscape’s bushes in order to place my gifts. To my surprise, when I was digging a whole to place one of my gifts, I saw next to me a pretty new business briefcase.

As I was thinking what could be inside, I had a flash of a chopped finger, ewwww!!! Dirty money, perhaps. I could have used some money but not made out of chopped fingers… so when I told Constantin what I saw, he asked me: go back, look inside. I said if you want to go, you do it, I am not ready to see chopped fingers yet. So we left the mysterious briefcase where it had belonged and we continued our gifting.

The strip is “polluted” with all kind of symbolism: the Luxor Pyramid, the sphinx, many obelisks, spheres, draconic look like statues. Not to mention transmitters on the buildings (casinos) as well as inside. Constantin had the opportunity to see transmitters inside the casino, on the gaming floor ceilings. We suspect they are to control the gamblers minds, what else for, good phone reception? I don’t think so.

The Wynn casino is supposed to be the most luxurious on the strip: it has ice cold vibes. the three of us decided we had enough of this casino, because we started to become nauseated, having sharp pains in the head.
Cristina spotted an obelisk made out of glass, which gave her a sharp pain in the head. We didn’t have time to take pictures as we were rushing to find our way out.

Cristina made a joke : “all the gifts we were given at Sedona, now the reptiles are taking away”. The gifts are still there, but better not wander around places with not so healthy energy or more challenging lets transform these places in good energy places by gifting them with orgone and sending good thoughts out there. By hating these places and people we just lower our vibrations and do more harm then good.

Wynn hotel and casino on the right and the fashion show mall on the left - "The Cloud" outside the entrance looks like a giant silver UFO hovering above the mall

There is a lot of talk on the internet about illuminati symbolism, in particular obelisks:

“ The phallus can be traced back to ancient India and Sumeria. It represents the male penis principle and fertility, but to a further extent. It is often tipped with an Egyptian pyramidion (pyramid shaped block), to give it even more power.”
Pyramid & Obelisk symbolism

“the shape of the Obelisk was inspired by huge generator crystals, Atlantean 'fire stone', the life force accumulators and amplifiers."

“An obelisk is taught to Masons as a symbol of the phallus, but the deepest level meaning is that it is really a 'frozen snake'. Obelisks support the Serpent Life Force as it spirals between Heaven and Earth”
“Obelisks are phallic symbols related to the Egyptian Sun god, Osiris.”

New WTC Tower is a giant Obelisk with an eternal torch on top
“The Proposed design for the new "Freedom Tower" is a giant Obelisk with a beacon of light at its peak, both ancient illuminati symbols of power over the masses.” The design described by The New York Times: "somber, oppressive and clumsily conceived".

The tower structure at the Venetian hotel and casino looks also like an obelisk

While walking inside the Bellagio conservatory I felt some weird static energy and mild pain in my head coming from my left side. When I looked towards that direction I saw this big crystal obelisk. Few years ago, it wasn’t there.

Bellagio crystal obelisk picture taken by Cristina
Bellagio conservatory obelisk (internet picture)

I believe the obelisk conducts a big amount of energy, its structure looks like a single terminated polished crystal (it is made from actual crsytals) which has the capacity to amplify and focus energy. Amplifying energy means amplifying behavior, emotions, thoughts etc. If you are into paranoia, paranoia will be amplified by the crystal. The energy didn’t feel very healthy to me, perhaps due to the static and impure vibrations from the casino's environment. Perhaps during construction of the obelisk, the energy was somehow compromised due to lack of awareness and respect towards the crystals.

I hid in a corner and started to send healing energy, thoughts of love, peace, and harmony towards the obelisk, clearing the crystals’ structure. The energy felt much better after the clearing/healing.

If these symbols hold secret meaning to members of secret societies as well as dark/negative energy then its our job to rectify that problem by gifting them and cleaning their energy using healing/boosting/clearing techniques.

The Eiffel Tower, in Paris is another gigantic obelisk in disguise. In Vegas there is a replica of the Eiffel Tower, so another obelisk in disguise.

Paris hotel and casino- awesome picture taken by an artist Wink (Constantin) notice the full moon.

The Luxor hotel/casino is a giant Egyptian-style pyramid.
The tip of the pyramid contains a fixed-position spotlight that points directly upward – it is the brightest beam in the world, and is visible from anywhere in the Las Vegas valley at night, and can be seen at flight level from above Los Angeles, California, over 275 miles (440 km) away.

Sphinx guarding the hotel entrance (picture taken from the internet)

The Luxor obelisk (internet photo)

Obelisk inside the Luxor Pyramid, right under the middle of the pyramid- photo taken by Lilly

Symbolism at Luxor

Symbols (two dragons) at the entrance of Mandalay bay casino -
interesting huh?! (internet photo

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