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Christ Energy and Healing 1-26

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2007 1:11 pm    Post subject: Christ Energy and Healing 1-26 Reply with quote

Tonight, we did a lot of chatting, which is okay with us. We always have a lot to talk about. Toward the end of the chat, Lilly got that we’re still working together etherically, even when we’re chatting. I wholeheartedly believe that. We probably work together when we’re sleeping, too. Lilly said she saw us in a circle wearing strange hats, like Mortarboards, except they were hovering above our heads. Maybe we’ve graduated to another level.

Lilly was given a new technique for us to experiment with. Here, we’re all about experimentation. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that the stuff that us etheric warriors work with is new technology – new to us, anyway – and while there are tried and true methods that we celebrate and encourage people to use, we feel that experimenting with the technology is very important, and has helped us to increase our power. Really, if your intent is pure, and you focus and learn to send your energy from the right place – the heart – then you’re only going to do good. And different people feel comfortable with different techniques. So, yeah… by all means learn to boost from a reputable psychic, but don’t be afraid to tweak your methods to work for you. You wont’ be sorry.

Sorry for the digression. The technique I was beginning to explain involves us sitting in a circle, tuning into the Christ energy, and sending our energy around the circle from one heart to the other with increasing speed. Once we have a strong movement of energy clockwise, we create another circle of energy spinning counter-clockwise. At this point, we hold an image of what we want to accomplish, put it within the circle. The key is to visualize the outcome, so you can see it as if it’s already happened. That’s sort of a theme we learned form “The Secret” – for the love of God, if you haven’t watched it yet, DO IT! Then all at once, we say: “I invoke the frequency of the Christ so that…” and state our collective intent. We do that three times, then hold the desired end result in our minds, inside our circle of energy.

The energy was extremely powerful.

For our focus, we tried something very specific, and not too big to grasp. In this case, we worked on Aaron Russo, the brave soul who stepped out of the Hollywood box and risked everything to make a movie that will wake Americans up to what’s going on. We have our theories on why he has cancer of the bladder, but we focused on seeing him healed and happy. After the chat, I read that he’s at a cutting-edge cancer clinic in Germany, and despite the fact that American doctors told him there was little hope, the German docs at this clinic told him he’ll not only be cured, but he’ll be a lot healthier than he’s been in years. Did our boosting help retroactively? Who knows? Remember, this is all totally subjective. You choose whether or not to believe it. But I have seen the law of causality break down before.

For example: If you’ve had a trauma from a past incident that effects you to this day, put yourself in a meditative state, go back to that event, and boost yourself at that event. It works. I don’t know why or how, but it works. Now if that’s not a breakdown of the law of cause and effect, I don’t know what is. In fact, in our chat tonight, Lilly mentioned something about seeing herself as a child, and being able to release some emotional trauma or blockage. Maybe she’ll talk more about that in this thread.

Oh, and just as an aside… for those of you that start to wonder why we’re talking about Christ… all I can say is, no matter Who or What you believe in, there is most definitely a pure source-derived energy that we and many others call the Christ energy. You know it when you’ve tapped into it; it feels pretty unmistakable. I wish I could give a technique to do this, but one day Lilly tuned into it in a chat, and we were all fortunate enough to tune ourselves into Lilly’s experience. That’s the best way I can describe it. Once you can feel the energy, you can tune into it whenever you want.

So we got a really nice feeling from this new method, and we’re certainly going to try it again, hopefully on some bigger things. Like “world peace” and “global prosperity” and “mass awakening”. We closed our chat with some more talk about health, and had a few laughs – as we always do. No doubt we we’re subconsciously boosting all the while.
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