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Full Moon, aquatic life, awakening

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 12:21 am    Post subject: Full Moon, aquatic life, awakening Reply with quote

Full Moon, aquatic life, awakening - Feb, 4th, 2007

Sunday session agenda was Iran, Aaron Russo, the 2nd of February Full moon, mass awakening, the oceans and aquatic life, the whole planet. We were happy to learn that Aaron Russo is getting better, thanks Mike for sharing that great video, Aaron looks much better and I can feel he has grown more spiritual.

We insisted more on the Full Moon, because most people were affected and influenced by the last Full Moon (February , 2nd 2007- Full Snow Moon).

Photo courtesy of Dan Bush who took this picture of the full Moon rising over a farmhouse in Albany, Missouri

Constantin asked me why only the Moon gets “full”, what about other planets, what about Sun? Hmm…Good question!!
I saw “invisible wires” connecting the earth (people) with the Moon.
I was getting words like :”hoax”, “rubber”, “plastic” “foam” and then asked if Moon is actually an artificial satellite. It won’t surprise me, masses agreement create illusion. And Like Aaron mentions in his interview, we don’t have to be afraid to be ridiculed if we speak from the heart and believe in our “truth” not accepting things just because others do.

Question things taken for granted, read, feel, hear, ask, create, explore new areas. Few people might call us “occultists” just because we dare to mention the divine presence - God and talk about spirituality and psychic abilities. Masses believe something is true, until someone comes and proves contrary. And let me tell you this “seeing” thru illusion takes great courage.
We, the healers, gifters, teachers have a mission on this earth to create new opportunities and bring the higher truths about peace, abundance, nature, ecology, animals, healthy and natural foods, all sort of healings, lifting the veil of illusion. In order to lift the veil we need to learn the truth which always should come from INTEGRITY.

Mass awakening is Mike’s favorite topic so we boosted for this in the session, all of us (as Florea - our friend suggested) - holding the same picture of people opening their eyes, ears, feelings to learn the truth.
I see it happening, everywhere we go, we talk to people who know about 911 hoax, chemtrails, our world being controlled by the bankers and so on. How rewarding!

Boosting aquatic life and in particular plankton (whales’ food) was a great “target” to boost.
Plankton is considered one of the most important organisms on Earth, due to the food supply they provide to most aquatic life.

And if you are really excited about aquatic life as I am, visit this site:
Linda Cline’s wonderful underwater photographs will definitely put a smile on your face.

See few samples of linda cline’s pictures:

The Guardians, Spinner Dolphins

Guys, If I missed anything important feel free to add, I don’t have a chat session saved, so I write from my memory.

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