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Balance in Persia

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 7:26 am    Post subject: Balance in Persia Reply with quote

After the event of my fathers death on the 7th 0f May 2005, and the circumstances surrounding it, Mohammad, my husband flew to Iran to bring into action the mission my father had begun in the city of Qom prior to his sudden untimely death.

My father had not been buried and Mohammad was already on a flight to Tehran Iran, the purpose for him going there was to gift as much tactical orgonite as he could carry, and disable the worst of the underground bases, vortices, and towers in the city of Qom.

Since, we all had seen astrally what was going on in Iran and leading up to the event, also to what extent the occult had penetrated etherically into the lives of those living there, my father had been targeted years ago, and on starting to gift the attacks finally became fatal.

With a heavy heart, I faced a 'dark night of the soul' alone, and since this was the first time Mohammad and I had been separated in 12 years, it was not going to be easy.

The events that would unfold in the days to come, would lay the foundation for a life changing entry into an etheric reality. Mohammad and I are very connected, so it was no surprised I knew what he was experiencing being in Iran and with the orgonite, the attacks began literally when he stepped on Iranian soil.

From the moment he got there he was induced into a trance like 'zombie' state, he felt he had little control over his thoughts and actions, I spoke to him over the phone, in fact the moment the phone rang I could 'see' a colourful haze, it was interfering with my 3d vision so intensely, that I wondered if I was in or out of my physical body, I felt mesmerized, I could hear that his throat had been corded, it was a deep sounding voice that felt as though it had possessed him, I began blasting, and could see a voodoo spell around him, he was tied up in hexes coming from everywhere, like a web.

I managed to blast him enough to free his throat chakra, he told me that his nose had begun bleeding on his way to the city of Qom, and was being deprived from sleep along with his two brothers, Ali and Reza, who were going to help him do the deed.

In fact they had already begun with Ali and Reza 20 days earlier, depriving their sleep to wear them down no doubt, they had not slept the entire 20 days other then catnapping during the day due to exhaustion. It was already apparent to us that this was planned, they don't want orgone in Iran under ANY circumstances.

Mohammad had spent the night in Qom, which is a 2 hour drive from Tehran,during the night entities were sitting on his chest and trying to stop him breath, squeezing his heart, cording, then his nose began bleeding profusely when an implant came out in his hand, after that he stayed up till the night passed.

I let him know that we had a chat blast planned on EW, that would be focused on the situation.
We got to work on viewing the situation astrally and found that indeed they had spun a web around the three brothers, we began boosting Ali who was in the most pain in his body.

Reza who is psychic, appeared to be blasting astrally with us, and needed no help in boosting the cords they had around him, Mohammad had been corded on his throat center, they had been running into trouble and got into some street fights since mohammad had arrived in Iran, Lilly saw a metal fence resembling a spider web, so we asked the dolphins to assist us.

Lilly pointed out that there was a lady she saw in white, with a covering over her head, she said her energy was really powerful, she already began fighting the 'hand'' who was orchestrating the plan, at this point I wasn't sure who this lady could be, Iran is a country of extremes I should add, the two poles have always been separated there, Carol said that the lady who's energy felt connected to the Prophets daughter, we were boosting her/them, she appeared to be protecting the brothers, defending them.

They were being manipulated like puppets, for some reason it was hidden to us who this hand belonged to, lilly said that the lady knew who it was, the whales were waiting and the dolphins they wanted in on this really bad,
they circled them and added a circle or something to their crown, this was a protection.

Anne began seeing a cleric who was spinning around with his head tilted to one side and he had a staff in his hand, he appeared to be whispering, like prayer, but they were incantations, from the staff came negative energy when he pointed it, anne commented that it was persian voodoo coming out of it like a magic wand.

We went to work on him, the bees, whales and dolphins were him making suffer the etheric consequences, they knew exactly what to do. We went back to work on the brothers, and sent them healing for the rest of the session.

When I spoke to mohammad, I told him everything we had discovered, and he was surprised to hear this snice he was told by a lady who is psychic he knows that it was a whirling Dervish who is known to have command over jinns, whom he used to control them, indeed his energy was dark.

Later I also got confirmation from mohammad that the psychic who told him that it had been her in prayer all night requesting the help of the prophets daughter to protect the brothers, she also said, that she was wearing white. Mohammad actually never told her any of what we were doing and what had been done at all.

This did not surprise us, we were merely fitting the puzzle together, and God was exposing it to us because he wanted us to know the Truth. After this the power they had appeared to be alot less, the gifting got done, and there was no more our enemies could do about that.

Iran needs the gifts now urgently, there is a group in the government who claim their 'mission' is to bring chaos to the country before the coming of the ''Mahdi'' this is in complete contradiction to what the quraan teaches, this is another of Britains spawn. Between the NWO/CIA/MI6/MOSSAD and this internal 'group' they are trying to throw Iran back to the stone age, there are important Vortices and Portals, and along the mountaintops, the towers a scaping the horizon. We need to bring balance bact to Persia.
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