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PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2007 4:31 am    Post subject: Telepathy Reply with quote

Constantin and I went to a holistic and metaphysical fair last weekend. But before talking about this let me tell you how I manifested this fair. I have always wanted to get acquainted with likeminded people here in Las Vegas. I am praying and boosting for quite a while to rise the vibration of this city. As I was working on this issue I had the inspiration to search the internet for spiritual meetings and I found out about this fair two days before.

As we were touring around at the fair, both of us sensed a tremendous amount of energy and when we looked around we saw this lovely woman doing energy work on a young lady.
I immediately knew that she will work on me.
As I was watching her working, enjoying what I was feeling and seeing I found myself telling her telepathically: “Smile!” I knew a smile will improve her energy work a lot.

Next day I went straight to her booth, asking her to work on both of us. I had to rush to the restrooms while Constantin was talking to her. Suddenly I felt a tremendous amount of energy vibrating thru my whole body. I knew she started to work on him as I am very connected to him. As I returned to her booth, while she was working on Constantin she told me she can feel my energy. I allowed her to borrow my energy and after she finished working on Constantin she told me she used my energy of course with my higher self permission. It’s funny how we both had these telepathic exchange.

She worked on me next and quite a few times I was out of body for few seconds. An interesting thing happened to me and it actually happens while I go into a deep state of relaxation using my OCB’s (orgone chakra balancers) My hands, specially my left hand are lifting during my deep relaxations. It looks like levitating hands. First time that happened I thought I had an OBE but when I opened my eyes I saw my hands in the air. One time while I was meditating Constantin saw my hands rising in a very robotic maner, he said it couldn't be me rising my hands with my conscious mind.
So the same thing happened while this woman worked on me, except this time I could see the bones of my left hand with my eyes closed very clear. She told me she felt that my hands are very light.
Her session really helped me with little blockages and I really enjoyed her energy.

I asked her if I can give her a suggestion and she was very happy to receive that: I told her to try a little smile when she does energy work.
Her answer was : “It is funny that you say that. Yesterday, I received a message that I had to smile for the first time since I do this kind of work.”
I asked her is she received the message while she was working on a slim blonde lady about 2- 3 pm and her answer was YES! “ well that was the time when I sent her the telepathic message “Smile”!

Telepathy requires a receiver and a sender, both operating at the same vibration.
In this case she borrowed my energy asking my higher self for permission, while I was boosting (sending energy) without knowing why I was doing that. Obviously my low self (instinct) knew it.
I sent her a telepathic message to Smile and she smiled, whiteout knowing why. Her lower self (instinct, intuition) knew why but her conscious mind found out later when I told her.
Important fact! No one forced the other. She asked my higher self if it was okay to use my energy and I asked her higher self to receive the Smile message.

Close friends, relatives get telepathic impressions often. Alicia and I communicate telepathically quite well, she can tell when I am “under weather” (that’s her expression) or the other way around.
Sometimes I like to play with Constantin and “read his mind”. If he allows me to read it, I can get clear impressions, words, phrases.

One time I wanted to check on Cristina, so I asked her higher self to “let me in” her space. I got an YES and started to “read her mind”. I was getting dolphins, fish, I was seeing her underwater diving etc. I thought: that’s’ impossible, I think it’s just me imagining things.” However I decided to call her. She told me that was exactly what she was thinking because since she read about our trip to Hawaii, she wants to become a diver, swim with the dolphins etc.

Those who send telepathic messages are conductors of energy /orgone. Telepathic messages are easy to send if we are relaxed mentally. It is the low self (the instinct, the intuition) who does the sending and receiving.

Sometimes when I do energy work on someone who have stubborn lower selves, I ask permission from their higher selves and then send telepathic messages to their lower selves.

It is easier to communicate telepathically with animals as they do not speak or understand like human do. Telepathy is about going beyond words. Prayer is considered telepathy.

There are many exercises and methods to develop telepathy but I think that if one meditates, stilling his/her mind on a regular basis he/she can increase all psychic/telepathic skills which are natural abilities available to everyone.

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