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San Clemente and Catalina Island diving/gifting trip

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 5:25 am    Post subject: San Clemente and Catalina Island diving/gifting trip Reply with quote

San Clemente and Catalina Island diving/gifting trip

Scuba Diving is so much fun because it’s challenging, you got to see things where other people will probably not see in their entire life and because we have great opportunities to gift and bless water. YAY!!

Constantin and I spent three days on a live aboard boat - Great Escape, on memorial day weekend.
First impression and visuals I got while we arrived on the boat was “TEETH and GUMS”… I was… why in the world I see/get these?

Well… Later I found out that quite a few people on the boat worked in the dental field: dentists, hygienists, nurses and so on… Funny!! Everyone brushed their teeth, see lots of them flossing …

We left Long Beach and headed towards San Clemente island on the first night of our adventure. We are really glad we got to gift Long Beach on our way to San Clemente as we felt it was a MUST.

San Clemente Island or SCI (from Wikipedia)
is the southernmost of the Channel Islands of California owned and operated by the United States Navy with public access restricted.
The U.S. Navy acquired the island in 1934
It is an active sonar base and has a $21 million simulated embassy for commando training.
There is also a U.S. Navy rocket-test facility on San Clemente

On few occasions people who went to SCI were turned away by the Navy and Coast Guard in areas that were not restricted according to the schedule. When they asked, the Coast Guard said they were now enforcing an existing law not allowing civil boats from being within 300 yards of the island. People living on Catalina could hear the navy ships blasting away sometimes.

“San Clemente Island has been operated by Navy as a tactical training range and testing area for over 70 years. Tactical training ranges and operational areas provide space and facilities where U.S. military forces can conduct exercises in a safe, controlled environment. The SCIRC is the cornerstone of tactical training in the Southern California region. The primary purpose of the Complex is to provide readiness training for units and personnel who deploy overseas to meet the national strategy of forward presence and global engagement. Among the evolving needs that precipitated the proposed action are the need for more training in: littoral warfare, including mine counter-measures; electronic warfare; missile firing; operations in the shore bombardment area (SHOBA), amphibious operations; and Naval Special Warfare.”

Now waters of SCI are gifted and blessed.

San Clemente waters are really beautiful, we got to see a reef wall which was amazingly beautiful. The kelp forest was the highlight of our trip. I love kelp’s energy, very healing and nurturing. People from all over the word come to see kelp forests.
In one of our dives a young sea lion with very pretty eyes came very close to us to say hello, perhaps thanking for the gifts. I hope Constantin will post the video clip with the sea lion dancing and inviting us to play with her.

I asked the captain about dolphins and he told me they were cruising in front of our boat early morning when we arrived at San Clemente Island while everyone was sleeping. Sweet!! But I wanted to see them!!! So next day I woke up early, meditated and looked for them!!! Here they were!! Not many though, about 8-10 dolphins swimming very relaxed in the calm waters of San Clemente Island. Yeepeee!!
They never failed me. I love exchanging healing energies with them!!! Ask and they’ll come, be specific in your INTENT!

When I came back home, they showed up in one of my meditations working with me, sending me healing energy. Yesterday I worked on someone and I felt I needed few extra hands to help me and interesting enough few pair of hands showed up as well as two dolphins. Neat!

It was such a great show to watch sea lions playing, they are like kids playing all day long.
As I was watching Constantin and his buddy John (a holistic dentist), night diving I saw these flying creatures and asked myself if I see them with my eyes or mind’s eyes. Then I realized they were “real” in 3rd dimension.
They were everywhere and sea lions after them. The dive master told me these are flying fish… Flying fish??? OMG!!
What a show!! They were everywhere flying to escape their predators - sea lions. They were banging on the boat, one of them landed inside the boat.
Flying fish’s pectoral fins are unusually large enabling the fish to take short gliding flights through air, above the surface of the water, in order to escape predators like sea lions.

On our way back to Catalina, which was during the night, I woke up by strange bangs on the boat. Water was kinda choppy, big waves, so few scuba tanks fell on the deck. It was abut 2:30 in the morning, and I decided to stay awake until the waters calm a little. I was watching a movie inside the galley while boosting for the waters to calm. At some point I saw a little black creature moving outside on the boat. Next morning one of the crew members asked me if I want to take a picture of the little guy who was resting on my fins. Wow!! That was a little bird , the little black creature I saw that night. It seemed the little guy needed some orgone energy so I started to send him some. After a while he got off the boat, dove and then relaxed in the water. It reminds me of the little bird who followed me to get healing energy when we were at Nevada Test Site. Birds have their way of telling me that they need some healing energy and I enjoy giving them what they need, when they need it.

Another interesting thing happened. There is an avid scuba diver, Chris who takes underwater photographs and collects marine life for museums. I saw him packing a little star fish and asked him if he happened to see any red star fish, and described the red star fish I saw in one of my vivid dreams.
About an our after we discussed about red star fish (blood star) I see Chris coming out of water after a dive, with a funny, disappointed look on his face, asking how in the world I am “dry” because he gave me a red star fish underwater.

I told him it was not me as I did not dive that day. He seemed really really puzzled, he could swear he gave me that fish. What happened he gave the red star fish to John who happened to be Constantin’s dive buddy on that dive. However John is way taller then me. I have a feeling that I was bilocating. That day I could not dive but wanted to dive so bad. The whole day I was in a sort of trance, “not quite there“, trying to see what’s under water. So what I did while Constantin and John were diving, was to follow them with my mind (astral body) trying to see what they see underwater. So that could cause Chris to see me and give me the red star fish as I really really wanted to see the red star fish from my dream. Interesting, huh?!! I still giggle when I think of Chris’s face when he saw me “dry”.

Chris’s red star fish (blood star):

On the way back to Long Beach I gifted the remaining of the dolphin balls and dolphins’ hearts. The feeling I experienced was accomplishment, really really good feeling, I always feel release, some sort of a big WHOOSH when something big has been gifted, blessed and energy transformed into better.

The ocean is abundant, no other environment approaches abundance like the ocean. You got to see a multitude and diversity of fish, marine life, more then you see above water. It’s just awesome. If you love nature, try diving, it’s really fun! It is challenging and intense but at the same time it’s peaceful and serene. When I am in the water and have my buoyancy adjusted I am weightless, I float. It is an amazing feeling you don’t get to feel on the surface, unless you can levitate.

Blessings and Peace,
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2007 11:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Since 71% of the planet is water, it only makes sense that the oceans and lakes, need gifting.

So, we scuba and gift, this is real fun. Lilly started gifting as soon as the boat left the pier, about 1 in the morning, while I was taking videos.

For the next three days, we were diving, gifting, taking pictures and videos. Not to mention the nice people we met and the super nice crew of the "Great Escape" dive boat.

I can go on and on, but the words aren't enough. The kelp forest is amazing, the sea lion, just like a kid looking for attention, the lobster at night, kinda surprised of our presence.

Enjoy this short video clip, hoping you all appreciate the beauty of mother nature.

And if you like the video, don't just seat on the couch, join us on the labor day weekend for the three wonderful days on "Great Escape". Make sure you are scuba certified, or get scuba certified, plenty of time to do it.

Feel free to contact us for details, regarding the labor day trip. Reservations ahead of time are a must.

BTW, Lilly took all the pictures above. She's getting better at it.

Remember rule 62 "don't take yourself too serious"

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