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To fire or not to fire... the grid?

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:04 am    Post subject: To fire or not to fire... the grid? Reply with quote

To fire or not to fire... the grid?

My subconscious mind was kicking my rear end this morning. I woke up writing in my mind about what we did (boosted) for “fire the grid” event. OK my subconscious self, thank you for butt kick. Ohh.. Speaking of butt kicking, I always have to spend more time unblocking my root chakra and get grounded, Constantin always mentions to me that most of the time I am out traveling in the other worlds. So I bought myself a RED T-shirt which says GKB - girls kick butt - so I can stay in the root center, this way answering to Constantin.

Hey whatever works, right?

Wearing red and eating red foods, helps one stay grounded. If you cannot eat red meat, then tomatoes, red bell peppers, red chilly, beets, cherries, strawberries would be appropriate for the root.

Anyway what I was writing about in my dream? It was a response to Brooke’s post regarding “firing the grid” Few of us got together few hours before “fire the grid” event to do some work. WORK- not the best word for what we do… because along the history the word “work” is related to "burden" which is deep embedded in people’s subconscious minds and as we are not exempted from these sort of energies, we can be affected as well. Any suggestions for the word “work”? Would appreciate that.

Anyway: we did not fire the grid, some of us didn’t resonate with the woman - Shelly, who is in charge with the whole fire the grid event but as we like to keep an open mind and a positive attitude we tried to make the best out of this event for ourselves and for others, boosting for free choice which comes from true righteousness and not from need. We as masses create our physical events, so we are to be blamed or praised for the outcome, if we choose to take part emotionally in these events. Most of us want to change the world for the better, and we believe we do our part.
What I was “observing” with my intuition this event, I "got" high level of confusion in people’s consciousness, as well a mixed feelings.

We always boost and pray using perfect love, the essence of the universe, sending good energy to our lovely planet. We applauded the idea of manifesting , happiness, joy etc but we picked some telepathic messages of energies being hijacked or misled. However we all have choices, so if people decided to go south it’s their choice and we cannot interfere with that. If the INTENT is set to good, then good will happen. At a deeper level of subconsciousness we sent telepathic messages to people setting the intent of positive attitude, feeling good, learning how to handle energies, bringing awareness to their conscious minds. People react to telepathic suggestions so our boosting is based on that, of course without forcing anything. If you are in positive state of mind you’ll receive positive telepathic messages, and vice versa so watch your state of mind and how you feel.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell someone specially during a healing session that “hey you are responsible for your life, illnesses, pain etc and what you have become” in case he/she is still ill or suffers. Sometimes is better not to think out loud, some people are not ready to hear it. So what I usually do, I talk to their bodies and ask them to forgive themselves and others not being so harsh on themselves and others. Why bodies? First response is in the body, because these are the very tools of experiencing on this planet and memory stays in the body, more specific in the tissue. It is amazing what others people’s bodies chose to share with me. Bodies which are in fact cells of energy have a higher intelligence which pleasantly surprise me every time I engage in a dialog with them.
Its wise to talk telepathically with people who are in denial in this dimension, I always find it challenging, fun and always learn new things from “their bodies”.

Last week I “worked” on a very good friend of mine who is a yoga teacher -healer for 17 years. Although she is very opened minded and very intuitive I felt it was better if I talked to her body, and it turned out to be a great dialog. I told her body how great it was, what internal beauty it has and that I loved her - (my friend). I do that in my healing sessions, I tell bodies that I love them. It was the first time when a body replied back to me, “I love you too“.. that’s was so beautiful. Although she is a yoga teacher she is very attached to her students and she really really wants to help them. I told her its not her job to heal them, not to confuse attachment with love, her job is only to offer assistance and they will heal whenever they are ready. She knew that but its is always good to hear it from someone else. She didn’t set the intent before each of her sessions so her neck and shoulders were amazingly tight, accumulating loads of stress. We hold stress in our bodies, just look for places in the bodies where you feel pain or unease and breath into those areas of tightness, letting go.

After the session she experienced very weird healing reactions, like vomiting, fast detoxing, lots of anger and so on. I encouraged her to release the anger. It was good that she knew about these healing crisis otherwise she would probably have blamed me for her emotions. Lots of releases took place and she felt much better and really great after the session. It is such a joy to work with people who are ready to make changes in their lives in order to feel better, that’s why one of my intents is to draw to me only people who are ready to make changes to their lives.

Talking to human or animal bodies and helping others: You can do it, each and everyone of us can do it, just remember always to set the INTENT; say what you want and be specific and the most important thing is to have fun. Just try it, you’ll be amazed with the results.

Oopps I got carried away: back to “fire the grid” event
Having the above in mind we started to boost for the “highest good” and for people who were confused and wanted to open their hearts to do good but had reserves and mixed feelings about the “whole fire the grid thing“, making the necessary changes their inner selves suggested to them. Mike mentioned he felt fear in his solar center while meditating before coming into the chat. Fear was still present during the session. I was feeling fear in my solar plexus and I knew it was not mine, people were sending FEAR into the universe without realizing, their subconscious minds were creating this fear. It is important to recognize others energies and know how to release them, so you don't get sick or depleted.

So… Was this event a bad event? Was this event created to spread fear and negative emotions? Well… events like that cannot happened if people will not concur. Is that simple. If fear is released into the universe or space and the heart center is filled with pure feelings of love , joy and happiness our brain will create what we think of:
- joy, happiness, peace … Well how would we do that? Very simple: the brain usually takes a minute to process the information the thoughts are sending, so for example you want to stretch your legs in a forward bend a great anti-ageing pose by the way… Well you have to stay in that pose for about a minute so that brain will understand “I am stretching my hamstrings now, my whole spine, relax my neck and I am getting younger, I rebuild all my cells and whole body… yippee!!!”… the brain will pick up the thoughts from the body of feeling good and will process the “feeling good” info. Fun, huh? So stay in the frequency of feeling good for about a minute, see the 68 seconds technique. Of course the more you stay in the frequency the better. I keep repeating to others and to myself: the most important thing one does for him/herself is to feel good”… the rest will follow.

We boosted in series of 5 minutes mostly for people’s awareness, love and joy. In fact Mike had a feeling that many people will become aware after this event. Awareness - the liberation of our inner beings, inner selves from all sort of fear, fear of limitations, illness, rules and controls etc replacing that with deep understanding of our inner beings and inner wisdoms, transmuting these feelings into joy, happiness, love.

The fear and anxiety which I picked up from people disappeared during the boosting series, but Mike’s was still present… so I asked everyone to stay focused for 5 minutes in the highest frequency of love just for our benefit , clearing our mixed feelings, this way helping and assisting others with the fear clearing process. I even saw few of us detoxing and purging those anxieties, panicky feelings. We used all kinds of tools to create and maintain this sort of vibration: Donna used the tone generator set on high frequency, playing the 528 and using the Ark for grid reinforcement, Cristina played Yanni, I played Nadama a very relaxing, soothing and healing music. These physical stimuli will tell the brain, “hey I want to feel great“, and the brain will answer: “okay son all you have to do is “ASK” . By asking I mean setting the intent straight, in fact really straight. In our case- boosting for this event the intent for people was : “what is mine is mine (energies) what is yours is yours and stays with you” but I send you good vibes and love and if you decide to become aware, then I applaud myself and stay humble at the same time that I could be of assistance.
Thank you.”

So that was basically what we did that night, sending good vibes to people, staying in a high frequency because that’s the way of achieving awareness and happiness. We didn’t chase demons or aliens, that’s a thing which belongs to the past, we all go thru experiments and learning processes which are like steps on stairways. One step at the time and leave the steps for others to learn their own lessons in their own times, when they are ready. By doing the opposite we use the law of force. “Bad boys” can win if we argue and fight with each other, by doing the opposite they loose their strength. In fact the whole “fire the grid” event ringed “WAR between us” in my head, a reason to argue and spend our energies fighting, instead of doing something else ….as… scuba diving?

Also by chasing demons and dark siders we throw ourselves into holes of lower dimensions, lowering our frequencies, so why bother to induce harm to ourselves by doing that instead of feeling good and happy? The end result will be at least the same if not greater. Fighting dark side on their own turf can cost us being implanted, pain in the body as well as emotional pain. Its their turf, chances are... they win. On the other side, dark side has no access to higher vibrations, is that simple. They literally melt in a high vibration, non existent... they also have and know fear. And we don’t lower our vibration just to create entertainment chasing demons and dracs etc for others to read. Sorry folks…

Staying for 5 minutes in that frequency, felt great, we invited others to join the frequency. We only mean good and good stays with us.
We saw few different things, I don’t remember much as we didn’t save the chat.
I remembered seeing a huge beam of light being sent to the universe, was pointed up, towards the sky. I think mike or Cristina were seeing the same thing. Now again, that could be a negative or a positive thing depending on what state of mind we were in. If we thought: “ohh bad aliens designed this scenario to trap us in this dimension and create harm“… than our emotions (brains will react to these thoughts) and create fear.

Fear feels like emergency which is just a false feeling appearing real which in fact there is no real threat to our lives. Its just the alarm going off because our EGOS’ are threatened!!!!!!!! Ego causes negative emotions which causes stress and tensions in our bodies, But if enough of us were thinking only good thoughts, joy, happiness, bliss, then the beam will go towards where it was needed, creating harmony. So perhaps that’s why we felt that “fear” at the beginning of the session.

As far as I know all of us slept good that night, I didn’t wake up to meditate for that event because I “knew” I already did my part. Also the session was very short, and we felt accomplishment, so probably that’s why Brooke felt she has done enough in her meditation or prayer. If all people on this planet will take only 1 minute a day to pray/mediate for our planet… Imagine!!!

Another interesting thing we noticed: we felt awfully tired before the session and the energies were so “weird” that day (June 16th, a day prior to the “event”), Constantin was so tired he couldn’t make it to the chat and fell asleep on the sofa, I myself didn’t feel like boosting but pushed myself and I don’t regret it, I always feel great after a chat session. That’s because of the energy exchange: I give, I receive, it’s the same when I do healing on someone, I always felt great at the end of the healing session, energized and happy, my subconscious gets awarded by doing something good in assisting someone. By feeling depleted, exhausted etc one forces the energies, will and choice. Set the intent of doing good and feeling good and the rest will be easy. Well others would say: “I do that but it doesn’t work“.
I ask “how you do it?“….“well I pray over and over and over to get rid of the illness or negative emotions etc“

By repeating you create doubt, so better ask ONCE very clear and wait to receive “ I set the intent of receiving perfect health” and then wait , let the seeds of healing grow inside you and never doubt. Some brains are lazy and process the info a little later but they will process it anyway. Using physical stimulae will accelerate information processing, so use whatever impresses your subconscious mind.

We felt good about the whole “grid” event and as usual we always take the opportunity to "feel good" and send good thoughts to people and our dear planet.
Stay happy and feel good.
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 12:57 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'd like to start by saying, if WORK is
a word, that in FREQUENCY(vibrational) means burden, then by all means, change the word. May I suggest Practicing Our Calling?
God bless y'all; stay safe, and have fun!
Hugs, blesings, peace,


Lilly wrote on WW: " Any suggestions for the word “work”? Would
appreciate that. "

- Oeuvre (like in the French expression "chef d'oeuvre", meaning
"masterpiece"). "Oeuvre" is the same word in English, according to my
There is also: activity/ties.
Thanks for Women Warrior's oeuvre...

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