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Kahuna (The Secret)

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2007 8:06 am    Post subject: Kahuna (The Secret) Reply with quote

Excellent article...I believe it was written in the early 1990's...

Kahuna (The Secret)

by Ray Ka'imi na'au'ao Schild [originally located]


I'd always wanted to see Hawaii. I didn't expect to find spiritual answers there, but my soul led me to them. After having practiced law for thirteen years in a respected Chicago firm, I was miserable, stressed, and frustrated. It seemed as if there was no room for high ideals in the law, and my mixed spiritual background (born Jewish, raised Methodist, and baptized Catholic) left me as empty as my work. My wife, Ellen, figured I just needed a vacation.

The night we arrived, roaring surf and winds over sixty miles per hour closed Waikiki Beach. Weather conditions were the most severe in years. As the ship lurched and pitched on twenty-foot swells, I held the rail with both arms and one leg. I was hypnotized by the soul-slashing wind. I felt weak and small, yet more powerful than ever before. The wind forced itself down my lungs, inflating me like a balloon with its power and spiritual energy.

A Hawai'ian kumu, or teacher, later told me this wind is known in legend as the Wind of Awakening, and it was beginning to prepare me for what was to come. At the time, I had never heard of Huna, but its comprehensive system of psychology, ethics, cosmology, spirituality, philosophy, world view, and way of thinking was soon to change my life.

After the wind opened me up, I was able to see Hawai'i with new eyes. Kilauea was not just a volcano, but the home and body of the goddess Pele. The moment I looked over the rim of the caldera, I sensed without a doubt Her living presence, full of energy and power.

We went to Kaua'i, home of ancient esoteric knowledge, and rafted the magnificent Na'Pali coast. At one point, there are no more beaches, just stark, thousand-foot rock cliffs. It was there that I heard the voice. It was not the inner voice of my own thoughts, but an outside voice that spoke conversationally, normally, matter-of-factly. It said, "You know, spirits are very old here." I turned to my wife and said, "Huh?" But it wasn't her, so I shook it off.

Farther along, I saw huge pinnacles of rock that, in my mind's eye, became ancient thrones of gods and immortals. I was feeling drawn to Hawaiian spirituality. Its esoteric wisdom teaches that though there is only one God, it manifests itself through an assortment of spirit beings-ancestral guides; animal, plant, and earth spirits; gods and goddesses. But many of these beliefs were at odds with my Western religious upbringing, and part of me felt it was wrong. Lost in these thoughts, the voice spoke again, this time perturbed and a little piqued: "Look, I don't care what you call me. I'm your God." I didn't ask anyone what they said this time. The final destruction of traditional categories and thinking had occurred.

Upon reaching the other side of Kaua'i, we looked toward the island of Ni'ihau and saw another island shrouded in mist, floating above the ocean surface, the space under it clearly visible. The legendary lost islands of Kane appear seldom, floating over the ocean or in canyon mists, heralded by an odd-sounding chicken. A chicken and her chick had followed me around the area quacking like a duck. And the ship's maps confirmed there was no island charted there.

I thought I was cracking up. Soon I began to have place memories and felt that I knew things that I had never encountered. I felt like Hawai'i had always been my home. I could hear messages from the wind, sun, ocean, plants, animals, and even rocks. I related somehow to their consciousness. I started to seek out native Hawai'ians to find some answers. I expected polite responses implying I experienced hallucinations, but I learned everyone who accepts the Huna faith accepts communication with minerals, animals, plants, ancestors, and deities as normal. Their only surprise was that a haole (foreigner) would experience this. One young Hawai'ian was surprised that my favorite islands were the Big Island and Kaua'i, not the usual tourist traps. I explained that I saw the former as divine creation and the latter as the home of the spirits. I sensed the two were joined, pulling and opposing each other like giant magnets. His jaw dropped at the fact that I felt this. His great-grandfather had taught him as a child that those islands were connected by an undersea, freshwater river, and that the polarity between the two is what generates mana (power and life force).

I cried bitterly when it came time to leave. I had begun to feel part of the islands, and I felt I was being cut off from my source of energy, life, direction, and meaning.

Back in Boise, my first stop was to my psychiatrist. I convinced him that I did indeed have a spiritual awakening and epiphany. But I was still profoundly depressed and isolated. I found a book on Hawai'ian metaphysical mysticism and phenomena, called The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawai'i, and tracked down the author Pila Chiles to tell him what I experienced. I now felt that I knew my life's purpose was related to learning and teaching the ancient spirituality of Huna. Expecting to be patronized, I was surprised when he told me he'd had a psychic vision confirming that was what I was to do. Then Miriam Baker, an Essene Master, told me her angelic spiritual guide had chosen me to be her successor in spiritual work. After hearing my ideas about the original spirituality, she agreed that I should teach the Essene and Huna faiths.

I was stuck. No one would shoot down my revelation, so I went for it. I studied and became an Essene Master of Life Sciences, devoured every book I could find on Huna, and, most importantly, got in touch with my spiritual guides. I studied with Lanakila Brandt, a kahuna of the Order of Lono.

A year later, my wife and I returned to the Big Island. The first night, a light being appeared and approached us. Ellen and I generated mana and sent it as a love offering to Pele. The response was immediate and awesome. Clouds drifted in from nowhere and formed into a perfect circle around the moon. Its radius was precisely an arm's length, thumb to little finger extension-the Hawai'ian shaka gesture symbolizing entry and redirection of divine mana. A huge bank of thick clouds blew in from all sides, covering the whole sky except for the circle's interior. Inside this ring, all the stars vanished, leaving only the moon surrounded by an absolute black so infinitely deep that it was two-dimensional. This was the vortex gateway from the material world to the divine spiritual realm. We thanked Pele and watched in awe as an arrow-shaped cloud penetrated the circle, causing everything to dissipate and return to a clear starry night.

Spirits began to reveal themselves in numerous ways. Back at the volcano, Pele appeared dancing in the sulfur smoke plumes, presenting herself to me as a spirit-being who would love, protect, guide, and assist me. She embraced me in vents of steam as I chanted loving prayers. When I managed to get our Jeep stuck in the lava rock, I asked Pele for help and it backed right out. Later I noticed a thick rope tied to the rear axle and now broken off. This rope was bright yellow, a color sacred to Pele.

My animal spirit guide presented itself in the form of a shark's tooth Ellen had found at an Idaho flea market. It turned out to be from 1471 Kaua'i, long before the missionaries. I took it off at the airport, and all hell broke loose: computers crashed, our reservation vanished, and I lost my I.D. I later dreamed of the shark instructing me in its attributes: "Never let them turn you on your back. You will go to sleep and be vulnerable." I was snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay, and there he was, a twelve foot white-tipped reef shark swimming right below me and keeping pace. I smiled and knew I was safe.


The whole point of Huna is to effect actual, beneficial change. The esoteric kahuna (priest) is one whose character invokes divine confidence to entrust the divine mana to him or her as a vessel and conduit, to use it as a caretaker of the land and of the people.The kahuna humbly acknowledges that he or she is merely an instrument, that only divine spiritual regenerative power can really heal.

Huna healing, known as la'au lapa'au, requires initially that the patient not see its use as "wrong" under his or her own spiritual beliefs, or the unihipili (the unconscious) will throw up blocks, ensuring failure. The patient must also affirm confident expectation of success in both the healing technique and particular healer's ability to effect a cure, or, at least, he or she must not outright disbelieve.

Diagnosis considers any available medical test results and the patient's own history. This includes psycho-social information to uncover destructive thought forms, thought complexes, stresses, and, most importantly, fear or guilt that are causing the illness. Their mechanism of manifesting physical destructiveness is explained, along with how the patient can image health to help bring it about. Shamanic diagnosis is also used, consisting of feeling the etheric body for areas of heat or negative energy flux, and in receiving intuitive awareness through dreams, meditation, and vision quests with the aumakua helpers.

According to Huna belief, everyone consists of three selves, each with a corresponding etheric body. The unconscious unihipili is the seat of thoughts, memories, and emotions. It runs the body. It operates as a computer, following the program supplied by instructions from the conscious uhane. The uhane reasons, decides, focuses attention, and coordinates the whole system. These two selves reside in the physical body, the piko, a highly centralized thought form. The third self resides outside the body, constantly attached and floating above it. This high self, aumakua, is a mystical hybrid of self and divine spirit that gives education in universal truth, guidance, protection, love, and assistance. It manifests healings and other seemingly miraculous results, and is the mediator with and link to the spiritual realm. Aumakua can take the form of power animals, ancestral spirits, and divinities themselves (like guardian angels). It can invoke higher divinities and even Ultimate God on our behalf. These spirits love us, want our happiness, and will help bring about our constant, personal, and intimate connection to universal powers and realms.

The selves' bodies, like all things, are made of the primordial "stuff," aka. (Think of Egyptian ka and akashic.) Each etheric body carries the transcendent pattern of that body. The unihipili's aka is sticky and viscuous. When you touch a person, place, or thing, either physically or mentally, you remain forever connected. The result is a worldwide web connecting everyone and everything. The aka connection is the conduit through which thoughts, energy, and action are sent and received. Psychic phenomena are merely extending the physical senses over distance and/or time through the aka cord.

The one universal life force is mana, generated by the unihipili through focus, imaging, and breathing. The higher selves transform it into higher energy states, the aumakua creating mana loa (huge or long power), which can effect healings, control natural forces, and manifest reality. Mana loa is what some call magic.

Instant healing brought by massive mana blasts, is especially useful for fractures and gross tissue injuries-even at a distance, since time and space are meaningless. This disrupts cellular tissue organization, leaving only undifferentiated "stuff." The body must reform itself, but can only do so according to the pattern carried within the etheric body. Since that blueprint does not include any injury, only the body's healthy state, the reformed bone or tissue is uninjured.

Thoughts are real in Huna, automatically manifesting their closest available counterpart in material reality. Focused attention held firmly and persistently creates physical events, things, and circumstances. Memories are thought forms that can be changed by concentrated reprogramming. The unihipili cannot distinguish actual from manufactured memories, so a new thought form will be accepted and acted on. Material reality conforms to the new memory, since the thought forms automatically manifest physically. In this way, injury-producing events in the past can be changed by substituting a different ending. Thus, one who cut a finger would repeat the knife motion but not cut it. Attention is focused on the new ending while ordering the unihipili to substitute it for the original event. The unihipili, unable to distinguish original from new memories, then knows only a reality in which no injury occurred. The injury vanishes, because now it never happened.

Imaging consists of concentrated focus, empowered with attention and energy, seeing the area as totally healthy. The healer scoops out and discards the septic areas like tumors or infections discovered in the etheric body, and asks the spirits to "destroy this garbage," cleansing the afflicted area in the physical body. Healing divine mana loa is generated and applied with the mental image, bringing it into material existence.

One purely shamanic technique has been called grokking, a form of shapeshifting. The healer enters the etheric body and melds into that of the person, animal, or thing to be healed or repaired. Once consciousnesses are joined, the problem and solution are sensed and the defect fixed. You can grok people, animals, forces, or things.

My first "patient" was a TV set. The picture was all static, and tightening the cable wires did no good, so I grokked it. I became the set, became the station signal and made myself clear up. Ellen later searched for the problem, and what she found stunned us-the cable into the house was completely disconnected. With the connection broken, we had no cable, and there was no way to even receive that station, fuzzy or not, even though we did. Grokking also works wonders to start a stalled car, clear a busy signal, induce green traffic signals, find a parking space, create a cool breeze, dissipate or form a cloud, hold off the rain, and calm or quiet animals and small children. Ellen grokked a pool of water in the basement to learn where a leak came from.

To me, Huna's most fascinating method of healing is the symbolic garden, a classic shamanic vision quest. The healer enters the underworld, Milu, searches for any negative condition representing the problem, and fixes it. Since the garden symbolizes the person, restoring it restores the patient's bodily and mental health. Spirit guides can be called on to help interpret symbols and events encountered, and to make repairs. Since everything is alive and conscious, objects themselves will speak and disclose what they represent and even how to defeat them! If the garden defect is fixed, that which it corresponds to in the patient is repaired automatically. (Caution: Huna scrupulously respects free will. Never go into someone's garden without being invited or knowing they would approve. It will cause big-time problems for you and the patient.)

The results have stunned me. All I can do is be thankful for being allowed to help channel them. When our son broke his ankle in three places playing basketball, I did my mumbo-jumbo, even though I was unsure whether it would work with such a serious injury. The specialist x-rayed the ankle five days later, and despite an earlier x-ray that showed three distinct breaks, the new film showed only a slight sprain remained.

My most profound experience involved a dear friend who had an aneurism that exploded. She lay in a coma on life-support. Her daughter called to ask me if I had a copy of her living will, since they needed to decide whether to pull the plug and let her go. I went to intensive care. Her eyes were closed and not supposed to open ever again.

When I tried to enter her garden, I encountered a leather wall covered with tooling designs. It told me that it was the barrier between her reality and mine. I asked, "How do I get past you?" and was told that if I could line up the patterns, the wall would fall. When I began to breathe deeply to generate mana, the patterns started to move, becoming faster and faster with each breath. Finally, they whirled into a blur, then stopped cold and lined up. The barrier vaporized into shimmering light.

I now confronted a huge steel sphere. It said, "I am the coma, the final barrier you must cross to contact her." I needed help and called for assistants. Thousands of little winged guys with jack-hammers swooped in. They attacked the ball, chipping away pieces until it finally crumbled. There was my friend, standing in a garden under a huge oak tree.

She was sad, because all the flowers and plants in the garden had turned brown and were wilted and dying. We discovered the reason: all the hoses had sprung leaks, so no water was getting to the plants. This was the symbolic ruptured aneurism, leaking blood and starving the brain of oxygen. I knew that there was not much time left. I frantically called for help. There they were again, thousands of tiny workers, this time each wearing a little plumber's apron, making my friend and I roar with laughter. They whipped out duct tape and patched all of the hoses, and water flowed again to the flowers and trees.

I told her it was time to re-irrigate, so we went together to a nearby meadow, talked, walked hand-in-hand, and played frisbee. She was pretty good at it too, what with being over sixty. While there, we met a mutual friend who had died. When we returned, the plants had greened up, and it was time for me to go.

I came out of it exhausted and sweating. The clock said over two hours had passed. I looked at her, and her eyes opened with a single tear. She knew. I kissed her forehead. I felt as though I was enveloped in a dense mist as I walked to the car. When I later returned, she was awake, alert, and talking enough to squeeze my hand and say, "Thank you."

Her doctor said her recovery was a miracle he could in no way explain. Three days later, the once hopeless, terminal patient had been released from the hospital to rehab, the aneurism mysteriously mended. I called, intending to visit her, and learned to my horror that she had had a heart attack. I started to form the connection to go back into the garden to try to help, but just before I made contact, I felt a booming basso voice say, "STAY OUT!" I tried three times, but each time it answered the same. The voice meant business. I was not to interfere. The ultimate cosmic plan cannot be altered. I drove home and told Ellen that our friend would die that night, which she did. But at least she got extra time to tell her family she loved them before she had to go.

The most emotionally charged healing for me was my own. When an x-ray revealed an unmistakable spot the size of my little finger from knuckle to tip on my left lung, I was terrified. I did every technique over and over. I prayed, I cleared, I imaged, I blasted, I called on animals, ancestors, Pele, and God Him/Herself. Ellen did all this, too, and a Wiccan friend put her whole Internet network on the task. My kahuna "brother" on the Big Island went into full swing.

Five days later, Ellen overheard the MRI technician's confused call to a doctor: "We can't find a thing. Where is it?" They ran it again, this time with contrast dye, and even then barely found it. The large growth was now the size of a grain of sand, harmlessly sealed off in a calcium wall. They were flabbergasted, but by now, I wasn't.

I have seen the proof that there is an ancient spirituality that holds humanity's best chance of reconnecting to Self and Spirit. Huna not only healed my body, it healed my soul. It gave me my life back, and with it a purpose: to study, teach, and heal.

Ray Schild can be reached by calling 208-321-1013. No longer practicing law, he is studying, practicing, and teaching Huna from his home base in Boise, Idaho.
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