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Cancer transformation and the vibration of HA!

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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Location: God's land

PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 1:47 am    Post subject: Cancer transformation and the vibration of HA! Reply with quote

Cancer transformation boosts and the vibration of HA

We asked you to boost with us for replacing the vibration of cancer with perfect love ... thank you for boosting with us.

Last Sunday our group boosted the vibration of word CANCER at the etheric levels.
Constantin’s sister, Sarmiza, lost her “battle” with cancer as well as Aaron Russo.

As Constantin’s sister, Sarmiza and Aaron Russo passed away on the same day, we boosted their souls to find peace. There was so much sadness we could feel while boosting. It seemed like Aaron ‘s passing energy was lighter. I saw him smiling and surrounded by light energy. Indian Roots came to mind. “Aaron was straight like and arrow” as Constantin mentioned, was deep, sincere, no double talk, he was a man of beautiful integrity. He loved what he was doing and apparently he was happy. In fact I saw him happy while passing, in spite of the battle lost. We hope he finds peace.

The night before Constantin’s sister passed away, during my prayer I had a vision of a “saint” woman surrounded by pure energy, praying. I immediately knew it was time for Sarmiza to go. This holy woman was to help Constantin’s sister, to transcend to the other dimension.

Cancer is related to negative thinking.
Cancer in particular breast cancer is related to problems in relationships, parents-children, husband-wife etc.
Positive thinking, loving and happy people can outlast the worst type of cancer. All starts in the mind. Miracles happen if correct choices are made.
The desire to live must be stronger than the fear of death. So many cases of cancer were cured with laughter. The energy of laughter is stronger then fear, doubt, anger, hate, blame, worry.
Laugher and love are high intense vibration.

Dr. Otto Warburg, was a biochemist in cancer research. He won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for proving that a cancer cell cannot exist in an oxidizing, healthy cell.
Oxygen is life.
Oxygen is related to life force/energy. We not only breath oxygen into our lungs, we also breath life force into our cells.
Oxygen is present in our healthy water. Chemicals, including fluoride and chlorine in the water destroy the oxygen.
Exercise brings Oxygen thru deep breathing to cellular level, internal organs, blood, brain. Yoga is one of many healing methods, it involves a lot of breathing.
Hydrogen peroxide (H202) kills bacteria and viruses. Remember the fresh smell after the rain? It contains H202.
O3 (ozone) cures cancer if it’s used correctly.
Fresh vegetables and fruits grown without pesticides contain oxygen, which is life.
Most if not all alternative treatments are based on oxygen.
Mind and positive thinking is also related to oxygen and/or energy.
I encourage people I work with to breath deeply and smoothly during healing sessions.. Deep breathing brings oxygen to the cellular level, relaxing the mind and body, impressing the subconscious mind.

There are many other people who win their “battles” with cancer by maintaining high frequency of love and laughter. We boosted and prayed that many people will embrace positivism and laughter as a way of curing cancer. We boosted that the frequency of the word CANCER be replaced with Perfect health, laughter, happiness, joy.
The Word CANCER is energy, all words are energy, we as masses are responsible for the frequencies we are creating, so please every time the word Cancer comes to mind, transform it into something beautiful, just think of something funny and laugh at it.
We boosted that people focus more on alternative methods.
While boosting I felt nausea. Many cancer patients get nausea after chemotherapy sessions. We deleted and cancelled nausea and cancer vibrations replacing them with perfect love. I felt a strong blockage in my heart center which was slowly releasing. Whales met us in the etheric realms assisting others and helping us with boosting. We broadcasted telepathic messages of laughter to people, in order to transform the cancer vibration. Donna started to laugh with us following her. Alicia was sending love vibration to all cells of the human body while Cristina was sending divine light frequencies.

As Donna aka DJ Angel Donnatella was enjoying the group energies a lot, she started to mix music, infusing it with our love and laughter frequencies.

Next we boosted all people with cancer and as Alicia asked, all animals with cancer. I called the light of the Christ within while Alicia used the “HA” breath - kahuna breath, a very strong breathing method which is used in healing. Notice when you laugh you use similar frequency, HAHAHA!!! Again the vibration of HA...

Mike asked us to boost dolphins who disappear lately, so we took his advice and boosted dolphins and all fish who get caught in the fishing nets.

At the end Donna asked us to boost anger into love as she noticed there is a big crowd of angry people “out there”. I had a visual of splashing few drops of zam zam water on their heads so they can chill a little. Again we used laughter frequencies, laughing at people and laughing with them.

Laughing is contagious, even angry people can drop the anger issue and start laughing

Again we managed to raise our vibration and send high, positive thoughts into the world.
Thank you,
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 12:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

few words on "HA breath"

Ha, The Breath, The Ha Rite

"Breath is not only the breathing of the lungs, it is the Sacred, the Spirit, the essence. We practice deep breathing to connect us to all life. We in our bodies are oxygen burners, and deep full breath increases our functional efficiency dramatically. We breathe in not only the oxygen we need but also the Mana, the Ki, the chi, Prana. The life force energy we must have not only in our lungs but into our every pore and part of our being, our three selves our energy bodies (aura) and our physical form or body.

The Practice of Ha breathing and of Ha rite ritual has variations in different Huna schools but is found in most Huna traditions in some form.
Take a deep breath through your nose quickly. Not so deeply as to be uncomfortable or cause strain. Then exhale slowly through the mouth, making the sound "ha" as you exhale, just a soft sound on the exhaled breath do not exhale so greatly as to cause discomfort. The mouth is only partially opened not widely. I was first taught to repeat this four times in groups of four, not hyperventilating.

I was also taught to do it standing with feet apart , knees slightly bent and hands held slightly out to the side and forward with palms upward. but others do it seated. As you release your breath let the exhalation carry off and release all your tensions and troubles as you breath in let yourself be aware of pulling in the healing breath to fill each part of you being with healing light and energy.

You may become more focused and mentally clear and energized in a calm and peaceful way from doing the Ha breath this can be done as many times a day as you want, nothing to excess of course.

This breath form is used in Many Huna traditions as a prelude to active prayer , meditation and manifestation or affirmation processes as it can build up an extra supply of Mana (life force ) which can be used to amplify these efforts.

Another Huna Breath Form is sometimes called the Piko -Piko breath

In which the attention is shifted between the crown on the inhale and the navel on the exhale as you sit comfortably. This will help with grounding and centering to help you reach a state of relaxed spiritual alertness in which you may be able to receive guidance from spiritual source. I was taught this Technique by Jana Mallard but apparently it should be credited to Serge Kahili King."
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