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The Dimensions

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2007 4:45 am    Post subject: The Dimensions Reply with quote

I stumbled upon this article while searching for something irrelevant and found it very interesting.
A long read but its worth it.


Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 ReUnion Articles


By now most people are familiar with the concept of chakras, the ‘wheels’ of energy located along the spine and skull which appear to carry the energy and information of our inner blueprint. There has, however, been much misinformation generated as to the true nature and content of these chakras. Primarily they have been translated as either some sort of mystical gates to an unknown reality, or as energetic formulations seen only from the point of view of the material world. In the following article, we are going to try and understand the chakras as Dimensions - that is, each chakra representing and generating a level of reality within us, like individual notes in some grand overall chord that is our existence.

Each chakra, as the ‘palace’ or physical residence of a particular dimension of reality, has a yin or frontal aspect (front of the body) and a yang or rear aspect (on the back of the body). The information below gives the locations of each of the dimensional residences, and the key concepts associated with each of their frontal and rear aspects.

Perhaps most importantly, the Dimensional aspects make us recognize that our whole subjective blueprint, as well as our whole objective reality, is carried within us as the emanations of these Dimensions. And it is the forces dealt with in the ReUnion Process that fight the clarity, power and ecstasy of these emanations.

Dimension 7 - BEING
Connecting the sacrum-coccyx with the genitals:

In this dimension walk the ancestors, your past, your memories, your sense of physical survival in the physical world. It contains your coded human perceptions, i.e.. perceiving the universe in the particular form that has been encoded by your ancestors and your memories or a collection of behavioral rules implanted in the genetic memory.

This is the self that is influenced by ancestral, past life and cultural impulses coded into one’s present identity, the shape maker and maker of memories. It is the self that mimics and symbolizes appearance in order to understand it. It is the self made of information.

This dimension can be viewed as the ‘wide body’ of our incarnation. It is that which creates a wave made up of all the people and events that create us and all that we pass on with the wave’s passage through our life.

Key concepts for yin or frontal aspect:

Forming (what): The basic materialities of the physical universe are space, form and motion. Since matter is energy and energy is the capacity to do, these basic materialities are therefore better described as the doings of energy, or energy events. e.g.: you can look at a rock as a ‘rock event’, John as a ‘John event’, and so on..
Form answers the question ‘what?’ Thus this reality also includes symbols as representations for energy events. This being so, the thinking process itself will be seen to exist at this level of materiality.

Ancestral: By the coding found in this dimension, the shadows of our ancestors are cast onto us. Most certainly we can bypass these shadows by directly surrendering to the sunshine of God, but perhaps our responsibility at this level lies in clearing the pain out of our ancestors that creates these shadows so that we can truly live together again in that immortal sunshine.

Resonance: Defined as sympathetic vibration, resonance is that implicate quality of form that amplifies its substantive nature within the inner. For example, we may experience a different inner feeling when we are in a motel than when we are in a cathedral….the resonance of each location is different for us. That which is unseen or unformed can be perceived (put into form) by resonance…for example, that ‘cold chill’ we may feel when a discarnate entity is nearby.

Time: Time is a perception. As one wag put it: “Time is nature’s way of preventing everything from happening at once.” As the poet Auden put it: “Time is not a road, it is not a river; it is a room where one notices different things.” As beings of life, we are forever, but time as an qualitative perception helps us contextualize ourselves within an agreed upon structure of reality which can be shared with others of our species. Without time there is only the present, and the past or the future exist only as pictures in that present. With time to locate us, we can journey together in synchrony through this life.

Dimension 7 also includes our materiality. Materiality characterizes the perception of reality in terms of matter and physical phenomenon, and thus values regard for what can be perceived by the physical senses or by physical instrumentation.

Key concepts for yang or rear aspect:

Mental: Thinking symbolizes reality, an act of inner gestation for the appearances and events around us. It may be possible that we keep creating mental scenarios within us in order to avoid creating them in reality.

It may be that our thinking process is like the nineteenth century wolf trap which consisted of a knife stuck up in the ice with a blood covered blade pointing upwards. A wolf would come along, smell the blood, start licking it off the blade and in the process cut its tongue. This created more blood which made the wolf instinctively lick the blade more, until eventually the poor animal would die from loss of its own blood.

Physical: The Inner creates the body as a physical symbol of itself and its coding. Our bodies and the sensations they live in are translations, displays, metaphors for who we are inside. In a sense, our bodies are like hand puppets, modeled to enable us to insert ourselves into this reality in order to fulfill our sacred mission. Since a being’s purpose is never enforced, but works rather by attraction, these bodies are miracles - deep, sensitive, rich storehouses of all our memories and meanings.

Locating: It has been suggested that we exist within a universe of space and form in order to be somewhere, to locate ourselves or others. We even locate God the Father as ‘up’, spirit in a place like a shrine or a church, a loved one in our heart, etc. Every force that may come up in a ReUnion session can be located on or around the body.
Tribal: Just as an ice cube melts in a glass of water, both cube and water moving toward each other, the ice cube becoming cold water, the water becoming cold water, until the two are the same and neither is as it was - so do we perceive the world, not seeing it as it is but as it becomes us and as we become it. Thus, in living together in families, groups, tribes, countries, we absorb each other and become each other. Within each of us is everyone else.

Dimension 6 - FEELING
Connecting the small of the back with the lower abdomen.

In this dimension is the authority of truth and honor, the passionate flowing of feeling and energy as life streams between Heaven and Earth.

This is the self that feels the situation, that reacts at the emotional or sensory level, that operates from passion and the flowing of energy. In the Dimension of Feeling we are blind, for our feelings cannot see to where they are going. But our passions are blind only until God becomes our eyes and says “That way!”

Key concepts for yin or frontal aspect:

Energy: Our energy is an eternal flame burning bodies. The qi or energy system that fills our bodies with life is a series of liquid, sensuous petals of feeling that course and move in and around us. These energies are not of the material level and yet each has its own fragrance and each responds directly to our attention, and each stores our whole beingness in its gossamer flow.

Flow: In flow, effort is controlled by effortlessness. The less you strain the more force you have. Perhaps life is best done with a care-less, light touch. Perhaps confidence really is simply a state of making easy.

When you can make things feel easy, you can catch the flow and you can accomplish.

Emotion: There are at root perhaps only two emotions, fear and love. All ‘negative’ emotions could be understood as ‘fear of (something/someone)’, and all ‘positive’ feelings understood as ‘love of (something/someone)’, each side acting as antidote to the other. And so our many wonderful and terrible feelings can be seen as a rich and wavelike state of motion between these two poles of fear and love.

Passion: Passion is essentially flowing in the right direction. It is our passion that we seek and win on our journey Home. It is the ‘peace beyond understanding’ that ignites the fiery kundalini and wakes us up. In passion, life becomes an entrancing story.

Dimension 6 also includes our feelings of authority (Firm self-assurance; confidence). Authority, represented in metaphor as the staff, the wand, the tree of life, is the yang force that unfolds as our uprightness and our integrity. Authority manifests as our aspirations for the truth, our respect for honor, our longing for love. It is the marvelous force of direct connection to the Almighty and is the path we walk to return Home.

Key concepts for yang or rear aspect:

Uprightness: Authority is the force that holds us upright towards our God. Uprightness is of our spine, and so Authority is the force of courage or ‘back-bone’ to stand up straight and unflinching before our destiny.

Truth: Our authority is that which always know the truth and the right thing to do. Because of our authority, the path of Surrender is easy because it is simply the truth and no other thing. The Bhuddists call authority Dharma, the straight path that is unique to each individual soul.

Integrity: Our authority, our uprightness, is colored with the presence of our integrity. If we do not give away our authority or responsibility to others then we can be whole. If we are whole and accountable, then we shall know the truth.

Honor: Authority cannot be mimicked because honor cannot be mimicked. Uprightness, courage, living by the truth, abiding by one’s own integrity and giving it away to none, is the state of honor. It is your honor that gives you your true confidence, and it is your honor that displays the truth of you to others.

Dimension 5 - POWER
Connecting the middle back with the upper solar plexus:

This dimension is the seat of courage and risk, self esteem and power, animal territoriality and instinctive drive. It is here that the power of appropriate change and trust (in self, others or God) is determined.

Dimension 5 enacts power by kundalini (responsive to change, adaptable, capable of modification).

Kundalini is the yin rhythm of change in the universe, the flowing pulse from that which is of the past to that which is to come. Kundalini is the creative force, the risk of bringing something new and unexpected into the world. Kundalini loosens that which is rigid and brings movement forwards. Kundalini is your own ability to reinvent yourself and to create change. The Hindu culture refers to kundalini as a sinuous and majestic flow of life force that pulses rhythmically along the spine, loosening the stuck forces from the past and engaging us directly with the light and song of the Almighty’s creation. Kundalini is the rhythms of nature and the pulse of the universe within us.

Key concepts for yin or frontal aspect:

Adapting: Even though the path Home is direct, it is not stubbornly held, for within it is the force of kundalini, of responsive change, of adapting and adjusting to the environment of our path while at the same time maintaining the authority of our path. Our kundalini gives possibility to our authority, and the sinuous strength that results from this marriage of uprightness and flow pulses us with life.

Impulse: If we are hungry, we’ll notice the restaurants. I such an example we can be aware that we are rarely seeing what actually is. All we have is our particular experience of life as colored by our needs, desires and visceral beliefs. Impulse is the sudden urge to action that grows out of these needs. Impulse can override our more thoughtful aspects at times, and it is within these impulses that we can suffer the burden and indignity of territorial and hierarchical drives for power.

Risk: Risk is the force of change. Our ability to risk displays as all those forces within us that imply being totally in the present moment - joie de vivre, insouciance, the appealing danger of risk, synchronicity. With our authority as our courage, our flexible drive to risk can reinvent our world from moment to moment.

Invention: The implicate force of kundalini explicates as surprise. When we ‘get in the flow’ we are recreating, giving new life to what was rigid, under the Grace of God inventing ourselves anew. Thus our marriage with kundalini is always a surprising re-acquaintance with what has always been known.

Flexibility is the heart of poetry and the purpose of our existence.

Dimension 5 is our capacity to act, the ability to exercise control and authority. This is the self that acts reactively to the situation, that goes by instinct and dynamic drive, that is territorial, that seeks power and self-esteem, that is courageous, adventurous and which hungers to effect others.

Key concepts for yang or rear aspect:

Instinct: The aptitude of the Dimension of Power to create perception and responses not dependent on available information brings us the possibility of directly perceiving the interdependent and mysterious complexity of our existence.

Esteem: So many of our actions are to demonstrate to others what we are. As warriors, we demonstrate to ourselves what we are. The basic precept at this level for living life gracefully is to not think nor express ill of ourselves or of others. Perhaps the true test for any goal is whether will we think well of ourselves and others in accomplishing it.

In his 1994 inaugural speech, Nelson Mandela said the following:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Control: Control, our self determined authority over events, is perhaps the ability to decide rather than desire. When we desire, we cannot let go of what we desire. But when we decide, we can let go and patiently enjoy the journey toward accomplishment.

Try not to force your idea on someone, but rather think about it with them. True control is co-operation, the understanding that the universe is created, appearing and disappearing, as agreement between beings.

Drive: Unlike the impulsive energies associated with the seeking of power, our true dynamism and energy is determined by the degree and power of our drive towards an inner vision. Exhaustion and lack of drive are derived from visions that we have failed to live up to. It is when these visions are discovered and our purposes restored that we can experience the presence that is ourselves being fully and joyfully in this world.

Dimension 4 - LOVING
Connecting the back behind the heart with the heart in front:

This is the dimension where human foresight and vision experiences the harmony of this universe. Here is the eagle flying high above the fray in order to see the consequences of what is being acted on in the lower dimensions. This is where imagination becomes the womb of reality, patterns are determined and the inner warrior takes heart in order to do the right thing.

Dimension 4 is loving as foresight (that which is seen, intelligence, the manner in which one conceives something).

The force of foresight, the eagle that soars high, is a being’s choice to seek freedom. It is the inspired vision that draws us on, the understanding that we seek, the divine realization that we long for. Such vision allows us to see beyond the field we live in, to understand and know the size and spaciousness of existence. Foresight allows us to imagine, to see what our authority is bringing us to, to see what our kundalini wishes to create or destroy. The vision that foresight provides allows us to know of our inner and outer condition, and is our wisdom in the gaze of the Almighty.

Key concepts for yin or frontal aspect:

Vision: Vision is the life force of reflective contemplation - whether this is an inspired vision of the future, a ‘suddenly seeing it all’ realization, or an understanding of the ‘lay of the land’. Your vision witnesses exactly what is and what might be.

Transcendence: Our foresight allows us to bring hierarchies of importance to our existence, to see the exactness of our truths, and to bring precision to our sense of wonder and awe. It is our foresight that recognizes sacred space, that keeps us looking for the experience of the holy. And it is our transcendent vision that directs our hearts to open towards the sun that is God.

Knowing: It is because foresight allows us to rise above our own territorial impulses that the good of other life forms, human and animal, becomes part of our existence as a human. The life force of foresight is the singularity that unfolds into the infinity of things; it is the knowing and the acceptance of this mystery.

Realizing: With our uprightness holding us up and kundalini making us dance, it is our foresight that understands where we are and to where we must go. It is the force of a shattering epiphany within ourselves, the recognition of miracle, the source of revelatory stories about our place in this universe.

Flying Heart: The implicate foresight can allow us to be at peace and let our hearts rise up to Heaven.

The Flying Heart is the quality of mercy, a compassionate understanding of the priorities of others, a lifting from the tangle of life into the clear air of the Heavens.
Dimension 5 is loving as recognition (to identify and appreciate). The heart unites all - encloses all and brings it into the center. The Heart is the container of the whole universe. As recognition unfolds, we can allow ourselves to emanate from the heart.

Key concepts for yang or rear aspect:

Consequence: It is in the Dimension of the Heart that we make choices and decisions. Here is that part of us that rises up above the fray of impulse, instinct and desire and sees beyond ourselves to the potential consequence of our actions. It is here that we begin to realize our responsibility for all that occurs to us, and where we fly high beyond the game of villains and victims.

Patterning: Behind the chaotic sensory reality of human existence lies a human pressure to perceive patterns and connections. It is the intelligence of the heart to bring things together in relationship to form a whole union. The Dimension of the Heart associates, relates, creates connections and moves beyond the self alone into community and the perception of the affinity and empathic resonance that exists between beings and between beings and nature.

Imagining: Imagination is the heart’s unfolding of new realities. Once the seeds of freedom and unfettered expansion are planted, it is the heart that dreams new inventions, new ways of perceiving things, and new connections between things. From the creative heart comes the hope that is our key to existence. Perhaps the only Satan on this planet is that which takes away hope by invalidating the heart’s imagination.
Mercy/Judgement: Never vision harm to another. If someone is being difficult, simply envision something wonderful happening to them that they would like. Instead of spending your energy on rejecting them or controlling them, turn that energy around towards hoping the best for them. Any idiot can fight.

Wisdom is muscular love - to solve by love instead of harm. The basic human illusion is that there is evil ‘out there’. Since time everlasting has this burden been carried by mankind, crushing us under its dreadful weight. Perhaps the sin that most needs to be forgiven is the state of mind that sees human beings as sinners, for each man and woman you meet is ultimately God showing you something about yourself.

Warrior: The story is told of King Solomon when two women from the same village came to him both claiming to be the mother of the same baby child. Both had witnesses to back up their claims of being the real mother. After some time listening to both their claims, Solomon commanded one of his soldiers to cut the baby in half and give half to each woman. One of the women, the older, immediately jumped up and cried out to Solomon to instead give the baby to the other younger woman so the child would not be killed.

Solomon instead gave the baby to the older woman, proclaiming her to be the real mother because she was willing to give up the baby in order to save its life.

The warrior inside of us, here in the Dimension of the Heart, is that which does the right thing even if it means sacrifice and pain. It is that part of us that realizes the basic goodness of mankind and has compassion for the aberrant forces that sometimes arrive unbidden in ourselves and others.

Dimension 3 - NOBLE CREATION
Connecting the back of the neck with the throat :

Here the human claims his/her nobility as he/she learns to let go to God in worship and in prayer, releasing old beliefs and extinct models of his/her existence. It is the dimension where true gratitude creates a generosity of spirit and abundance of life. Here is the artist who creates out of Surrender, the soul who connects, the being who gathers in others to the divine purpose.

The Dimension of Noble Creation is about naming as Surrender (to let go and hand everything over to God, to make space for the Divine within us).

The path of Surrender is the opening of our Inner Heart, of surrender to our true value and significance in the eyes of God. The path of Surrender is our readiness to give up our power, our knowledge, our assumptions, and to open ourselves to the new and unexpected that is being offered to us by God. It is the cheerful innocence of children or the wisdom of the true mystic. The path of Surrender offers up your life to the greater existence of God. The path of Surrender is complete and accelerating trust in the wisdom and power of God.

Key concepts for yin or frontal aspect:

Thy Will: By Surrendering our will to God, we become the desire of God. In Surrender we become available to the flows of love between Heaven and Earth. It is in ‘Thy Will’ that we realize nothing but grateful trust will accomplish our aims, ever.

Gratitude: When we thank God for our blessings, we get more. When we thank God for our tribulations, we get less. This is the core mystery of living in gratitude.

Thankfulness is receiving with gratitude. Thankfulness makes what you love grow, and what you fear be transformed by love. Thankfulness is divine appreciation, wonderment in the face of existence itself. Thankfulness is acknowledgment of the flow of love that is behind everything.

Not know: Surrender is a state of readiness and becoming out of which true movement can spring. To ready ourselves means the blissful releasing of our assumptions, an emptying of the vessel so that it can be refilled with the truth.

Generosity: God gives surprising okays. God always forgives. God always loves, no matter what. This is the generous heart of God found in our acts of creation. In this sacred generosity, we can no longer mourn the future, for here we can see that hope is the essence of free will, and that all pleasure in life is derived from the grace and generousness we put upon life.

“The sole gift that man can offer to God is love; it suffices to call forth His overwhelming generosity.” ……. Paramanhana Yogananda

Dimension 3 is also about naming as creation: The act of inspired inventiveness or of bringing something new into the world.

This is the self that praises God in the situation, that intuits in faith, that calls out to the glory of God from an inner emptiness. This is the self of miracles. It is in the Dimension of Noble Creation that we experience Grace as the engine of change.

Key concepts for yang or rear aspect:

Praise: We hate those things in others we have in ourselves and fear to see. The problem with this is that we will continue running into the kind of inner experience we are withdrawing from. As soon as we withdraw from a state, we are stuck with it. What is denied or resisted in the inner becomes manifest.

Worship: “Be still, and know that I am God” Psalm 46

Abundance: We can merrily chase our heart’s desires with a sense of sport instead of forceful anticipation, desperation or disappointment. In the air of sacred abundance, we can be calm, cool and resolute, listening to our heart’s grateful resolve. God rejoices in our freedom. There are no rules of submission, only the Self. God’s perfect love for us is our perfect freedom.

Prayer: Just as an accomplished singer does not sing a song but lets it sing itself with the singer’s voice, prayer allows life to live itself through us. Great art is prayer in that the artist becomes a receptive vessel for the mystery, alacrity and flow of life. Try and always pray for others - you do not work alone.

Dimension 2 - VISION
Connecting the atlas (where the spine joins the skull) with the ‘third eye’:

This is the Dimension where the angels fly to your side, and Grace is felt permeating your existence with its loveliness. Here is the chamber where the joy of service to others rings into your being with a fluid light.

This is the dimension which calls you to travel within the inner terrain and to the outer heavens.

Dimension 2 is about seeing as Grace (seemingly effortless beauty of movement, form or proportion, Divine love).

Grace, the face of God, streams eternally into all of the Dimensions, making life itself a privilege. Grace evokes the Holy, and brings us the vision of an all- encompassing intelligence that nurtures us in each moment of our existence. Grace allows us to speak from our silence, to taste Divine love. It is the treasure we all seek.

Key concepts for yin or frontal aspect:

Receiving: Grace seems to be a mixture of beauty, good humor, and healing affection, plus an extra ingredient that makes all the difference but which is difficult to describe. Receiving Grace, however, is not something that we can cause or create - Grace comes from God at any moment and to any being, and our inviting of it or our attempts to try and ‘earn’ it do not seem to be the reasons for such a receiving of Grace.

Perhaps the only reason is Divine love which is indeed a sacred mystery.

Permeation: In the Dimension of the Vision, we have the ability to permeate other beings and other worlds by occupying the same space as them, or, to put in another way, we understand something or someone by becoming them. Thus under Grace, the element of compassion, or empathic regard, of the non-local aspect of existence is mysteriously evident.

Loveliness: Beauty has command value - a sunset commands, a flower makes happen, music sends orders. The original sin is perhaps creation without beauty. All pleasure in life is derived from the beauty you put upon life. And it is the power and penetration of beauty itself that is pulling us forward on our road to the Divine.

Within Dimension 2 are the Light Beings (a being who is composed of light). This is the self that is the true servant of God and with whom the angels dance, the golden vessel within which we contain ourselves. If we see our vessel’s light from the divine viewpoint, it is like perfume, everywhere, sweet, deathless, and contiguous with all other beings, pure intelligence. Intelligence is the vision, the light that sees rather than the light that is seen. It is our divine glance. To be a light being is to know who we are, what we are doing, and what it is we have.

Key concepts for yang or rear aspect:

Service: In the state of service, we see moment by moment that life offers us evidence consistent with our inner world. It reflects back directly our whole inner matrix. In the state of service we understand that we do not own any part of the world, and that rather it is this lovely world that is honoring us with its presence.

Angel: Life force is a light subtlety. It is delicate and fierce. It is that Mystery of all things, sounds, smells, textures, colors, forms, moments. It is the source of us and the end of us. It is where we have been and our destination. It surges through us like a whirling explosion of living, intelligent Light. It is a vibrancy, an effulgence that is shimmering throughout reality. It is the fire of love, the water of dream, the fulfillment of all wishes. It is the drum of silent delight.

Glory (The AH): Live face up, heart open, AH. When we let something new enter, the whole universe awakens as our insight. Know that right now we are in God’s presence, that Glory is the mightiness within each of us, and that we come from eternity and we return to eternity, each of us on a journey to God.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.” …… Marcel Proust


Dimension 1 - THE INFINITE
Connecting the crown with the forehead at the hairline:

In this dimension lie all possibilities. Here the unconditional embrace of all-that-is is experienced in limitless illumination, the opening to eternity, in the everlasting glance of God.

Dimension 1 opens as Home (the place of origin). This is the self that embraces all and is embraced by all, that expresses itself as an oceanic wave of bliss, that is light within the Light. It is the self which sings with a beautiful strangeness, the self which realizes there is so much mystery, so much of the loveliness of life that is beyond understanding, that all we can do is fall into a space of joyful acceptance and gratitude.

Key concepts for yin or frontal aspect:

Embrace: Perhaps we believe that the self must begin and end somewhere. That there must be a fence, a yard or garden of identity inside of which we can feel safe. We limit ourselves, even as we are sitting here between two infinities - the infinity above us, and the infinity below us, the vastness that is the outwardness and inwardness of ourselves.

Opening: There is that moment of Surrender, of giving up completely to the enveloping light, the moment of being taken inside. Only when we can completely Surrender, swathed in divine innocence, consciously letting go of old experiential realities, that we can truly open, that we can truly go forever into the present.

Everlasting: ‘Why cling to one life
till it is soiled and ragged?
The sun dies and dies
squandering a hundred lives.
Every instant
God has decreed life for you
and He will give
another and another and another.’

Dimension 1 is the dimension of the infinite (having no boundaries or limits, beyond beyond). This Dimension could be called The Dimension of the Witness, for it is here that eternity is utterly seen and embraced, taken in as a multi-faceted jewel that reflects infinite possibility. It is out of infinity that we are born and so we have the seed of eternity always within us. Looking up at the stars on a clear and beautiful night you may have sensed this - the content of the Dimension of the Infinite. It is then that we realize that the universe is not just intelligent, it is elegant.

“Make me strong, O Lord,
That I might bear Thy gifts.”

Key concepts for yang or rear aspect:

Possibility: All universes unfold from God and enfold back into God as one movement. As such, each moment in life is a turning point. Each being, each thing, each event is a continually new aspect of God. In this Dimension where all possibilities exist simultaneously, our embrace of such a whole itself becomes the infinite. And so we are infinite beings.

Completion: Enlightenment is process of expansion, not of arriving at a new set of limits. As the Father and the Mother see each other within us, we may feel the ecstasy of recognition. Such is completion, the endless loveliness that is the Divine Marriage within us.

Limitless: There may have been times in your life when you found yourself on a great adventure. Perhaps it was dangerous or thrilling, exorbitant and exhilarating, but it is in these moments when we are shaken from our comfortable cocoon into a greater existence. We see that limits are boundaries that we erect, but in this Dimension they all fall down. And we understand that life is limitless, that to go beyond is all right.

“A new appetite develops within him, the hunger for real awakening, for full consciousness. He realizes that he sees, hears, knows only a tiny fraction of what he could see, hear and know, that he lives in the poorest and shabbiest of the rooms in his inner dwelling, but that he could enter other rooms, beautiful and filled with treasures, the windows of which look out on eternity.” .…Robert DeRopp, ‘The Master Game’.

Vertically connecting the Heaven above the head with the Earth below the feet:

This is the ascending - descending flow between the Divine vertical directions (up and down) that is the ‘I AM’, the holy marriage of Mother and Father from which we each issue.

Within the Palace of Divine Union resides consciousness as the Father, His Divine Light penetrating and permeating from above to below, creating the sacred spaces that are the seven other Dimensions of our existence.

The Father is Mystery, unknown except by His Light that illuminates our eternal existence within spirit.

Key concepts for the yang or above the head aspect:

Heaven: The Heavens bears down upon us with the illuminating fecundity that begets all life. Within His arms we grow upwards toward the Light and outward toward each other. We are each the Father’s messenger of love to the Mother.

I…: The Father is the ‘I’ that is our true Self, the ‘I’ of ‘I am’. Within the Father we are presence itself, the essence of existence.

Causation: All cause is of the Father, the seed that fertilizes the Mother.

Within the Palace of Divine Union also resides consciousness as the Mother, Her Divine love penetrating and permeating us from ‘below’, creating and nurturing the holy spaces within us that are the seven other Dimensions of our existence.

The Mother is Mystery, unknown except by Her love illuminating our eternal existence within manifest reality.

Key concepts for the yin or below the feet aspect:

Earth: Mother Earth bears all the life forms upon it with a loving intent. Within her womb we grow outward toward each other and upward toward the stars. We are each Mother Earth’s messenger of love to the Father.

….AM: The Mother is the issuer of what we are, the ‘am’ of ‘I am’ Within the Mother we are present as ourselves.

Reality: All reality is the Mother, womb of becoming seeded by the Father.

How can we experience these Dimensions?

We can perceive the Dimensions in many different aspects of our lives. As an example, in learning the ReUnion Process or any other such healing modality, students will find themselves ‘getting’ the work progressively within each of the dimensions…..

At first the Dimension of Form will be utilized as we try and grasp the form of the work, and we will find ourselves mimicking and mentalizing the outward shape and procedure of doing a session. After a while, we will find ourselves getting the ‘feel’ of a session as the Dimension of Feeling begins to possess the work. At some point thereafter, the power of the work will begin to be apparent and ‘come through’ to us as the Dimension of Power drives us more deeply into the energy of (and trust in) the work. Then in the Dimension of the Heart we will begin to see the consequences of the work and its harmonizing implications in our lives. From there we will find ourselves in the Dimension of Noble Creation carrying new seeds and creating new visions for the work and ourselves. A sense of guidance as we travel the inner terrain, a subtle spirit felt leading us on our path arises as the Dimension of the Vision is activated.

Eventually we will find ourselves being able to completely Surrender to God within the work and operate from the Dimension of the Infinite.

Similarly, we can look at the stages in a person’s life in terms of the dimensions. At first there is the child in the Dimension of Form getting the shape of things, coming alive in a body, and mimicking the adult form; then the teenager entering the Dimension of Feeling and experiencing the emotional flow of being alive; then the young adult going to the Dimension of Power and experiencing the drive for power and action, embroiling self in issues of trust and territorial imperative; and then the older adult lighting up the Divine of the Heart and finding the harmony and wisdom that lie beyond impulsive drives (sometimes called ‘mid-life crisis’); wisdom gained brings the person to the Dimension of Noble Creation in which he/she truly begins to open, and psychically calls to others on the same journey. In the Dimension of the Vision Grace enters and takes him/her on inner journeys - and through gratitude, the person finds his/her life defined as service to others. Finally, the Dimension of the Infinite takes the person lovingly into Surrender to the infinity and all-possibility of God and the way of eternal existence.

We must understand that there is no judgment to be associated with any of these Dimensions. We each hold all of them within ourselves and none is ‘better’ that another. They are each a source of heaven and a source of hell, each is connected with the others, and all make the whole that you are.

It would be helpful to understand that ultimately there is ecstasy at each Dimension.

There is the ecstasy of the material world, the glory of the body, appearance and thought in the Dimension of Form. There is the ecstasy of the feeling world, the lovely and radiant bursts of emotion and easy flow that the Dimension of Feeling can provide. There is the ecstasy of the Dimension of Power, the glory of action and the joy of being able to trust, to have power. Wisdom, understanding and harmony become the ecstasy of the Dimension of the Heart. The ecstasy of opening before the full sunlight of God’s love and forgiveness brings us to gather with others into our Dimension of Noble Creation. The delicious thankfulness and gratitude for the richness of life permeates us with a deep ecstasy as we travel in the Dimension of the Vision. And ultimately there is the ecstasy of the everlasting and eternal mystery that is God we find illuminating us in the Dimension of the Infinite.


The Dimensional appetites:

At each Dimension are also appetites. (An urge towards; a hunger, yearning or longing for). It is clear that we both suffer and enjoy certain urges, longings and needs within us. Such appetites are the stuff of what often initially draws a person to the ReUnion process. In more closely defining and locating these hungers within us, we can help each other more clearly walk our paths.

SURVIVAL - At Dimension 7 (Form), the hunger is for physical survival. Here is concern for physical problems, physical pain, and physical wellbeing (including the condition one’s body and environment - house, neighborhood, workplace etc.).

FEELING - At Dimension 6 (Feeling), we hunger for feelings. Here is concern for emotional state, mania or depression, love or hate, calmness or vitality etc. Dimension 6 appetites are directed towards the emotional quality of our relationships and whether we are being nurtured at the feeling level.

POWER - At Dimension 5 (Power), issues of power and control create the urgent impulse for esteem in the eyes of others, desires for territorial dominance, and the urge to be ‘better than’. Here is the yearning for the struggle, for competition and for ‘winning’ and the longing to be able to trust.

BELIEF - At Dimension 4 (The Heart), there is a hungering for beliefs. Here old archetypes and beliefs are collected and stored, even fought for, in order to bolster our sense of who we are and to place us in harmony with the universe.

IDENTITY - At Dimension 3 (Noble Creation), we hunger to be something, to invent ourselves through the taking on of identities. It is here that we strive for community.

BEAUTY - At Dimension 2 (The Vision), we hunger to give and receive at an aesthetic level, to have energy exchanges made of that light. It is here that we yearn for new views and beautiful work.

POSSIBILITY - At Dimension 1 (The Infinite), we are led by a desire for expansiveness, a need to embrace all possibilities.

UNION - At the Palace of Divine Union, we hunger for Union with God. This is the sacred appetite that calls us deep within. This is the yearning that brings us to our journey Home.

Veil: “ Something that disguises, conceals or obscures.”

The biblical story of Salome and the dance of the seven veils appears as a marvelous metaphor for the concealments that lie in wait between the inner Dimensions. As the ReUnion process so often teaches us, as we enter onto the path of divine reunion we shall keep confronting and ‘dancing’ with these forces that serve to hide, confuse, disguise and otherwise conceal the next Dimension of existence.

Because of the concealing nature of the Veils, most of us seem to collide unexpectedly with these Veils in moments we may call crisis and despair.

However, when we can directly call to the Mother and Father along the vertical halls of the Palace of Divine Union for help, worshipful prayer can allow us to penetrate and move through these Veils. Below is a brief description of each Veil and the kind of prayers that seem to be appropriate in helping us to pass through on our journey Home.

Veil of Temptation:

Between the Dimensions of Form and Feeling is the temptation to succumb to fear. The veil of Temptation makes for actions based on hidden agendas, unrealized fears (‘what if…, what might happen…’). It creates our lack of courage, the need to ‘wish’ things away, and perhaps the most basic temptation of all - to depart.

*Prayers of Confession - The kind of prayer most effectively found within the Veil of Temptation is confessional prayer, a ‘ this is what I have done’ opening of the heart before God, a taking of responsibility and seeking forgiveness.

Veil of Anger:

Between the Dimensions of Feeling and Power is the veil that creates the unrelenting urge to stop what is happening, to take power through hate, to vent frustrations by blame, to promote spitefulness and to open ourselves to hostility.

*Prayers of Petition - The anger and shame associated with the Veil of Anger can be perhaps transformed by a direct petition for help, a prayer that realizes the littleness and vulnerability of ourselves within this Veil, and which calls like a child for help from our Mother or our Father.

Veil of the Unmerciful:

Between the Dimensions of Power and the Heart is the veil that is made of selfishness, the unmerciful need to penetrate others’ hearts with our own desires. It is this veil that makes us legislate for others what their behavior should be and what they should believe in. This is a most terrifying veil.

*Prayers of Gratitude - The Veil of the Unmerciful can perhaps be opened by an inner realization of thankfulness, the truth of how blessed we each are in this earthly existence, and the realization of the opportunity that lies within us.

Veil of Pride:

Between the Dimensions of the Heart and Noble Creation is the veil of arrogance, the need to take sole credit, the urge to be the ‘only’ one. Our true nobility becomes banded by an inflated belief in our own power over others. The Veil of Pride makes us fail to realize that we are plugged into a far greater power that always forgives and and always loves.

*Prayers of Praise - The Veil of Pride falls before the humility of worshipful devotion, the light of giving ourselves away through true prayers of joyful praise.

Veil of Identity:

Between the Dimensions of Noble Creation and the Vision lies a swamp of entanglement in identity that discourages profound leaps into the unknown in order to see what really is. Identities, whether created out of the ancestors or the culture, act as confusing and rigid fogs on an ocean of change.

*Prayers of Guidance - By letting go of our identities and asking for guidance, by asking to be brought into insight of the Divine rather than the personal within us, prayers of guidance can act as compasses within the mystery of who we really are.

Veil of Separation:

Between the Dimensions of the Vision and the Infinite is a deep and penetrating loneliness, the aloness that comes when we realize fully our separation from God. The Veil of Separation is perhaps the most difficult of the veils to penetrate for within it are many illusions. In this Veil all maps must be discarded, and a great embrace of the Infinite called on to take us Home.

*Prayers of Intercession - We may bring warmth into the coldness of isolation by service to others. A charitable act is a prayer of intercession, as is letting our own heart quietly show its truth to the souls around us through intercessionary prayer. The Veil of Separation teaches us that all prayers are prayers for others.

The Veils of Birth between the Mother (Birth from the Lower Heaven), and also the Father (Birth into the Upper Heaven) are two aspects of a single Veil of Birth lying across the Palace of Divine Union.

The aspect that is the Veil of Birth from the Lower Heaven, between the Palaces of Divine Union and the Dimension of Form, is the veil of physical birth into this reality. It is a painful amnesia, where we are unable to ‘remember’ our birth, or our time in the womb, or how we got into that womb in the first place in order to begin inhabiting a physical body. At a metaphorical level, the Veil of Birth from the Lower Heavens is the Mystery of what comes before.

The aspect that is the Veil of Birth into the Upper Heaven, between the Palaces of Divine Union and the Dimension of the Infinite, might also be called the Veil of Death. However, as our true selves, we learn that we are always at a beginning. Therefore the concept of an ending such as death is implausible. Instead, death can more truthfully be seen as birth into another state. Again, the Veil of Birth into the Upper Heaven obfuscates what is to come; what occurs after death remains hidden to us, and what the ultimate destination for each and all of us remains a strange light in the distance.

*Prayers of Amen - Only complete and utter Surrender, our total acceptance and trust in God, our bright and shining ‘amen’ to what is, can carry us through the Veils of Birth (and therefore of Death). As we are pushed through from where we are into where we are going, Surrender offers us to the love of God.

Prayers of Surrender make smooth our transition between worlds.


“There are love stories,
and there is obliteration into love.
You’ve been walking
the ocean’s edge, holding
up your robes to keep them dry.
You must dive naked under,
and deeper under,
a thousand times deeper!’

When we were children we perhaps wondered what lay beyond the sky or beyond the stars. We imagined and wondered about the limits of our universe, for inside we felt so infinite. Our childhood’s recognition was of outsidedness, an inner knowing that there exists something beyond any model of space or time, beyond the comprehension of our minds and perhaps even beyond the expansiveness of our hearts.

And so it is here, far beyond this model, external to the Dimensions, that we somehow know there is surely the existence of Mystery, of that which is none of these things.

Beyond the sweet melodies of implicates and explicates bound together in love, beyond the rivers of life force teeming through the Palace of Divine Union, is that which encloses and witnesses these things - but is not of these things.

What may we call this Mystery but God? What may we ultimately worship but this Mystery called God?

And what may we ultimately be but this Mystery, this God?

This greater Dimension exists within the very center of the Heart chakra, from which it emanates as the Father - Mother flow in the Palace of Divine Union, which in turn horizontalizes out as the seven Dimensions.


In farewell, remember again that the model we have worked with here may have nothing to do with the reality of how existence is actually put together. Ultimately we are born from and die into mystery.

However, in working with the ReUnion process, we have learned that no matter what the model a person is working from, some things are consistently the same from person to person, culture to culture:

*That though we may not know or understand how reality is put together, God knows us in all the ways we are. Because we are so loved by God, so unconditionally, no part of us can be hidden away from God.

*That going Home creates profound healing, and that the core wound in each of us is separation.

*That to heal we must be both powerful and courageous, and at the same time gentle.

*That there is no model or wisdom that is ever an excuse for the failure to love. True freedom is loving others on this journey Home.

*That ultimately the universe works by love, and that the basic degenerative force is uncaring. Why something - whether a person, organization, machine, body, or philosophy - doesn’t work is always uncaring.

*That in another’s love we sense our own potential, and that everything ultimately is fertilized and grows from love. We are either opening more to that or closing more to that.

*That true compassion is the generosity of the fearless, and it is only with courage and compassion that we can understand the true nature of reality.

*That the only time we get in trouble is when we start perceiving others as representing something, as symbols instead of as beings.

‘Keep knocking, and the joy inside
will eventually open a window
and look out to see who’s there.’
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