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Mystery Hill - between fun, paranormal and science

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2008 2:57 am    Post subject: Mystery Hill - between fun, paranormal and science Reply with quote

Mystery Hill - between fun, paranormal activities and science

Thanksgiving Break was a good opportunity for me to travel to different places.
I've been to North Carolina in a place called Mystery Hill. This place is famous because people do remember the remarkable defiance of gravity, one can see a ball roll uphill, and folks are pulled from an upright position to an uncanny standing angle of nearly 45 degrees. This strange phenomenon has been amusing and puzzling visitors to Mystery Hill for generations. Since there is a variety of things to see and do, no one leaves disappointed. People who believe in the paranormal claim Mystery Hill is located within a gravitational anomaly known as a vortex. Others attribute the areaís strangeness to unique mineral deposits.

What experience one might have there?
- Visitors to the main Mystery House lean at angle as they walk through (wear treaded shoes). Broomsticks appear to stand on end with no means of support. Balls seem to roll uphill.

- When two people stand facing each other on it, the popular Mystery Platform appears to make the person on its north end look larger than the person on its south.

- Skeptics contend that every aspect of Mystery Hill is a result of an optical illusion and can be explained scientifically.
Both groups will find plenty of ways to either stare in wonder at or attempt to disprove the various exhibits. In addition to its mysteries (or illusions), the Mystery House also contains the Hall of Mystery ó an ample collection of well-known and obscure optical illusion displays including the Spooky Spigot, Magic Lightbulb, holograms and the Flying Mirror.
In these picture you can see what you can experience there:

My friend Eva experimenting anti-gravity

My friend Eva experimenting more anti-gravity

There were articles about vortices inside the museum which I came accross. This article attracted my attention:

I said to myself: well, I have to aproach this subject.
When I got back home, I did some Internet research about world vortex maps.
It seems that there are a lot of vortex points on planet Earth and there are a lot of scientist involved in studies about this topic. Here there are some ideas about this subject:
- Scientist developed "World Grid Theory - The Twelve Devilís Graveyards Around the World" who is focusing attention on 12 areas, equally spaced over the globe, in which magnetic anomalies and other energy aberrations were linked to a full spectrum of strange physical phenomena.Bethe Hagens with Bill Becker developed the EarthStar globe. "... the Earth [is] really a living crystal being with a geometric skeleton that could be mapped in its patterns of energy flows... in ocean currents, the winds, river systems, and distributions of precious minerals. It even seemed that ancient humans had known this sacred, hidden body of the Earth, and sited their civilizations to take advantages of her very visceral powers."

- On Earth, there is a system of grid lines, who manifest different characteristic properties associated with three "major" types of grid intersection "(12 centers of dodecahedron faces; 20 centers of icosahedron faces; and 30 "diamond" centers where dodecahedron and icosahedron edges cross). It seems that human energy part of the grid system. Scientists are going further with the questions about such kind of places:
Can/ should the grid be publicly discussed as a planning model for global environmental/ technological cooperation?
Is the concept of the grid useful as a mnemonic model that will empower individuals who have learned about it?

World grid map

For complete informations please check this Internet site:

I am still asking myself what was the reason to be present there as I have never scheduled a trip to Mistery Hill. It was a trip planned by my friends and as everything happens for a reason, it happened to be invited on that trip.
Last year during the Christmas time with Lilly and Constantin we gifted Sedona - an energy point on vortex maps, in summer when I visited Mexico, I 've been to Tulum another important energy point on the vortex map.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to discover and gift wonderfull places of strong energy.

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