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My experiences

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Joined: 10 Feb 2009
Posts: 1
Location: Kent

PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:44 am    Post subject: My experiences Reply with quote

Hello to you all,

My name is Jo, I'm in England and I hope I'm posting in the right place.
I wanted to share my Lemurian connection with you.

Last year I had several attunements to Lemurian energies. I don't know what drew me to try it, I'd never even heard of Lemuria at that point but it just attracted me and so I did it. I didn't know what to expect so when I entered a meditation state I was excited and hopeful and had an open mind.

First of all, I saw my Guides lifting me up and carrying me along a path, every so often they would set me down before various people I've encountered in my life who have really hurt me, and they allowed me to express my pain and release it before moving me on to the next part of my journey.

I felt myself lifting very high in to the air and it was so peaceful. I saw a beautiful temple coming in to my vision, and all of a sudden the air sparkled, as if it was full of glitter. I realised my Guides were bringing me closer to the ground in the center of the temple, and in to the middle of a group of people who were stood in a circle formation.

I stood in the circle and gazed around me, and one of the people approached me and handed me a bunch of daffodils. Now I was really taken aback at this, they're not my favourite flowers even! I noticed that no one spoke, but they were so welcoming to me, their faces said everything I needed to know if that makes sense.

This was my first attunement, so I awakened and realised first of all I felt as if a burden had been lifted off me, I felt so free and joyful! I sat at my PC and decided to research the meaning of daffodils, only to find they are the birth flower for March, and my Birthday is in March! lol.

During my next attunement I found myself in a dome shaped cave. The cave was lit, and yet I saw no light sources only that it seemed to appear from the floor. I walked over to a wall in this cave where I could see images whizzing by, like a film on high speed. I stared at it trying to make sense of the images when they slowed right down and I saw peoples faces going by me, but none I recognised. I suddenly became aware of a smallish person stood next to me, and they took my hand. I turned to look back at the images, and saw me! I gasped in shock, and the small person said to me "You're part of the family now, along with all of the others" and I realised that all of the peoples images I was seeing, including my own, must be part of the Lemurian family.

On my next attunement, my Guide led me down a narrow cave passage and I came out on to a rock ledge high above a valley. I looked down and what greeted my eyes was so beautiful and wondrous that it brought tears to my eyes. Flowers, trees, crystals, temples, of the most amazing and vibrant colours lay before me. I turned to my Guide who smiled and indicated I should make my way in to the valley.

I walked down a steep path until I found myself walking among the things of beauty, flowers, trees...such amazing beauty. I saw tall, slim people walking about, but they seemed to glide almost they were so graceful. They smiled at me as if they knew me. I found myself in what I was telepathically told was a "Hall of learning". The floor glowed with colours I've never seen before, and huge crystal shapes were around the hall which glowed and emitted high pitched but amazing sounds when they were touched by hands. The sound they gave out was a method of teaching if you understand me? You touched them, and learnt things by their sounds. I was then led in to a healing room, where the walls glowed with colour and there was a crystal bed for me to lay on. "Elders" came in the room and gave me healing on this crystal bed, music I;ve never heard the likes of before floated around me.

I so didn't want to leave this place, I felt a real sense of loss as I awoke, but knew I had the ability to return there whenever I wished, so I took comfort from that.

On my next attunement, I was taken in to a huge, huge round shaped cave. In the center of it was the biggest clear crystal I've ever seen! It came through the floor and seemed to go through the ceiling, and silent waves of magnificent power emanated from it. I asked the meaning of this crystal, and was raised up, and it's like I was overhead looking in. I could see endless caves feeding off this chamber that I was in, and the waves of power I mentioned, radiated in to all areas of these caves, including the one I stood in where I saw the images of people whizzing by me. This was their source of power, and what gave the caves light (as I've mentioned already, I did wonder where the light source came from!)

The above is a shorter version of some of my experiences, may I ask your opinions of what I saw, felt, heard?

My love of all things Lemurian has gone from strength to strength and I've since acquired Lemurian Seed crystals of my own, I have often returned to the valley I spoke of, and spent time with the Lemurian people, the honour, the blessing, the love I feel for them, is nothing I can describe.

My love to you all,

Jo xx
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 2:02 am    Post subject: Lemurian connections Reply with quote

Hi Jo,
Welcome to our mystic world Laughing , good to see you here.
Thank you for sharing your Lemurian experiences. Beautiful!!! It seems like we both have very similar experiences, specially the lifting up very high in the air, wasn’t that out worldly?
And then all these trees, flowers and all that beauty. There is definitely some “reality” we are experiencing, present, past, future whatever that might be.

You mentioned no one talking to you, I have got the same experience, I could only understood what they were saying or meaning but I think it was more telepathic. I think what we “saw” were more thought projections than physical beings.
Also like you after each meditation I felt lots of releases and felt much lighter.
People you describe “tall and slim“, that’s exactly how I saw them, slim and tall with long faces, blue eyes and white hair. I think once you get connected to their Loving energy your life cannot be the same.

I have my crystals for a few years now and never got so connected to them, I had few glimpses before and one healing meditation but nothing like what I experienced in my 3 days of meditation. I think once we get connected, the information keeps flooding into our beings. After I had these amazing experiences, I noticed the other Lemurians really vibrate in my hand, so strong like if they have to tell me something. I have one in my car and every time I touch it, I feel so clam and relaxed, I better stop touching that crystal cause its not safe to OBE while driving. Rolling Eyes

Lemurians came to our boosting sessions before, so would be interesting to do a session just on that, to connect with them.

From my understanding Lemurians want to communicate with us and pass their knowledge to us I think our consciousness is raising and NOW we are able to reach higher states where we can access our so called “psychic abilities” which in fact we all have, but most doubt them because of our mind conditioned by society, family etc.
Those crystals are like computers that have passwords to get in, and once you “know” the password the whole world opens up to you, like our internet, it’s vast. I think when the time comes more people will get connected with this sacred knowledge. What I think happened in your case you were given the password to enter the information of the larger crystals of the Earth. If the little ones hold so much information, imagine what the big ones hold.

Take a look at this Crystal Cave of the Giants also called the Cave of Dream, the Discovery of the Largest Crystals on Earth in southern Chihuahua Mexico.

Wishing all of us magnificent connections,
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