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Colour Healing

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Woman Warrior

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:40 am    Post subject: Colour Healing Reply with quote

Just as the root or plant cannot catch the sunlight becomes a stunted, faded, undeveloped organism, so the individual who is cut off from the white Light of the spirit becomes ill.

The flow is stopped or blocked usually by wrong thinking and wrong action, with the result that a blank area, so to speak, is formed which swiftly becomes the breeding ground of negative, undivine thoughts and elements which work themselves out as dis-ease conditions of all kinds.

Colour Healing is based on the principle that all healing is a change of mental attitude or belief.

Colour in itself does not do the healing, it merely gives the body a spark of power to perform its own healing processes.

Application of colour increases the vibratory rate of physical and etheric cells. In a higher vibratory state, the physical body becomes more sensitive and receptive to the healing force which flows.

Each person benefits from the use of colour, or any type of Healing, according to the measure of his own ability to respond to and use the power which is recieved.

The Benefits of each Colour;

Red Ray

The red Ray is a heating,vitalizing and stimulating vibration with direct effect on the Etheric center governing the physical vitality. It is excellent in all blood deficiency dis-eases, But should be used with care.

Red stimulates the liver and builds the red principle of the blood. In the form of food it is best represented by Red or cayenne pepper.

Red increases the circulation and warms the entire body and helps to clean out mucus and waste from the body. Vitamin B-12 is red and vitamin E is Scarlet.

Orange Ray

The Orange Ray stimulates and builds the lungs. It relieves gas, convulsions, and cramps.

This includes Menstrual cramps- throughout the digestive system. Orange relieves a spastic and sluggish Colon and small intestine and helps cause vomiting when food is not being digested.

Most all spices come under the orange colour. Vitamin B complex is Orange.

Yellow Ray

Yellow cleanses and purifies the whole system, assisting in loosening the calcium and lime deposits. It stimulates the liver and activates all organs except the spleen, increases the appetite and aids in assimilation of food.

Yellow has a tonic effect on nerves and builds nerves and muscles and activates them where other systems fail. Yellow influences the Higher mind and soul.

In the Lemon Colour are found more elements than any other colour and many of these elements solvents, thus making lemon most effective in all chronic conditions. Lemon illiminates mucus throughout the entire body and stimulates and builds the brain for clearer and more positive thinking. Vitamin C is Lemon.

Green Ray

This is a vibration of Harmony and balance, hence it is of fundamental importance to the nervous system. Soothing and sympathetic, it does not excite, inflame or irritate.

Restorer of tired nerves and giver of new energy, it's natures master tonic. Green stimulates the master/pituitary gland for better control of the other glands and organs throughout the body.

It dissolves blood clots and builds muscles. Green represents chlorophyll or cleansing principle. Begin all scedules of colour healing with one or more green exposures.

Blue Ray

This is an Electric Ray with a calm, peaceful, cooling vibration. It is useful to induce sleep and relaxation and to reduce the effects of stress.

An astringent, it may be applied to relieve inflammation, inward bleeding and nervousness. The oxygen of blue increases perspiration to relieve fever.

Indigo Ray

Influence the central part of the head in the region of the Pineal Gland.

This ray excercises dominion over the eyes and noseand is of great value in the treatment of certain forms of nervous and mental disorders.

It is secondarily of use in lung diseases. Vitamin K is Indigo.

Violet Ray

Main province is the brain and the mental and spiritual nature. Much harm can be done by improper use and indisciminate use of the violet ray.

Because of its high vibratory rate, it is not suited to the undeveloped or retarted mind, and thus should be used with discrimination.

It is a stimulator of the Crown chakra and controls the Pituitary Gland. Violet is best suited for the artistic temperament and to those with great desire to express themselves on a creative plane of mind. Vitamin D is Violet.

The Healer should keep in mind that the 2 basic colours used in colour healing are Red and Blue-- The thermal and the cooling.
These 2 vibrations form the basic vibrations in every human being.

The main physical signs of a lack of Red Ray, are seen when the person is deficient in Energy, rich blood, appetite, or suffers from constipation.

Secondary indications are sleepiness and general inactive disposition.

When the Blue Ray is lacking there are signs of over activity, fussiness, irritability, and feverishness.

To obtain health, vitality and pure blood, use the rose-red ray.

For rebuilding Health after illness, tune into the green, blue and violet rays.

For depression, loneliness, frustration, we lwt the mind vibrate to all seven rays.

Clear golden yellow is one of the most powerful forces against depression and limitations of any kind.

For prosperity, success, and progress, the cosmic remedy is the green ray.

For mental development and mind power, harmonize with the golden ray of mind. The yellow ray has a healing effect on digestive troubles, stomach disorders, and complaints of the circulatory system.

How to do Colour Healing at Home

To do Colour Healing, the ray is directed to the chosen area of the body.

The Rays may be;

Radiated from a lamp or deflector [many hardware stores carry coloured floodlights]

Inhaled as air exposed to coloured lights.

Absorbed into the body from the elements contained in certain foods and light charged liquids.

Gem/cosmic ray remedies, since nothing is closer to the exact cosmic colour ray, as from nature itself, this happens to be a very potent way of absorbing colour straight into ALL the Bodies.

A further aid to healing is colour massage.
The Healer having first washed his/her hands in tepid water, bathes them from 3-5 mins in the full rays of the colour lamp, then rubs them briskly together and gives massage for 10-15 mins.

For further information on methods of Colour Healing read S.G.J. Ouseley's book Colour Meditation and The power of The Rays.

Source of information - Planetary Healers Manual
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Nur Illa' Hob!

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Woman Warrior

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 9:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Please refer to the "Health and Wellness" section for:
The Color In Your Diet.

Color is visible light or various wavelengths and energies. The heating (yang) colors like Red and Orange are "longer" in wavelength, and the cooling (yin) colors such as Indigo and Violet are "shorter" in wavelength.

Other Books for Color Therapy:

HEALTH AND LIGHT. J. Ott ($7.50 US, Devin-Adair Co., 1 Park Ave., Old Greenwich, Conn.). The effects of natural and artificial light on humans and other living things.

HEALING AND REGENERATION THROUGH COLOR. Corinne Heline ($1.50, J.F. Rowny Press, Santa Barbara, Ca.).

COLOR THERAPY. R.B. Amber ($7.50, Sam Weiser Bookshop, N.Y.C.). Meditation on chakras for healing enlightment. Significance of colors in health.

MY IVORY CELLAR. John Ott ($4.00, Twentieth Century Press, 40 S. Clinton S., Chicago 6, Ill.). Story of time-lapse photography. The effect of color on cell metabolism.

EYESIGHT WITHOUT GLASSES. H.M. Peppard ($4.00, Garden City Books, N.Y.C.).

ART OF SEEING. Aldous Huxley ($4.00, Harper & Brothers Pub., N.Y.C.). Exercise to correct eye vision (A topic of personal interest and further experimentation).

Smile RawMahdiyah
"Cast down what is in your right hand. It will swallow up what they have wrought. Verily they have wrought only a sorcerer's stratagem; and a sorcerer does not succeed (no matter) from whatsoever (skilled group) he may come." (Quran-20:69)
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